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  1. It was a story recently told be a crew member at an after dinner speech and some media picked up. The event happened years ago apparently.
  2. Breaks with limited facilities at work are when I’m most likely to pop on here for a browse to pass the time.
  3. The port was closed to all shipping. It wasn’t a problem unique to Armorique
  4. Plymouth live reporting a propulsion issue on PA so Armorique is off to Cork again this weekend
  5. How about 3 options, may/corbyn no deal remain. If may/corbyn/ no have over 50% it tells us to proceed with leaving on the biggest scoring of those two options?
  6. PLA is far too recent for them. They regularly use a photo of the Tamar bridge pre cantilevers to illustrate traffic jams or incidents on the bridge.
  7. It’s got me wondering if there is some form of agreement or partnership in the making.
  8. The Plymouth Heralds coverage of the protest made me smile. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/local-news/brexit-ferry-protest-plymouth-no-2677855
  9. Even under UK rules public funded subsidies aren’t allowed when there is a fully commercial competitor. Assuming said rule applies to ferries as it does every other industry.
  10. I haven’t voted nor seen the thread until now, but greyed out suggesting I’ve voted. Is there a software bug? Anyway are we talking economically or just fantasy? It will make no economical sense, and like the bus industry in most areas any competition would be commercial suicide.
  11. If you’ve got a railcard, it’s certainly cheaper to buy a rail ticket Portsmouth & Southsea to Ryde Esplanade than just the ferry return, anytime day single is £11.10 and anytime day return is £14.45 with railcard discount.
  12. Apparently it’s a franchise commitment to install them (but nothing about using them), The railway company has said they won’t be operational until a plan is in place for ferry passengers to have free movement.
  13. I’ve heard from local sources, albeit none formally verified that a small craft ran across her bow and she had to take avoiding action,
  14. It’s too far past it in my opinion, baked bean cans will be the only thing she’ll restore this too!
  15. So it seems the gossip was correct. Surely heads will roll over this considerable failing,
  16. I was one of the affected although not badly compared to others, gossip round the terminal was that St Clare’s seaworthy certificate expired on 4th October and it was noticed around lunchtime. They couldn’t move her without an MCA representative present so she was blocking a link span for a while. I was hoping to get her to travel home to have a look at the certificates as they have to be displayed. If the current certificate was issued on Friday or Saturday it would verify this “gossip”. The gossip was that she was being inspected Saturday morning and would be back in service by Saturday lunchtime, I ended up coming back on St Cecelia so couldn’t check the certificate. I got on a heavily delayed service at 1am. There were people left behind at 1am who’d been waiting since 4pm. The next sailing would have been 3am.
  17. That reviewer is clearly someone with realistic expectations or researched the ferry, taking board games and books for the journey. They were occupied and found the trip positive.
  18. Yesterday morning I had intended using the hovercraft back from Ryde, but was informed of a 3 hour wait. I opted for The Cat instead.
  19. Only 2 years out of service and looks like that. She couldn’t have been in good nick last time she ran!
  20. I’ve been to Crete maybe 15 times over the last 10 years and can only second what you’ve said,
  21. So what difference does E10 make against E5? My Zafira is compatible. On the diesel front, my bmw has a sticker on the inside of the filler cap DO NOT USE BIODIESEL.
  22. Yes I remember that. You have to question someone’s state of mind if they think the Lynher 2 is a ferry to France,
  23. I was waiting for the Torpoint ferry yesterday, technical issues meant there was around a 30 min wait. One car clearly jumped the queue, and was seen by the control tower doing so. He was refused boarding by the marshalls.
  24. Outland Road is the most indirect and congested road of all the A38 bound options,
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