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  1. . . . a good burgundy what (or who)?
  2. Pick the bones out of that one, then๐Ÿ˜
  3. There have been a couple of (very) short lived attempts at Portsmouth - Braye (Alderney), I believe.
  4. Yes - there is some availability (or was at Christmas time), but don't get too excited. Reminds me of when I organised a dinner for 40 at the Chateau in Bricquebec. I asked if there could be three vegetarian meals. With a horrified look the patron at the time said "well, yes - but I don't think that they will enjoy it". (but they did . . .)
  5. I don't know how many friends you expect, but (and this I put forward as a fact, not an opinion) one bottle of wine won't go far. (Ok Ok, I know that all your friends may be teetotal . . .)
  6. Yes - but Antwerp is not a big cruise destination. 15 calls booked in 2021 (but how many will actually happen??), and 10 booked to date for 2022.
  7. 935 is one (generous) double bed - not a 'two-berth' in the traditional sense.
  8. I agree that 80 sounds a lot in the restaurant, although remember that there are two full crews working alternate weeks - so double what you can see at any one time.
  9. We were unable to access any wi-fi in 935, not that it was a priority!
  10. Well, David. We didn't actually spend a lot of time on 'our balcony'. But I had a quick look out of the door, and it is a fairly bland area. I can't remember seeing seating, but there may be some fixed benches. As far as the Cherbourg crossings are concerned, the area is not likely to become a major selling point.
  11. An update to my earlier notes - following our return from Cherbourg on December 28th in a Commodore Suite. Well. Wendy is not a fan of overnight travel - particularly on a ferry. But within minutes of entering suite 935 she bounced on the bed, saying "I want to live here for ever". A pretty good start. The bed and bedding is luxurious, and the space and fittings are great. We both slept well, and could find nothing to dim our enthusiasm. We declined the in-room breakfast as the offering does not suit her wheat and dairy allergy, but the restaurant breakfast was fine. If you guys out
  12. I saw the remote till, but it was closed. Both in the evening and the morning we paid at a till at the end of the self service counter, whilst a staff member was getting you any hot drinks required. Bearing in mind the small size of the overall facility, it worked reasonably well. I wondered what the remote till was for. One interesting development I noticed at breakfast was that one lady spent her whole breakfast allowance buying at least 20 small pots of marmalade/jam and nothing else!
  13. `Well, I agree with Chris' comments, in general. She is certainly spacious, and must have a buzzy feel about her when everything is open and all areas are populated. As it is, she seems to have lots of different seating areas although they all look much the same. I, too, was surprised how small the restaurant serving area was although the staff did well. There was quite a long queue for breakfast which did not move particularly fast. Beds - very comfortable, and a good nights sleep. We are looking forward (circumstances permitting, to trying the commodore suite on the return. D
  14. Just had the dreaded ;Regret to advise you that due to a technical fault . . .' Now departing at 2100 instead of 2300. They should have started the message with 'We are delighted to inform you that etc' - although I appreciate that it may not suit everyone. 2300 is well past my bedtime.
  15. I must have a look at the charts later. This is most worrying . . . we are booked into 0935 on the return on the 28th. (0707 on the outbound). Yes Chris, I will try and do a report - but probably not until after the return on the 28th and only then if I have lots of positives to talk about. Monday 21st will be busy, I suspect, in a socially distanced sort of way. Oh, and by the way, going back to your earlier comment about the staff, I can remember only one grumpy BF soul since I started travelling regularly in March 1992 (on a self service check out), and anyone can have the odd bad
  16. but with no obvious way of avoiding the nightmare that is the Antwerp Ring Road . . .
  17. Returning to the subject of the 'C' lounge. I have just changed our Cherbourg booking from 13th to 20th December, and noted in passing that the lounge is showing 'full'. If that is so it is good business for an overnight crossing, but, of course, it could also mean 'closed'. We shall see.
  18. Thanks David. But you don't have to tell an Alderney man that. I have drunk enough loyal toasts to 'Our Queen, the Duke of Normandy' in my time. . .
  19. Surely you mean 'for Normandy to have England back'? - (note to self - this could get a little complicated, historically, if allowed to run. Let's just say the comment is based purely on the events on Senlac Ridge a thousand years ago).๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. Further to my request for english language version of the site - what are 'trade cards'. They must be both sizeable and valuable. I still have my collection of cigarette cards somewhere, perhaps they would like those as well?
  21. We had a lazy holiday in Zanzibar with hammocks between the trees on the beach. Fantastic for sleeping and dozing during the day - but useless if trying to play Monopoly.
  22. Has anybody got a link to the english language version of this site, please?
  23. I try to avoid products that companies pedal which are far removed from their core business. What do BF know about banking and finance? What meaningful due diligence do they do before getting into bed with these companies? Very little, I suspect - but the juicy promises of the 'sure fire' profit share are very seductive. When it goes wrong, pleas of 'nothing to do with us, its the supplier' carry little weight with me - its an abrogation of their (BF's) responsibility and duty of care and protection towards their customer. Well, that's just my two pennyworth.
  24. I certainly sailed from Poole to Cherbourg and return on her in 2013 (I think) - including a memorable view through the glass panel in the floor of the bridge of the Cherbourg pilot leaving the boat in quite rough waters.
  25. Going back in time to 1966 . . . We had tickets to the world cup final at Wembley. BR laid on many extra trains from Wembley Stadium station (which was otherwise closed) and rail tickets were route specific. The match went to extra time, and thousands of us turned up at the station to find that all the extra trains had departed on time - times fixed without consideration of the possibility of extra time being played. Good old BR - always known how to take the gloss off a happy day.
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