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  1. Armorique doesn’t feature at all for summer 2022, so only showing 2 pont aven crossings a week all summer 2022 at present, although says more services will be added in May
  2. Have seen a tweet this morning that 2022 sailings and bookings have been released this morning. Not had chance to review what’s available and timetable yet. Plymouth Roscoff seems to only have Pont Aven every 3-4 days through summer 2022 at present
  3. My personal thoughts are that their strategy might come back to haunt them. They aren’t building immunity and will be more susceptible when they eventually reopen. we on the other hand will have immunity from the vaccine and all those who had the illness will have built some natural immunity too.
  4. We’ve decided to stay U.K. for 2021 holidays. Booked with Parkdean for may half term and October half term. Money is in my savings for an august holiday abroad if we’re allowed or U.K. holiday restrictions dependent that we will book closer to the time BF maybe missing a trick to get cash flowing in, I discovered TUI released 2022 much earlier than they normally do, and offering fairly decent discounts, as a result we’ve just booked a all inclusive deal for our family of 8 to Spain in October half term 2022 for less than half the pre covid rates for a similar October half term holida
  5. Always put fruit then cream. Fruit salad then cream on top, fruit crumble then cream on top. Jam then cream on top. cream isn’t the butter.
  6. Would someone be able to give an overview or translation for those of us who don’t speak french please?
  7. The Dunkirk Ireland DFDS I gather has been the most popular U.K. avoider, with desirable roads to Eastern Europe from Dunkirk and giving truckers a 24 hour weekly rest
  8. Just seen this shared on a Facebook group. Her days are numbered
  9. Your being told not to use them if you have an alternative. if you have no alternative then you may use them to access any permitted activity!
  10. You don’t get this for starters on the ferry mines the white bmw, the mini was a lot closer to my front corner than the photo implies
  11. I went for a day trip 12 months ago and said I wanted to take the kids for longer. As BF haven’t got their backsides organised to have schedules and bookings available in a reasonable advance time, may as well give it a go.
  12. We’ve booked a Parkdean on Isle of Wight instead of a Eurocamp now. Need to budget and no idea of ferry costing to gamble on. Euro camp were offering only Eurostar and Dover for Brittany holidays as option, presumably costing BF bookings by late release!
  13. The port was closed to all shipping. It wasn’t a problem unique to Armorique
  14. Plymouth live reporting a propulsion issue on PA so Armorique is off to Cork again this weekend
  15. PLA is far too recent for them. They regularly use a photo of the Tamar bridge pre cantilevers to illustrate traffic jams or incidents on the bridge.
  16. It’s got me wondering if there is some form of agreement or partnership in the making.
  17. Even under UK rules public funded subsidies aren’t allowed when there is a fully commercial competitor. Assuming said rule applies to ferries as it does every other industry.
  18. I haven’t voted nor seen the thread until now, but greyed out suggesting I’ve voted. Is there a software bug? Anyway are we talking economically or just fantasy? It will make no economical sense, and like the bus industry in most areas any competition would be commercial suicide.
  19. If you’ve got a railcard, it’s certainly cheaper to buy a rail ticket Portsmouth & Southsea to Ryde Esplanade than just the ferry return, anytime day single is £11.10 and anytime day return is £14.45 with railcard discount.
  20. Apparently it’s a franchise commitment to install them (but nothing about using them), The railway company has said they won’t be operational until a plan is in place for ferry passengers to have free movement.
  21. I’ve heard from local sources, albeit none formally verified that a small craft ran across her bow and she had to take avoiding action,
  22. So it seems the gossip was correct. Surely heads will roll over this considerable failing,
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