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  1. Remember going on Burgundy brand new in 1993, a very different state of repair then!!
  2. I wonder which is better. Clipper or Straitsman? I know the Clipper very well having sailed on at least 60 times or so since October 1999!
  3. I also liked her arcade on starboard side. Lots of comfy casual chairs with great sea views and a good place to people watch. DFDS vessels also had this arcade / lounge concept.
  4. Acconia did advertise the service in the UK. Remember seeing an advert in the Times newspaper. I think the vessel used (Fortuny or her sister) aside from having an outdoor swimming pool and being modern was rather spartan inside and had limited onboard entertainment. Obviously not affecting her freight viability but perhaps not the best passenger ship. Pride of Bilbao had a great range of facilities and when introduced in 1993 was way ahead of the Brittany Ferries competition. As you say full investment in her facilities did not continue and at the end she became dated and tired.
  5. Yes it was initially a joint venture with a Spanish company. Fee or subsidized tickets were even given to Basque country residents to help create demand for the service. An exciting time with a great bew ship back in 1983 with ex Olympia renamed Pride of Bilbao.
  6. Yep only watched that myself last week. Very interesting.
  7. We should be pleased as ferry enthusiasts that the French state are investing in the Brittany Ferries high quality ferry model. Quite simply without Brittany Ferries in today's Easyjet and Channel Tunnel world there'd be near zero ferry operations in the western channel without BF.
  8. So glad Brittany Ferries is getting help. If it went bust we'd never see another ferry company in the future, once the pandemic is over a year or two, offer the same level and quality of services. Only Brittany Ferries with its unique funding, ownership and ship owning structure makes what they have offer possible. No wholly private sector company would have the capability or inclination to offer something similiar.
  9. Thank goodness the French government will support them.
  10. Condor Ferries has had a bad time too. 70 per cent drop in income, 40 per cent drop in freight volumes and about 200 redundancies. Times are critical for all ferry companies courtesy of covid. BF also of course have a 25 per cent share in Condor.
  11. Not good for all concerned. I can see major fleet investment put back years.
  12. Something in the spirit of this design would be great though. Also look at those public rooms and brilliant views of the sea through massive windows. Sheer class.
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