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  1. Aren't they only a few metres above water at full height? So they would or could hit obstacles.
  2. Surely though if this concept proves commercially feasible, logic would suggest much bigger car carrying craft would be on the horizon? After all this was the aim before with earlier concepts and route proposals.
  3. The fact that they've signed a letter of intent suggests they are pretty serious on this, but I pray this never sees the light of day! I love ferries for what they are, a leisurely relaxing way of travel. I can remember back in 1993 the Sunday Times ran a story that these wing in ground effect craft were going to be running from Dover to Calais by 1995! However as I said this proposal looks more credible. And is yet another threat to traditional ferry travel. The fast ferry concept nearly changed everything and promised to replace all conventional passenger ferries in the 90s but never quite m
  4. The Times ran this story on P&O today. I guess like last time, everything will be OK in the end. I'm hoping so.
  5. Yep sailed on Eurpoa in 1996 and was won over by this ship. Very futuristic design too, especially back then.
  6. Saw this in the Bailiwick Express Jersey news.
  7. With Guernsey from July the plan is I believe for a test on arrival with no need to quarantine. But this is of course subject to change, especially I imagine with concerns over the Covid Indian variant. There is a States of Guernsey Covid briefing today at 1pm today. The briefing is a bit like the one's Boris does, with Guernsey's chief minister leading it. You can watch it live via the States of Guernsey Facebook page. They will be providing further updates on travel then.
  8. I'm not totally sure on international travel to Guernsey and red and greem traffic lights. But from UK to Guernsey restrictions should be loosened dramatically by 1st July.
  9. Yes I think Condor need to trim in their services in light of Covid and its massive inpact on revenues last year. See this screenshot from a news story on ITV Channel TV website.
  10. Isn't she replacing Rapide? Not going to Poole.
  11. If Pont Aven leaves Spanish routes this will be a massive loss. While Galacia is impressive and well fitted out, the lack of a formal restaurant and showbar lounge turns the journey more into a functional crossing rather than an exciting start to a holiday. Some might not value the passing of this, but many do, especially those who appreciate live music and entertainment, drink and a fun time! While it is not a cruise, a cruise ferry does normally have these facilities. So I think the lack of (or possible lack of) balconies on any new eflexer is the least of our worries.
  12. DFDS Tor Line livery on Tor Britannia was the best of all time. Traditional and suits the ship's sleek handsome lines and funnel perfectly.
  13. I thought BF's Portsmouth to St Malo route was showing passenger decreases year on year, and numbers now are quite a lot down compared to the higher levels it had 10 years ago. I hope I'm wrong here.
  14. Here in Guernsey the border will not be fully open until 1st July. As of Monday we have just reopened our internal economy with no masks or social distancing required- even nightclubs are open. So we won't be rushing to open our borders to jeopardise all this. Jersey on the other hand have a different strategy.
  15. I think the best way to look it is that only one covid case has the ability to multiply the number of infections. In late February the Isle of Man was fine with no lockdown and social distancing needed as the island borders were effectively shut. Covid levels in an island of 85,000 people were in single digits, with all cases in from people returning back home to the island. All were in self isolation so no risk of community seeding of covid. One covid case was then imported into the island accidentally by a Steam Packet employee and it spread within the community. Now they have a full lockdow
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