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  1. Jonno I think point is that Poole is 112 miles from London and other main population centres and Portsmouth is only 70 miles. Plus the distance is 13% longer in miles from Poole to Caen as it is Portsmouth to Caen and of course the Hampshire port has vastly superior road connections. No company will ever offer a Poole to Caen passenger service.
  2. Plus unfortunately there is no longer the capacity in the market for a second western Channel operator. A competitor would dramatically erode Brittany Ferries profit margins.
  3. Poole to Caen is a no go as it would not make economic or commercial sense. Poole is too much to the west and Caen too much to the east to work logically together in terms of where traffic in the UK originates from and where it is going to in France. Also distance wise too long for a shuttle like route in terms of number of rotations per day.
  4. Let's hope not. The Superfast twins would present a massive reduction in cabin berth capacity on what we have now.
  5. I've read recently on this and other sites that newbuilds may still happen sooner rather than later. Haven't DFDS revently done some research on newbuild ideas for this route? I'm pretty sure they are looking at all the options right now.
  6. .....interesting debate particulatly as regards Normandie Express and whether it is economie or not....Fast craft in the past were definitely marketed by other ferry operators as anything other than "economie"!! Take Condor Ferries and Stena Line in the mid 90s. More wealthy consumers paid a premium for speed. Cruise ferries that operated alongside were seen as offering a more value service and on some cases even saw a decline in onboard facilities i e. Restaurants were mothballed / closed. Condor even said the fast ferry was better because you had an individual guaranteed reserved seat!! (unlike on their conventional ferry at the time).
  7. Yes exciting times for sure. When there were no new ferries bring ordered for years on end we now have a whole lot arriving at once! Makes the industry a lot more interesting.
  8. Good on you being able to steer Mona's Queen as a child. I loved that ship and sailed on her many a time.
  9. The Steam Packet side loader car ferries are good examples of near sisters. The 1972 built Mona's Queen and 1976 Lady of Mann were near sisters but slightly different in terms of number of forward windows and other minor differences on the aft of the boat deck by the stern exhaust uptake structure. Also Lady had steel plating floors inside and the Queen wooden floors. Infact the Lady was also something like 30 cm shorter than the Queen!!! Ben my Chree and Manx Maid also looked identical but weren't. Different set up in the forward superstructure. These were ships of my childhood and I know them very well!
  10. I thought they didn't carry much freight but I could wrong.
  11. If DFDS don't want cruise ferries for the Amstedam route does this mean the record number of passengers travelling on this route isn't an important consideration when considering the currents route's replacements? I take it anything ro pax related won't have anything like the 1,600 cabin berths the current route's ships have. So the end result will be less passengers - albeit less of the less profitable mini cruise party passengers?
  12. Realistically you need both trades for enthusiast magazine distribution - retail and subscriber. Subscriber should form the bulk but retail is essential for the reasons I mentioned. And Khaines is doing the right thing supporting the local shops.
  13. Having magazines stocked in a shop is good awareness and branding and will attract peole who may not have previously known about it. Plus we need to keep the shops alive. ..one newsagent in Guernsey has closed down because people were buying online instead.
  14. Buying direct from shops helps keep the High Street vibrant and alive!! Onto the Libby article in Ships Monthly, that caused quite a debate on the Condor Ferries Good and Bad Facebook group. Personally good to see her featured. Also there is talk (feasibility stage only) of Condor considering a ro pax replacement for Goodwill. This is reported in the recent International Cruise and Ferry Review. It also does say both Clipper and Goodwill have many years left in them so replacement is far from certain but the fact this subject is being discussed is exciting in itself. It's also not certain what comes first - Rapide replacement or Goodwill.
  15. Vood pictures. Barfleur is far better than that fast ferry tonnage lurking around it.
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