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  1. One of the few positives of Brexit, the return of duty free. This would definitely help DFDS from Newcastle and other long haul North Sea routes. However, duty free is already possible to Norway but no other ferry company has returned to that route yet so it's positive effects maybe marginal to say the least.
  2. Don't BF just run them on heavy grade expensive diesel that is compliant with regulations just like Condor do with the Clipper and Goodwill?
  3. And DFDS to their credit made the ex Tor Line passenger service work from 1981 for quite a number of years under the DFDS Tor Line marketing banner.
  4. And DFDS with Dana Regina. An excellent stylish ferry with main cruise like onboard design features.
  5. Yes it still has an image problem. Also many people on their 20s would not even think of the ferry as a way to get somewhere. In the 80s only DFDS's North Sea ferries were of excellent quality with all other ferries including those of Brittany Ferries been considerably poorer in comparison. Perhaps that image has still stuck?
  6. Now when will Pearl and Crown be replaced? Now they'll be the old girls in the fleet!
  7. Mind you Tor Line wins had outdoor pools which we used. I think the Pearl Seaways has one too!
  8. I remember Silja Line chartering back Finlandia and Silva Regina before selling them to make way for Serenade and Symphony so something like that. Although in that case their were no vessel swaps with Stena Line and DFDS who bought the 1980s built Silja pair.
  9. Also looks like we have the perfect "marriage" - ro pax freight capacity coupled with cruise ferry luxury and passenger capacity.
  10. Good looking futuristic ships too with plenty of a panahromic forward facing windows. Will be very interesting to see what plans they have for onboard facilities.
  11. I highly doubt it will impact Condor. A large portion of the Jersey and Guernsey to St Malo traffic is islanders taking their cars and motoring homes on driving holidays. Many more islanders do this with their cars rather than go north to the UK.
  12. Also one major difference between DFDS and Brittany Ferries. Brittany Ferries runs more of a cooperative social business model and DFDS has a more corporate conventional set up. I am guessing that under normal business conditions some of Brittany Ferries route network would not be profitable enough and I that if the same exact routes were run by DFDS the level of investment and frequency would be far less.
  13. Some good ideas cabin boy. Ref DFDS and their North Sea passenger history they took on what was a successful Fjord Line Newcastle to Bergen route in 2007 then promptly closed it two years later after switching an unsuitable ship in the place of the former vessel. Also on other North Sea pax routes they could have made more effort with replacing their high capacity cruise ferries with ro paxes.
  14. But until the recent ro paxes DFDS have ordered for the Baltic and Calais routes, DFDS have had a history of not ordering a single passenger ship since the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Dana Anglia in 1978! The Sacandinavia of 1982 (built as a cruise ship) Crown Seaways of 1994 (taken on after Eurolink cancelled the order) and Dana Sirena of 2003 (again taken after another company cancelled their order) don't count. They also have a history of closing nearly all their passenger routes across the North Sea. Really liked this company in the 1980s and 1990s for their excellent quality cruise ferries. Perhaps DFDS may be good but I think Brittany Ferries will be better.
  15. Islanders also want reliability and investment in a new fleet, which of the two would be most likely to do this? DFDS or Brittany Ferries? Brittany Ferries, through their shareholding in BCIF, have also operated here before so know the islands and what's important.
  16. ITV Channel Television said in their late might news just now that negotiations for the Condor sale should be completed by the end of the year. In their intro to the story, prior to the clip of Paul Luxon speaking, they suggested the negotiations were with Brittany Ferries and didn't mention any other party!
  17. Of course you can't forget good old Condor Ferries. They serve the very finest of ports with St. Peter Port being the jewel in the crown!
  18. They are not dismissive comments regarding ex Nova Star. Quite simply has her deadweight problems been sorted out or not? Yes or No. Simples. If they have all good as she would be a welcome addition to the fleet.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  19. Have ex Nova Star's freight deadweight issues been sorted? That is, can she carry all the freight she was designed to carry, hence why LD Lines refused to take delivery. If this hasn't been sorted she shouldn't be touched with a barge pole.
  20. Not sure myself but this article on today's Guernsey Press will be no doubt of interest.
  21. Oh sorry Gareth what meant about the tunnel which would go to France only and not Britain, is that there was a fixed link to the continent I am guessing most freight and car traffic would be routed through that i.e. most of the traffic that goes through Portsmouth and Poole now. With traffic from the UK also being routed via the Chunnel to the new Channel Islands tunnel!! That's of course if it ever happened which I hope it won't.
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