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  1. Yes. (and believe me, if I've done it, it must be simple and straightforward, and it takes just a few seconds to be up and running.) And, going back to B's point about signing in - it includes a very simple to use QR reader.
  2. 'Wycke Farm is the brand) and it’s about €20 / kilo.' As Jim and I know from childhood - it is Wyke Farm. One of the lovely sounding village names from the area which it is always a delight to hear since I moved away aged 16 - Wyke Champflower. Sorry - I say this not to be pedantic, but just for nostalgia sake. If you can afford it, far superior are the unpasteurised cheddars from Keanes at Wincanton, Jamie Montgomery at North Cadbury and Tom at the Westcombe dairy at Evercreech (each within 5 miles of the other). And probably available in France at Laurent Dubois' fromagerie sh
  3. When I was, what i considered myself to be, a major shipowner, I could achieve the same result by just winding up the elastic band a bit tighter. That wake through the soap suds! What joy! What memories! And heaven help any rubber duck that got in the way. But then, that was all pre-covid, in the days of plastic submarines and baking powder..
  4. Is this crew/passenger ratio not the reason that Barfleur passenger numbers have been capped for some years at well below the levels previously seen?
  5. Ken - re your booking for next March - we have a booking for Cherbourg - Portsmouth on December 28th, and have just received the email this morning concerning the change of ship. So you need to be patient for a while yet.
  6. Knowing that we were coming back to two weeks quarantine (which we observed pretty scrupulously), we went to Super U on the Friday armed with our 'one day a month, 20% off fruit and veg' voucher and stocked up for two weeks - and lots of other goodies too. So we left home at 3pm Saturday for the Connemara, and got beck home in England at before midnight. Everything was in perfect condition (even milk, etc) and saw us through the two weeks without needing to ask any favours of neighbours for emergency shopping. Sell by dates have always puzzled me. In England you go to Sainsbury or M
  7. I don't think that the programme is designed to 'try and catch you out'. The call that Wendy had was a friendly explanation of what being in quarantine entailed, what you should do if you feel unwell, and what other help may be available. Not exactly Police State material.
  8. Even though we arrived 10pm Saturday, they also confirmed that Saturday counted as day 1.
  9. We got back late Saturday and yesterday, Monday, my wife was telephoned and 'checked up' on. I have heard nothing. Proves my theory that somewhere on the Gov.uk site there is a field identifying the trustworthy from the less so. But I had better not gloat too much just yet.
  10. We have just completed our first 'Economie' experience travelling to Cherbourg at the beginning of the month, and returning yesterday. Overall, it was adequate. One anomaly that puzzled me was that on the outward journey we had two (very mediocre) breakfasts, but we were given the CV discount off the bill. Coming back yesterday, we were assured that there was no discount available on that ship at any time in the buffet and that we must have been on a different ship! I resisted getting out the copy of my receipt. This would suggest that one or other of the staff had not been adequately trained,
  11. Gosh - another reminiscence. Cut grass takes me to Stoodleigh in north Devon. The sound of church bells (a proper peal) takes me to my childhood home in Castle Cary. The smell of sea fog and the wail of the Casquets foghorn to another island - but seeing the name Houlgate is something special. When I was at university in Caen, any special occasion at all was marked by a trip to Houlgate to the ice cream parlour. Oh what exotic luxury it seemed and how I envied all my french student friends there who took it for granted. Thanks for the memory . . .
  12. Looks like a close sister also to the Mikhael Kalinen on which I sailed Tilbury to Leningrad in1961. My hearing is not too good. Did the captain really say that the ferry can stop, from full speed, in one and a half lengths? Sounds impressive to my layman's ears.
  13. Thanks David. I managed to eventually get through to a very helpful agent at BF re the escalator (which her notes said would be out of use until September). She has indeed made a note on the booking for us to go on the freight deck, as she called it, No.5, and our cabin is on deck 6. All sounds quite manageable now - compared to the threatened 61 steps! Once one gets through, the usual impeccable service from BF.
  14. Help please. We are booked on the Connemara this week, and have just received a text to say that there is no escalator from the the car deck, replaced by 61 steps! For different reasons my wife and I will both struggle badly (one with only one knee, the other with astigmatism). Does anyone know if, assuming I can through to BF, they have alternative parking for the disabled? We neither of us feel that, in normal circumstances, we are entitled to a blue card, but this is critical.Is there a vehicle deck closer to the accommodation?
  15. But the staff get really snooty if you go for this cheap version . . .
  16. By direct, do you mean no change or no backtracking? Well. Ironically enough, probably St Malo. Ouistreham has none. Le Havre has trains to Paris only (apart from one early morning train to Mantes and Marseille). Cherbourg has Paris (with a special stop at Mantes to connect into the Marseille service), And with one change access to Rennes (change at Lison) and Alencon and Le Mans, etc changing at Caen.
  17. Well. I think that it may be just one factor - that factor being the loss of duty free trade.
  18. "Support it' is probably Breton patois for "capitulate" in English. (Hint to computer users - when writing capitulate, turn off predictive text . . . )
  19. Hence, the logic of the Rail Bridge. Local driver takes trailer to Rosslare or UK port. Shipped unaccompanied to Cherbourg, transferred to rail, and local driver picks the trailer up at Spanish border.
  20. A bit like BF has been behaving then... (and so many other travel operators) Careful. Sounds libellous.
  21. A bit of a pricing anomaly here!. I would have sent it to BF if I had an address - but perhaps they'll pick it up anyway.
  22. I am pleased with the PA sailings to and from Cherbourg. I have just booked our return crossing after Christmas, with a Commodore cabin. For someone like me who is normally too mean to book a club seat on the Express / Barfleur - that is a big deal. Took three attempts on the website. It keep freezing when invited to 'select sailings'. But no big deal.
  23. Every time a French workman comes to 'size up a job' he always spends ages looking at the plumbing / electric - whatever, and sucks through his teeth. And every time that he says "c'est bizarre" I know that he is adding an extra '0' to the eventual devis.
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