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  1. Why is it "frankly astonishing"? The EU has no jurisdiction over labour laws except insofar as they interfere with the workings of the single market: that is, leading to discrimination between nationals, or distorting the market.
  2. Strictly speaking, it should be Galícia, with the stress accent for the second syllable. Unless someone knows otherwise.... I wonder if that will be painted in to her name?
  3. My wife uses them on sea journeys, buses and anywhere she might get motion sickness, to which she is prone. She no longer has a problem since using SeaBands. More anecdotal evidence...
  4. The RyanAir comparison is a false one. Taking your own vehicle enables you to take large amounts of luggage and personal effects with you, necessary when passing through different climatic zones (and Spain has got several). That bumps up the cost on the low-cost air carriers by much more than the £9. And that is per person, so if two or more people are travelling, that can more than double the price. Then there is the cost of getting to, and probably staying near, your nearest RyanAir/EasyJet etc. airport. Car hire at the other end is cheap if you want a small runabout for a few days, expensive if you want anything better. Then the return flight is not necessarily the same as the outward one: again, double it for more than one person. The short trip with minimal luggage is not, I would suggest, where BF is competing.
  5. The "Brextra" crossing Ply-Ro we took on Thursday was very sparse indeed. 4 trucks and the rest all on the same deck, with a lot of empty space.
  6. As a young teenager I flew with my family and a Rover 90 from Hurn to Cherbourg, and had the privilege of flying with the pilots, using what they referred to as the navigator's seat. Very noisy, with the propellers whirling inches from the perspex windows of the flight deck. I remember the Decca Navigator, rolling slowly as we crossed the Channel.
  7. I can sympathise with you and your long haul to the coast, but you also need to realise that Cornwall and parts of Devon are also a long way from places like Portsmouth, and there are no motorways along the South Coast until you reach the M27, and that doesn't go so far. If you are going to Brittany or Western France and having to add the extra hours travelling from Ouistreham, that can make a big difference to the journey too. As for Folkestone and Dover, have you any idea how far they are from, say, Plymouth? (285 miles according to Mr. Google). I am not sure I can answer the "Use it or lose it" comments politely: how can we "Use it" if it isn't there?
  8. Yes, I thought this was one of the more interesting discussions...
  9. From Wikipedia: "Cape Finisterre (Galician: Cabo Fisterra, Spanish: Cabo Finisterre) is a rock-bound peninsula on the west coast of Galicia, Spain." Seems to clear that up! Galicia is a magnificent region, not so well-known to British visitors - I am sure you will love it.
  10. I don't get it.... Surely the Spanish (Galego) is Cabo Fisterra?
  11. No, it was everywhere, including the toilets and outside areas. (Except the reading lounge).
  12. Well, that's the problem, isn't it? People have become so used to the background music that they don't notice it any more. As for the hundreds of schoolchildren: perhaps if there was a quieter atmosphere, they might not be so tempted to make a lot of noise... Too much to hope for, methinks.
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