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  1. chris990

    BF versus the competition

    As a person who regularly travels alone I find it more convenient to take the ferry. I also find it more enjoyable. Although I can see how it would be different for different people. With regards to cost I am prepared to pay a little more to travel with bf than some of the other companies around. I do find a crossing with bf better than other companies I have travelled with
  2. chris990

    Penn Ar Bed

    I sailed on the Duchesse Anne a couple of times and found her quite comfortable, not up to the standard of Bretagne but in my opinion better than the ship she replaced- Prince of Brittnay
  3. I completely agree - would rather queue and get face to face service than using any self service check in. Also manually checking everyone in is an additional security measure
  4. Travelled to St Malo on the Bretagne and found she was still as great as ever. Boarding was a bit slow for us footies, of which there were quite a few, due to having to board via the garage. Think this was due to the berth Bretagne was on. Had received a text message from Bf advising of this so was prepared. Still we were on board well in advance of departure time. This time I had a commodore cabin which was very comfortable.Made use of the mini bar and fruit in the cabin, also managed one or two of the macaroons. Priority booking for Les Abers. Buffet was well stocked and excellent quality as per usual. I had the Monk Fish Oso Bucco style which was well presented and very tasty. Very pleasant crossing with hardly any movement. Wasn't sure what to expect for breakfast but there was more than enough and it was all fresh. Easy disembarkation in St Malo with only a cursory glance at passport by the immigration.
  5. chris990

    Bretagne - benches to sleep overnight

    Not sure what time you are travelling but I caught the 15.04 TGV from Morlaix to Paris last week and that stopped at Le Mans
  6. chris990

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    I don't have an issue with the £40 deposit. £100 deposit wouldn't work for all bookings, I have booked as a foot passenger to Caen and back and the total cost is only £80. A fixed percentage would be better, but as stated earlier £40 is reasonable.
  7. chris990

    Your Favourite BF Ship Name Destination

    New names for me would be St. Malo, Dinan and Quimper
  8. chris990

    Your Favourite BF Ship Name Destination

    For me it would have to be Mont St Michel and closely followed by Honfleur
  9. chris990

    Baie de Seine to leave BF Fleet/ Stena Eflexer to replace

    Can I throw something else into the mix Normandie to replace Etretat Unknown vessel to replace Bretagne Bretagne to replace Baie de Seine
  10. Return crossing after travelling around Brittany for a few days
  11. Crossing to St Malo and trying a Commodore cabin for first time on Bretagne
  12. chris990

    Bretagne to St Malo

    I enjoy travelling on Bretagne and I will be sad when she eventually leaves the fleet. She does belie her age. Am looking forward to sailing on her again at the end of August
  13. chris990

    Budget hotels .

    Agree with the comments on here about Ibis but not about Premier Inn. I had my worst ever experience ever at a Premier Inn, sullen rude staff on reception. Very noisy in the hotel and the room could have done with a major refurb. This put me off and have never been back to a Premier Inn.
  14. chris990

    Channel 4 Dispatches - cruise ships

    I have to agree. It was sensationalist and very much anti-cruise ships
  15. chris990

    French supermarket favourites

    I like the Carrefour in St Malo as they do the most amazing hot chocolate for when shopping finished. I buy jars of fish soup, some milka chocolate bars and although can probably get them in UK I get some Bonne Maman biscuits, Madelines and Blueberry Jam.