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  1. I can still see Connemara covering Porstsmouth/Le Havre from January 2020
  2. Have made a booking for travel at Easter and I noticed something strange in the timetable, unless its just the way I'm reading it. On 9th April MSM sails from Caen in the morning and again on the night crossing from Caen but there doesn't seem to be any MSM sailings from Portsmouth on that date.
  3. Boarded Bretagne in Portsmouth, I had a commodore class cabin which I have to say was very clean. Had dinner in Les Abers, plenty of choice on the buffet and the main course of Duck was cooked to perfection. We sailed on time under the command of Captain Rimbault. Bought the Bretagne book in the shop. It was a very calm crossing and I slept really well. The following morning I opted for the cabin breakfast with 2 of everything (roll, croissant and pain au chocolat) there was more than enough. Disembarkation in St Malo was quick and I was in the terminal by 08:40. Spent a few days enjoying the delights of St Malo, noticed a couple of restaurants had changed hands and names - the Jacques Cartier had changed but can't remember to what also La Bisquine is now the St Vincent. Luckily the Cafe De L'Ouest is still the same and still excellent. Returned back on Bretagne the day before the problem with the link span - don't know if it was of any significance but when the tractor was lifting the span away it caught the side. This time the captain was a new one to me - Captain Breanne (apologies for spelling). Again very smooth sailing and again the buffet in Les Abers. This time I had the lamb which was excellent. Just before arrival there was an announcement that due to strong tidal currents we would be 20 minutes late arriving in Portsmouth but we were still along side by 18:20. All in all 2 vert good crossings on the Bretagne and I have to say the old girl is still looking as good as ever. 2 negative points which I appreciate are outside the control of bf. Firstly the seats in St Malo terminal are very uncomfortable. Secondly not everyone is security checked- I think it should be all or none.
  4. Popping over to France on Sunday evening- looking forward to Les Abers for dinner. Few days in St Malo and returning on Thursday 29 again on Bretagne.
  5. I did this trip last November, boarding started around 6pm and Les Abers was open from 7pm
  6. Yes I would too. Despite her faults Bretagne still remains my favourite bf ship. Happy birthday old girl
  7. Happy Christmas to all and best wishes for the New Year
  8. No I remember them on board Prince of Brittany in the 80's and having to go see them before disembarking in Portsmouth, it did speed up the process
  9. I remember travelling on the day sailing from Portsmouth to St. Malo on the old Armorique. If I remember rightly sailing was 07:30 from Portsmouth with a 17:00 arrival in St. Malo although this often changed due to the tides.
  10. chris990

    New Look Revealed

    I take back what I previously said, now I have seen it actually applied to a ship it does look a lot better and I actually quite like it now.
  11. Having just returned from a trip on Bretagne, I have no complaints over the price of the food in the restaurant. The only issue I have is the fact that I find it very difficult not to over-eat from the buffet as I want to try it all. Self discipline needed me thinks.
  12. chris990

    New Look Revealed

    I agree, the font does look a bit odd especially on the a and e
  13. I booked as a normal round trip but I could have booked a Gourmet Cruise which would include lunch in 1 of 3 restaurants in St Malo
  14. I booked a mini cruise to St. Malo on Bretagne, leaving Portsmouth Friday evening and back from St. Malo on Saturday evening. I did also book a commodore cabin on deck 6 both ways. Boarding commenced at 18:15 and there were quite a lot of foot passengers, luckily I wasn't one the security picked on and was on board by 18:30. Greeted by a very friendly staff member who booked my table in Les Abers and also took my breakfast order - I opted for the Continental in cabin breakfast. Cabin 6106 was more than adequate with the basket of fruit and box of macaroons a nice touch. Although the cabin was showing signs of its age with some wear and tear it was clean and comfortable. Dinner was excellent in Les Abers- plenty of Langoustines on the buffet and the Salmon with Lemon and Vegetable Tagine was perfect. Bretagne sailed on time under the command of Captain Grimaud; following a walk on the decks post dinner I decided to retire for the night. There was very little movement and I had a good night's sleep. Breakfast the following morning was more than enough to set me up for the day. The day dawned misty and grey and St. Malo was very quiet for the first hour or so and with the mist it had a bit of an eerie feel to it, but this soon went as it got busier. It wasn't cold so I had a long walk around the ramparts. I had Mussels for lunch at Café De L'ouest and they were excellent, can recommend this restaurant. After lunch I took the bus to the Carrefour hypermarket where I stocked up on some items and even purchased a few Christmas presents. It was then time to return to Bretagne. Again early boarding at 18:00, same crew for the return. For some reason I wasn't allocated the same cabin both ways as others had so for my return I was in 6300 and found this to be the same state as 6106 except for a very noisy air conditioner but as long as I didn't want cold air it was ok. I had dinner again in Les Abers but this time I had the Lamb which was cooked to perfection. I went to the cinema (A star is born) before retiring for the night. Same for breakfast Sunday morning although I was offered the choice of a cooked breakfast I declined . Arrival in Portsmouth on Sunday was on time. All in All a very good weekend and yes Bretagne is looking her age but there is still plenty of life in the old girl. I was struck by a thought - when she is eventually replaced would there be any mileage in retaining her and operating extra crossings to St. Malo during the summer weekends - so there would be a day and night crossing each way.
  15. Am on Bretagne Friday 16th to St. Malo, returning on Saturday 16th. Early boarding both ways. Looking forward to dinner in Les Abers
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