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  1. When I did a Baltic cruise from Turku to Stockholm and back on the Silja Europa I just stayed onboard in Stockholm so the early morning arrival wasn't an issue. I also didn't have to vacate my cabin. Of course if you want to get off and see the city that's a different matter.
  2. A very good reply to my question.
  3. How credible do you think this report is?
  4. Yep I think the route length and market is not right for the overnight mini cruise market. Still would be a very appealing service concept for some.
  5. Interestingly if the merger with Manx Line and Steam Packet had not happened in 1985, the Steam Packet which already had perelious finances in early 1985 would have surely gone under by mid 1985 operating that totally unsuitable Mona's Isle ferry. With her inability to carry the freight loads she was meant to, windage problems with the newly added aft accommodation block, she would have been a total liability. Sealink Manx Line, newly privatised and under the directorship of James Sherwood, was desperate to make the IOM toute pay so agreed to the merger, but if he knew he hindsight how bad that Mona's Isle vessel was going to be and not agreed to merge, things could have been very different.
  6. The Mona's Isle was purchased quite a few months before the merger was announced so I do not know for sure if Steam Packet were originally intending to use her from Liverpool to compete against the Manx Line operation from Heysham. It could have been when when her purchase was announced in late 1984 that it was a foregone conclusion the merger was happening anyway (this wasn't announced until Jan / Feb 1985) or she could have been a stick or bargain chip that led to the merger. We will never know. In the end the Mona's Isle operated from Heysham in tandem with the the Manx Viking in 1985. Manx Viking then survived another year from Heysham into 1986, this time operating with the Antrim Princess (later renamed Tynwald) - a ship that replaced the disastrous Mona's Isle.
  7. But Liverpool will only soon become a satisfactory port for a multi purpose ro ro pax service with the new berth under construction. Back in the 80s the only ro ro berths were in docks which were time consuming in entering and leaving, totally unsuitable for an express daytime service to Douglas. Goodness knows where the Steam Packet were planning to run their Mona's Isle from.....we'll never know as the merger with Manx Line happened soon after.
  8. Days past to the Isle of Man when Sealink Manx Line was billed as the modern alternative. Will the new SPC vessel embody the same spirit and innovation I wonder?
  9. Also I hope the Ben my Chree replacement is a significant improvement on the current vessel. More quality fittings and furnishings and hopefully a separate cafe rather than having the current arrangement where it is lumped into together with the main lounge. Also what about having a carvery restaurant to make it more of a holiday experience? Perhaps an onboard fit similar to what Irish Ferries offer would be great. Ever since the MV Manx Viking of Manx Line, which at the time was a very innovative and modern vessel for the Isle of Man, there has been nothing to the island that is better passenger facility wise. The King Orry had some good facilities but again much of the layout and design in the areas that weren't refurbished was very dated.
  10. I just completed that survey. One thing that puzzles me is that I thought that this newbuild was due by end of 2021 and not up to a possible 3 years into the future.
  11. Wasn't Libby meant to be an improvement on the Fred Olsen vessel? From what I recall the marketing literature from Austal certainly suggested this.
  12. And even more basic accommodation on the Mary...on the upper spiral ramps of the car deck!!
  13. Onboard Mona's the Queen. The old main lounge from Mona's Queen days removed of aircraft type seats and casual seats and tables for this.
  14. Also on Isle of Man Steam Packet they used to advertise that their side loader car ferries had "snooze quarters". Basically lounges below the car deck that had padded benches to sleep on. When their "Mona's Queen" side loader car ferry was purchased by a Philipines company and renamed "Mary the Queen" they took this concept one step further and installed a full on dormitory on what used to be the main lounge on the upper decks!!
  15. Freight is the money spinner now and passengers do play second fiddle but a replacement of the freight only Goodwill by a ro pax has been raised by Paul Luxon as a possibility more than once in the past.
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