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  1. We all have different perceptions, to me your description entirely matches my (first and since always unaltered) feelings toward Bretagne. As a frequent user of the St Malo route in the past it was a real downgrade when VDL was replaced by the Bretagne, the ship Val had replaced both to Santander and St Malo.
  2. I think this is a very valid point - some people are vegetarian or vegan too and sometimes BF have catered very poorly to these segments in my opinion. I know it’s not a typically French thing to cater for but if you’re going to include the meals then they must be suitable for everyone and more importantly give choice with as many options as meat. I think considering the meals are included then BF should be able to publish a menu in advance and have a wide choice.
  3. Stena have posted a new drone footage video of Stena Scandica here: She certainly looks bulkier on the one hand but also rather slender. I can’t quite work out if the ramp is removed and whether they’ll still be parking cars up top, would an assumption the will seem reasonable?
  4. That is the Irish Sea though @Shipping Forecast, which is either Larne or Dublin or both. And who knows where they pump their freight money for Ferrymasters and whatever else through. Even 10 years ago if someone told me the biggest operator in terms of fleet at Dover would be DFDS, I'd have had real trouble believing that, but how things come-and-go, there's far fewer routes around now then when I was first interested in ferries, economics change; fuel prices, who wants to go where, how people holiday, mix of passengers and freight. Cherbourg is a prime example, in the mid-90s on a
  5. She looks good - not a bit of tacky neon or clashing colours to be seen, really makes some of the other fleet members even some of the newer ones (I'm thinking of her Santander fleetmate) look very dated. That's a lot of Stena line signage though, and that cabin chair is pure Stena. You mentioned the beds, how were they to actually sleep on?
  6. Yes. Part of the port of Southampton, and the container port at London Gateway just east of Tilbury.
  7. Most cruise ships do have scrubbers now. The same rules apply to them. Its just in most cases the funnels are so huge so no ugly addons were required. If you look however at some of Royal Caribbean’s ships you can see the telltale signs. Oasis and Allure (in Poole bay now) of the Seas each have an extension to one of the twin funnels, making them rather mis-balanced but it’s not strikingly noticeable. The subsequent ships in the class Harmony and Symphony were built with scrubbers so have a different funnel design (both being bigger). If you look at some of the oldest and newest photos on
  8. Sadly still doesn’t make it right - if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s just how much inequity there is in the world. It’s the third decade of the 21st century and we expect people to sleep in chairs where they could have beds. And we might think that’s ok. There feels like something almost Victorian about that.
  9. That was the point I was making - someone said that Galicia is a three class ship; Commodore, leisure passengers and hauliers. Those freight cabins surprised me, I’d have not imagined a shipping line would create something like that, so thought putting the dog cabins there would take the biscuit. It’s a shame on a freight orientated design and heavy freight carrying corridor (second only on Ouistreham) that they’d treat the drivers so badly. Wondering how long until DFDS starts sailing that route and attracting hauliers away.
  10. One thing I was surprised about is that they have put the pet cabins in the same area as the Commodore Suites... Galicia certainly isn't Val de Loire (the best ferry BF ever sold). Surprised they didn't put them on deck 7 with the kennels or deck 8 with the freight drivers.
  11. I’ve not yet tried any of the E-Flexers, lockdown and all, but am keen to try. I think if I were to go I’d probably pick one of the ships in their intended guise, most likely a return trip on the Birkenhead-Belfast route. With only the photos to compare (mostly from @tarbyonlineexcellent site), I’d say that in “look” the Stena version has it for me. I like the splash of colour on the Galicia but the mention “tarting up” is what springs to mind with the decor around the skylight in the Playa Major bar; but I think it may have been necessary as lifeboats will surely block the whole view and
  12. Stena Estrid and Stena Edda both hung about outside Galle for a time and it looked like the security reinforcements joined by launch or some other seaborne vessel.
  13. IIRC originally Connemara was not on a French flag when she sailed from Ireland before being replaced by Kerry for a year. Kerry only came along to replace Connemara which was needed to provide additional cover when Pont-Aven was due off service for an extended period for engine replacement, or that was the reason, and a switch to UK-France was the rationale for the change to a French flag. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that Connemara returns to another flag once she moves to Rosslare-Bilbao. I don't know whether Kerry is bareboat chartered, but it may be that her crew or
  14. Cherbourg is a massive port with enormous breakwaters and two wide accesses from both the east and west; BF have tended to divert there when they can't get into other ports. The ferry port itself is sprawling, there's a lot of room between linkspans and some of the quays are huge. It's a completely different scale from Ouistreham which is pretty small as things go, and whilst Le Havre is larger overall as a port complex which dominates the city (clue's in the name Le Havre = The Harbour) the ferry port is also in a rather tight space but less so than Ouistreham. On a divert scenario they'
  15. You don't have to slow down to a crawl through Portsmouth? I've just googled distances and by road it says London to Portsmouth is 1h 45m (82.2 miles) and to Avonmouth is 2h 24m (122.8 miles) so there's a reasonable variety. But not the entire world lives in London (sometimes the BBC would do well to remember that, but that's going well off topic) so for many people from Bristol, Midlands, the populus North West, Wales etc will find Bristol far closer and more accessible.
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