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  1. Also Gareth, my earlier comments on the tunnel are on what realistically could happen in the future. On a positive note we still have Dover ferries. Back in 1986/7 when the tunnel was announced many assumed all short haul ferries would close down. Indeed, if Sherwood's Sealink British Ferries tunnel / bridge hybrid option had won, they planned to close all their Dover ferry services down on opening of the fixed link in 1994.
  2. But remember in ten years time automated cars, which despite teething problems and some reported crashes right now, may well be common place and a safer mode of travel. And that with low emissions with electric vehicles may be a game changer.
  3. Will a drive through Channel Tunnel ever be built? It may be sooner than we think with the advent of electric only cars, mitigating the need for massive ventilators to reduce pollution and smog. A drive through tunnel would be a game changer and I imagine even more popular and would probably mean the end of Dover to Calais tourist car traffic. Not that I personally want this as a ferry enthusiast. Also a drive through tunnel had been suggested a few years back. Also Sea Containers proposed a drive through bridge / tunnel hybrid combo back in the 80s.
  4. On Commodore Clipper reclining seat passengers can pay to have access to a special shower block. I guess Brittany Ferries don't offer this facility
  5. Totally agree. They have more digital and films available in cabins but these are nothing compared to live entertainment.
  6. Let's hope P&O make a real effort to make the economics of running the Hull to Rotterdam route work. Me's hoping 5 years down the line when the current ships might need replacing they don't give up on that route too. They need to address what seems to be a long term decline in demand for the take your own car to Europe market.
  7. I figure May / June lots will be normal. Most of the older and vulnerable peole should have had their vaccine by then.
  8. Yes I think by May or June things should be back to almost normal for travel. Here's hoping for a great 2021.
  9. There are still 3 or 4 covid cases in Guernsey but the Covid infection was acquired off island. On return back to the island people are tested at the airport or harbour and then go into 14 day quarantine. They are tested again on day 13. So basically we have no community seeding of the Covid virus here.
  10. In Guernsey we have had a totally different regime with strict border controls. We still have no community seeding and no restrictions whatsoever within our island bubble. Even nightclubs are open unlike most places in Europe. We have excellent track and trace and 14 day quarantine for all arrivals and fines of up to £10k for those who break quarantine isolation rules. Several people have been caught breaking rules and have been fined large amounts of money. We take it very seriously. Being an island and poltically independent helps of course too. So far so good.
  11. If you had just been infected by Covid prior to boarding the ferry it wouldn't necessarily show up as a positive Covid case. Hence why here in Guernsey even when they do covid testing st the border for all arrivals people still need to go into quarantine. At the moment it is 14 days but earlier on in the year it was 7 days with a second test.
  12. If you are right about the cruise ferry concept disappearing it is a very boring future. It was travelling on excellent cruise ferry like Tor Britannia in 1984 that iginited my interest in ferries.
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