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  1. They are not dismissive comments regarding ex Nova Star. Quite simply has her deadweight problems been sorted out or not? Yes or No. Simples. If they have all good as she would be a welcome addition to the fleet.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  2. Have ex Nova Star's freight deadweight issues been sorted? That is, can she carry all the freight she was designed to carry, hence why LD Lines refused to take delivery. If this hasn't been sorted she shouldn't be touched with a barge pole.
  3. Not sure myself but this article on today's Guernsey Press will be no doubt of interest.
  4. Oh sorry Gareth what meant about the tunnel which would go to France only and not Britain, is that there was a fixed link to the continent I am guessing most freight and car traffic would be routed through that i.e. most of the traffic that goes through Portsmouth and Poole now. With traffic from the UK also being routed via the Chunnel to the new Channel Islands tunnel!! That's of course if it ever happened which I hope it won't.
  5. Perhaps it go on the new island created by the spoils of the new Guernsey to Jersey to France tunnel!!! They seriously said a new airport could be built there. Of course all pie in the sky and with a tunnel we wouldn't need a new port!! I think if they ploughed hundreds of millions into a major land reclamation and new offshore port that might sort it. Perhaps somewhere in St Aubins bay (off St Helier) accessed via a tunnel.
  6. Problem though is that Bouley Bay is a major scenic beauty spot. Jersey will have to grasp the nettle so to speak and make major investment at St Helier, including blasting a whole batch of rocks away. St Helier would still be needed for ditect quick access to St Malo which is extremely busy and I am guessing a profitable passenger operation for Condor Ferries.
  7. Yep and with Guernsey one of the main reasons we get tonnes more cruise ships visiting is because there are less rocks in proximity to the harbour meaning they can moor much closer. Prior to Jersey's new Elizabeth harbour been completed in 1988/89 it was billed of capable of taking the next generation of super ferry. For the period leading up to this BCIF had consistently said they needed a super ferry to make the island service more cost effective. MV Rozel was deemed as this super ferry. Of course things have now moved on. We now need a Rozel type ferry in terms of passenger facilities plus the freight capacity of Clipper to match. Result is we need a much bigger boat!! To keep this tied in with the original thread title...can Brittany Ferries come to the rescue with a newbuild?
  8. There's been very recent talk in Guernsey of building a berth capable of taking a ship up to 140 metres in length. This would be either on a new outer arm at St. Peter Port or Longue Hougue Reclamation site at St Sampsons. Problem is I'm not sure what Jersey are planning, if anything.
  9. For the past 20 years it's been a given that any new conventional ferry for the islands would have to be purpose built new and couldn't be bought second hand hence why the Clipper was comissioned. This is nothing new. Back in 1998 when the islands put the routes out to tender P&O submitted their tender with a redeveloped Pride of Bruges (at that time already 18 years old) and Hoverspeed the King Orry or Lady of Mann (all over 23 years old back then). All of these options would have not been sustainable in the long term and newbuilds would have been needed.
  10. Not online don't think. Here's some further screenshots.
  11. Not likely to happen anytime soon I know and personally I hope it never happens. However Jersey in particular is running out of land and has a booming economy with finance and the thinking is if more people could live off island and commute their economy would expand even further. Think of Gibraltar and their finance and tourist industry where many workers live in Spain. Also the Faroe Islands and Norway are building more and more tunnels, taking advantage of cheaper tunneling construction techniques.
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