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  1. Re: Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos First there were Expresso and Rápido. Then Camber Queen joined them. A few years later Cuthred was a major breakthrough to join the fleet. 2 years later Gabriel Chobelet closed the cicle. 2009: only two ferries are operating, 60 cars, 500 pax each. Reaching about 12 knots, twice the older ones. New ferry terminal on Troia side, doubling the route lenght.
  2. Re: Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos She and the others are here since last September: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Cg9_cIGE9ug/SOepMF5YNEI/AAAAAAAACAE/YR7U57118VI/s1600-h/Zona+Industrial+-+4723.JPG Picture taken from this blog: http://vistasdoriosado.blogspot.com/ Their fates are unknown.
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