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  1. I remember travelling on her during a day crossing to St Malo- it was when she was running alongside VDL
  2. Have to agree she's looking pretty good. On her again in April and can't wait.
  3. Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year
  4. I am also booked on the Pont on the 27th August but am only going for the weekend and booked to come back on Armorique
  5. Booking a club cabin would also mean you have the option of in cabin breakfast which is included in the price. I find it enough for me
  6. I have always found the bar to be open in the evenings - as previous posts said its just round the corner from Costa and appears to be staffed by the same people. As for the cafe I am wondering if they are referring to the shop on the ground floor as they do sell hot drinks and sandwiches but I'm not sure about hot meals.
  7. Enjoyed reading your report I completely agree with your comments on Bretagne. She remains my favourite fleet member and I always look forward to travelling on her. It will be a sad day when she eventually retires from the fleet. I have always found her to give a comfortable crossing even when the sea is not kind. I also find the cabins clean and well presented. I can't comment on Etretat as have never traveled on her - not because I don't want to but because the opportunity has never presented itself. I am hoping to remedy the situation next year.
  8. Armorique's lack of Restaurant wouldn't go down well with regular travelers to St Malo especially on the overnight from Portsmouth
  9. I am of the same mind - I really enjoy the French meals served on board. BF are a French company and well known for their excellent cuisine, I am not saying the Spanish food won't be good but in my opinion if it ain't broke don't fix it
  10. I have to say that when I went through Portsmouth in August as a foot passenger there was only random physical checks - the rest were just waved straight through security
  11. I can still see Connemara covering Porstsmouth/Le Havre from January 2020
  12. Have made a booking for travel at Easter and I noticed something strange in the timetable, unless its just the way I'm reading it. On 9th April MSM sails from Caen in the morning and again on the night crossing from Caen but there doesn't seem to be any MSM sailings from Portsmouth on that date.
  13. Boarded Bretagne in Portsmouth, I had a commodore class cabin which I have to say was very clean. Had dinner in Les Abers, plenty of choice on the buffet and the main course of Duck was cooked to perfection. We sailed on time under the command of Captain Rimbault. Bought the Bretagne book in the shop. It was a very calm crossing and I slept really well. The following morning I opted for the cabin breakfast with 2 of everything (roll, croissant and pain au chocolat) there was more than enough. Disembarkation in St Malo was quick and I was in the terminal by 08:40. Spent a few days enjoyin
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