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  1. Also I think Libby went tech so that's why Rapide is sailing to Poole.
  2. By the way just to be clear.....the screenshot in the post above was taken from the Isle of Man Courier newspaper.
  3. Also interestingly the Isle of Man is keeping its border firmly closed for now....except to Guernsey tourists.
  4. No day trips or any visits to Guernsey without 14 day quarantine until at least September (they are running a 7 day quarantine trial this week btw). We have a totally different policy to Jersey on this. Our tourists this summer will be coming from the Isle of Man where Aurigny will operate 2 direct flights a week up to the middle of September. This is a special airbridge where there will be no quarantine restrictions on travel between the two. The Isle of Man like Guernsey has covid under control with no known cases for quite some time. By the way 60 per cent of the airbridge tickets to and from the IOM have sold out after being on sale for only 2 days.
  5. Will have a good look at that website.
  6. Gareth, BCIF wanted one single UK port which they believed would make the service more efficient and cost effective. Also many people wanted to travel overnight in both directions and to do that when they sailed from both Portsmouth and Weymouth you had to go out from one UK port and return to another. Plus I think they thought the daylight crossing from Portsmouth was too long and they also argued slot times were not ideal from there. Of course in hindsight it opened the door for attack both sides. Condor with their rival passenger only wavepiercer service and Commodore opening a new ro ro freight service from Portsmouth. Shame really as at the start the new Poole service did very well passenger number wise with 20 per cent or so increase in carryings compared to 1988.
  7. Commodore Clipper launch brochure in 1999.
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