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  1. Totally agree. Clipper although a near is far superior in terms of onboard decor and fittings. Been on both myself.
  2. Wish we had something like the onboard quality of Pride of Portsmouth and Pride of Le Harve when they first arrived on the Channel from Olau. For the first few years before P&O made changes to the Lounge bar and other areas in line with their then new onboard branding concept I always thought they were better than the likes of Normandie. It turns out in hindsight that the ex Olau twins were not the right ships for the Le Harve route in terms of freight capacity but for the first few years they were a very high quality cruise ferry product.
  3. Very informative and comprehensive explanation here, Jonno. I'm guessing that with this ownership structure BF is still safe from takeover or being sold on to a private equity or financial investment outfit?
  4. It says here as of Sep 2019, still owned by a Breton agricultural cooperative.
  5. From what I understand about Brittany Ferries it is based on a cooperative model, ultimately owned by Breton farmers and hence definitely not a candidate to be taken over by a private sector company. This structure is probably is why the company believes more in investing for the long term.
  6. Really hope Brittany Ferries have got their long term finances and viability under control and I trust they have. Also just hope all those people put off going across the Channel because of Brexit will think about returning. I doubt a normal or perhaps more British like private sector ferry model would have the patience and belief to "hang in" there like Brittany are currently doing. They also had financial concerns in the mid to late 90s and they successfully turned their fortunes around so there is history which shows they will turn back to profitability. Plus they also have low debt which is all good for the balance sheet. As I've said before if Brittany Ferries weren't there I'd doubt anyone else would fill the gap in provision of services to the extent BF currently do.
  7. Yep and Clipper's departure was scheduled earlier in the day at 9 am. That was cancelled too.
  8. Thanjs for letting me know Paully. But still look at the Portsmouth departure board..
  9. Why is Normandie sailing when Commodore Clipper has been cancelled yet again? Saw one Brittany Ferries cancellation on Portsmouth port's departure board but most ferries are going.
  10. I bet no ferry operator in the UK will be ordering a craft like this. Thankfully the fast ferry revolution has stalled here and operators are ordering robust, more reliable and cost effective conventional vessels.
  11. Part of the solution?....a ro pax to replace Goodwill which may yet happen.
  12. This comment today on a Guernsey Press news story on our tourism strategy and Condor, sums up the problem of our Poole service so well. It's not just issues of reliability but the schedule that has led passenger figures on the Poole route to fall of a cliff in recent years.
  13. Also a place for office and admin storage!!
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