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  1. Stena Estrid and Stena Edda both hung about outside Galle for a time and it looked like the security reinforcements joined by launch or some other seaborne vessel.
  2. IIRC originally Connemara was not on a French flag when she sailed from Ireland before being replaced by Kerry for a year. Kerry only came along to replace Connemara which was needed to provide additional cover when Pont-Aven was due off service for an extended period for engine replacement, or that was the reason, and a switch to UK-France was the rationale for the change to a French flag. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that Connemara returns to another flag once she moves to Rosslare-Bilbao. I don't know whether Kerry is bareboat chartered, but it may be that her crew or
  3. Cherbourg is a massive port with enormous breakwaters and two wide accesses from both the east and west; BF have tended to divert there when they can't get into other ports. The ferry port itself is sprawling, there's a lot of room between linkspans and some of the quays are huge. It's a completely different scale from Ouistreham which is pretty small as things go, and whilst Le Havre is larger overall as a port complex which dominates the city (clue's in the name Le Havre = The Harbour) the ferry port is also in a rather tight space but less so than Ouistreham. On a divert scenario they'
  4. You don't have to slow down to a crawl through Portsmouth? I've just googled distances and by road it says London to Portsmouth is 1h 45m (82.2 miles) and to Avonmouth is 2h 24m (122.8 miles) so there's a reasonable variety. But not the entire world lives in London (sometimes the BBC would do well to remember that, but that's going well off topic) so for many people from Bristol, Midlands, the populus North West, Wales etc will find Bristol far closer and more accessible.
  5. Thanks @jonno and not at all. Some of it I knew, some I couldn’t remember (the Spanish shipping line but I remember their logo appeared in the P&O European Ferries brochure), some is new to me and Bristol-Vigo made my jaw drop - surely the port in Avonmouth is better situated geographically for much of the country than Portsmouth and certainly Plymouth. Vigo’s a beautiful place, a bit of a drive unless you’re just going to Galicia or Portugal, but a Bristol-Bilbao route would be really seriously interesting! I do remember at the time that PoB was sold (because Rederi Slite AB went ban
  6. The link to NI Ferry said it took Stena Estrid and Stena Edda around 6 weeks to do the journey. All the Stena delivery stuff is on the absolutely excellent @tarbyonline website including full detail of the first stop, picking up security, Suez transit, Med and Algeciras stop... it’s all there in good detail and described separately for a Stena Estrid and Stena Edda.
  7. The lane metres is a measurement solely for lorries, so the lane meterage is not affected by replacing the deck 7 car deck on the Stena/DFDS versions with cabins. It would be surprising if the mezzanine was fixed, it’s not standard practice and I’m pretty sure Stena - the masters of flexibility - would not have built that in. Nor does it look like the overall E-Flexer design and fit out varies wildly from the Stena pair. Salamanca & Santona will have a lower lane meterage as a chunk of freight deck capacity will be used for LNG storage tanks and associated equipment.
  8. This gives you an idea, Estrid and Edda took almost identical paths to our waters: https://www.niferry.co.uk/new-belfast-ferry-stena-edda-leaves-china/
  9. This was a long time ago now, but if I remember correctly when Pride of Bilbao started it was a joint venture with a Spanish shipping operator and so had a number of passenger services crew from Spain. Now clearly BF are unlikely to do that, but does anyone have experience comparing the hospitality nature of the French and Spanish?
  10. + Pont-Aven to Roscoff, on top of Normandie/MSM going to Ouistreham.
  11. Flag Change According to industry publisher Shippax, GALICIA is being brought from China to Europe under the command of a crew from Stena subsidiary Northern Marine. Once she arrives in Europe at the end of her 10,000+ nautical mile voyage, it is expected that there will be a period of crew familiarisation and a brief dry-docking before GALICIA debuts around mid-December. At present GALICIA flies the UK flag and with a home port of Portsmouth, but she is expected to switch to the French flag ahead of entering service. From March 2021, GALICIA is expected to be dedicated to the Portsmouth –
  12. Interesting the BF freight website is stating that Galicia is larger than Pont-Aven in gross tonnage. If that’s the case then PA may have the highest passenger capacity and most cabins, but she’s not the largest. https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/fleet/freight-capacities But I take the freight capacity with a pinch of salt, the NI Ferry site is stating a much more realistic 155 units, given Galicia’s 3,100 freight lane metres that makes more sense. https://www.niferry.co.uk/brittany-ferries-first-new-e-flexer-ferry-delivered/
  13. Cap Finistere, and the her various siblings, are hugely overpowered. That's where the "superfast" came from, it wasn't any technical marvel like an Incat or hovercraft, it's just pure brute force. The early Superfast class of ships of which Cap Finistere is a member is stated as having 4x main engines running at 10,560Kw with combined power of 42,240Kw. I think I read somewhere that Stena de-rated the engines on their Belfast Superfasts down to about 32,000Kw but that's still a lot of power. Her freight capacity is 1,926 lane metres = 5,778 lane metres per week on 3x rotations per week.
  14. The latest updated September timetable for the Channel services in now on the BF Freight website: https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/media/pdf/c/8/Cross_Channel_September_2020.pdf
  15. Maybe they can just get all the freight they need on the 2x Ouisterham ships, especially since the noises from BF is that there has been a collapse in passenger car traffic, concentrating everything on one route meaning they only need to staff Ouistreham, not Cherbourg and Le Havre too. It seems that Connemara only ended up going to Cherbourg/Le Havre because she wouldn't fit in Ouistreham as it stands (? I'm sure I read something like that on here) and was probably cheaper to operate during lockdown when there was zero passenger traffic - hence no need for Normandie to be in service espe
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