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  1. In today's Guernsey Press.
  2. The cruise passenger trade gives marginal benefits. The real bread and butter and profitability is in staying overnight visitors. They also benefit our sea and air links for the benefits of locals which of course cruise passengers do not do.
  3. Let's hope this is the last of technical problems this season. Guernsey's vital tourist trade is important to us here. Good that Condor are proactively sorting this now.
  4. In today's Guernsey Press.
  5. Commodore Clipper to the rescue yet again. What would we do without her?
  6. I would have thought that Pont Aven being the only decent true cruise ferry of the lot she'll definitely stay on Spanish routes.
  7. I looked at the official UK sea statistics data and see the Ijmuiden route had yet another record year passenger traffic wise last year. Around 600,000 were carried. This must at least suggest the future is bright, and that difficult although it is, effort will be put into finding replacements.
  8. I like the idea of going into Amsterdam itself just like the old DFDS Tor Line passenger ships used to do when sailing to Gothenburg.
  9. Why don't DFDS just purchase a ro pax for the Ijmuiden route and then add extra cabins and public rooms in the upper freight deck areas? This would then make her into a cruise ferry at a fraction of the cost and time of comissioning a newbuild. I'm sure others have done this before.
  10. I also would have thought the top level lounge bar would have been bigger and more impressive. Does any live entertainment happen here I wonder?
  11. Jonno I think point is that Poole is 112 miles from London and other main population centres and Portsmouth is only 70 miles. Plus the distance is 13% longer in miles from Poole to Caen as it is Portsmouth to Caen and of course the Hampshire port has vastly superior road connections. No company will ever offer a Poole to Caen passenger service.
  12. Plus unfortunately there is no longer the capacity in the market for a second western Channel operator. A competitor would dramatically erode Brittany Ferries profit margins.
  13. Poole to Caen is a no go as it would not make economic or commercial sense. Poole is too much to the west and Caen too much to the east to work logically together in terms of where traffic in the UK originates from and where it is going to in France. Also distance wise too long for a shuttle like route in terms of number of rotations per day.
  14. Let's hope not. The Superfast twins would present a massive reduction in cabin berth capacity on what we have now.
  15. I've read recently on this and other sites that newbuilds may still happen sooner rather than later. Haven't DFDS revently done some research on newbuild ideas for this route? I'm pretty sure they are looking at all the options right now.
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