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  1. Yes Guernsey border closed at least until September I think.
  2. Guernsey is opening up more on the 30th. No new cases for 22 days but island borders remain closed.
  3. So why does the French minister still quote you (French nationals) are expected to holiday in France if abroad doesn't mean restricted to France only?
  4. Sorry Colin don't know the full details for Jersey as a totally separate jurisdiction to Guernsey. What I do know is that yachts external to Guernsey are definitely NOT allowed to visit the island.
  5. Kent online news story seems to suggest that P&O did get the government cash.
  6. Yep you're right just on the return back to Guernsey.
  7. If you come to Guernsey from the UK you have to quarantine for 14 days. In effect it means we now have zero non essential travel in or out. We're in phase 2 of 6 phases in Guernsey. Also indoor bars and cafes will most likely open in phase 5 before UK border opens. We have also no new covid cases for 10 days so things going well here.
  8. Thank you Sean, much appreciated. I travelled on the Manx Line service as a young child in 1979 as a young child and have had an interest in that service ever since. Back then Manx Line marketed the service as "the moderm alternative" which it certainly was in terms of it being ro ro, superior onboard accommodation and clever marketing. Still had a real soft spot for their rivals at the time, IOM Steam Packet.
  9. Can you please share images of your Manx Line brochure. That service was innovative and a game changer for the Isle of Man. Was it the 1978 brochure?
  10. Went on Burgandy in first month of service in 1993. Was excited about getting to travel on such a young ship at the time!!!
  11. Yes on BF vessel extra passenger space on lower deck aft of lifeboats for passenger cabins. Really looking forward to seeing onboard pictures when fitting is complete and deck plans. Really like the onboard pictures of the Stena e flexers I have seen too.
  12. How could Edinburgh News get the picture for this news story so wrong? Granted this cruise ship is a P&O branded vessel (but not Dubai owned P&O Ferries) but did they really think this ship looked like a Dover to Calais ferry?
  13. Bretagne has around 1,100 berths not 2,000.
  14. Yes Harwich is doing very well. Remember 2003 figures were for HSS and two ro paxes. There was a decline in traffic when the HSS was withdrawn in 2007 but despite this the newbuilds introduced in 2010 are doing a sterling job.
  15. Yep on government website (DOT) under sea pasenger stats. Might have 2019 figures.
  16. Harwich is also good for SE and London - some 18 million people.
  17. On BBC news. The holding company's big boss is interviewed.
  18. I love this step back in time video. Such handsome ships. Shame how the concept of onboard fine dining is now only available on a few UK ferries these days.
  19. I think she did for one or two winter seasons at one point.
  20. But Yeats has 1,600 cabin berths and Honfleur only 800 so the former vessel is much more suited to a long distance route.
  21. Would Brittany Ferries ever consider doing this?
  22. Perhaps from Portsmouth the natural market contracted so much that there was only room for one operator, that being the more nimble and innovative one, BF. You just have to look at the decline in passenger numbers from 1994 onwards from Portsmouth.
  23. Yes P&O are just as bad although it would be infair to include Orkney and Shetland routes as they did tender for these but lost out to the Nortlink consortium.
  24. But Poole to St Malo and Cork to St Malo were more than 20 years ago I think? If we widen my scope to beyond 20 years of PASSENGER routes closed by DFDS we can also add Copenhagen to Gothenburg (operated for a number of winters), Scamdinavian World Cruise service ftom New York and routes from Netherlands to Sweden and Norway.
  25. Ha ha yet another one!!! Also how many passenger routes has Brittany Ferries closed over the past 20 years? Zero I'm thinking. Cork to Santander moved to Rosslare and Plymouth to St Malo doesn't count. Of course Coronavirus might change all that.
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