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  1. Nick Hyde

    New Look Revealed

    The sooner that deal is sorted the better. Then hopefully Condor or BCIF Mk 2 (a 2nd go of Brittany being involved in the islands after their earlier involvement with BCIF from 1985 to 1994) can work on new fleet replacement strategy.
  2. Nick Hyde

    New Look Revealed

    I'd like to see it: 1. It would mean Brittany Ferres had purchased Condor. 2. Hopefully Libby would be then moved well away from these islands onto another BF route.
  3. 70s ferries were the most handsome by far. Think MS Hamburg, the Tor twins, Dana Regina, Corbiere, Stena Danica, Mona's Queen etc
  4. I like this double end design from BC Ferries. It's one of their newer designs from the noughties.
  5. This news article seems to think the new Dover ferries will look like the Pride of Rotteedam. Wished they did!!!
  6. Yes hhv ferry... I liked the Spirit design a lot. Also quite like work done on Fantasia conversion.
  7. Yep a revolutionary sleek design from 1950s USA. Didn't last though as a concept though. The P&O ferries will hopefully have a very long future ahead of them even though they look like motorway service stations on sea or an airport terminal! A world a way from the maritime classics such as Maid of Kent where you would have thought you were really at sea.
  8. Thankfully with the new Stena e-flexers, Color Hybrid, Honfleur, new Viking Line ship and Irish Ferries ships they still the need for some kind of visible bold funnel. These new P&O vessels look so weird and un-ship like without one.
  9. Very weird strange design. Might grow on me....eventually!!!
  10. In today's Guernsey Press. Behind the scenes report on Condor Liberation.
  11. From looking at the artists impressions of Honfleur the cabins are definitely above the public rooms. You can tell the public rooms with the larger windows.
  12. One of the few positives of Brexit, the return of duty free. This would definitely help DFDS from Newcastle and other long haul North Sea routes. However, duty free is already possible to Norway but no other ferry company has returned to that route yet so it's positive effects maybe marginal to say the least.
  13. Don't BF just run them on heavy grade expensive diesel that is compliant with regulations just like Condor do with the Clipper and Goodwill?
  14. And DFDS to their credit made the ex Tor Line passenger service work from 1981 for quite a number of years under the DFDS Tor Line marketing banner.
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