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  1. I was one of the affected although not badly compared to others, gossip round the terminal was that St Clare’s seaworthy certificate expired on 4th October and it was noticed around lunchtime. They couldn’t move her without an MCA representative present so she was blocking a link span for a while. I was hoping to get her to travel home to have a look at the certificates as they have to be displayed. If the current certificate was issued on Friday or Saturday it would verify this “gossip”. The gossip was that she was being inspected Saturday morning and would be back in service by Saturday lunc
  2. That reviewer is clearly someone with realistic expectations or researched the ferry, taking board games and books for the journey. They were occupied and found the trip positive.
  3. Yesterday morning I had intended using the hovercraft back from Ryde, but was informed of a 3 hour wait. I opted for The Cat instead.
  4. Only 2 years out of service and looks like that. She couldn’t have been in good nick last time she ran!
  5. I’ve been to Crete maybe 15 times over the last 10 years and can only second what you’ve said,
  6. Yes I remember that. You have to question someone’s state of mind if they think the Lynher 2 is a ferry to France,
  7. I was waiting for the Torpoint ferry yesterday, technical issues meant there was around a 30 min wait. One car clearly jumped the queue, and was seen by the control tower doing so. He was refused boarding by the marshalls.
  8. Outland Road is the most indirect and congested road of all the A38 bound options,
  9. At the ferry port exit roundabout Take the 3rd exit, going up a hill. At the top of the hill (back of the pavilions) there’s another roundabout. Take the 1st exit. Set of lights turn right. Follow this road right round to the back of Bretonside. Mini roundabout, turn right. You’ll come to a set of lights with an Asda petrol station in front, turn right and get in right hand lane, from here follow signs for Exeter which will lead you out to Marsh Mills. This option will bypass the worst of the city centre traffic, particularly avoiding Royal Parade. im a delivery driver based in Plym
  10. Brilliant when that happens. Nope they were just found to be the cheapest worst awful trains ever to run in British rail.
  11. Not sure about the Mr Branson and Huddersfield example, but there are several areas where local authorities put in funding to rail projects, Cornwall council have invested £20 million of their economic growth fund into local railway. The greater Manchester passenger transport executive (Manchester county council, as it wasn’t then) ‘sponsored’ 14 class 142s being built in the 1980s.
  12. The impairments according to Mor Glaz: - Missing rescue plans (required for ferries) - charging line - dropping exercises: missing - maintenance of non-compliant fire protection systems fixed installations to extinguish fires (fire hoses, hinges): - door going to the cabins does not close well (must be fireproof) - fire detection and alarms: incorrect indication - fire dampers congested by pallets - availability of fire fighting equipment: non-compliant - lifeboats: not well maintained. crew unfamiliar with the boats (launch, en
  13. This caught my eye in that news article. “The ferry is absolutely gorgeous. It’s spotless. And the port staff were very professional and helpful, loading a couple of million euro worth of cars.” She must be better than Etretat.
  14. Now approaching Motril on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
  15. It’s a cheap option to test viability. If that viability is proven I have no doubt a more premium vessel will be sought.
  16. I was on the Friday evening Le Havre to Portsmouth, we were lucky to find somewhere to sit down and stayed there all sailing.
  17. A busier sailing. My old Berlingo Multispace second lane from the left, suggests this picture may have been in its Norman Voyager days. A distinct possibility it was during the strikes of 2012. The height of the side walls is clear comparing to the cars.
  18. I was on the open deck on Etretat, I just jet washed my car when I got back to clear any salt. Not a big problem for me. And as mentioned loads of room in the wide lanes. I quite liked her. She felt more spacious because of her low passenger numbers. My cabin was comfortable. I can’t think what more I needed on an overnight crossing.
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  20. They’ll have a pilot I imagine anyway, as long as they know she fits no issues. Has any of the sister ships been to Cork?
  21. If the Unions have any sense, they'll see it as future increase in employment. I understand that if its a success they'll move it to French crew, and so extra employment opportunities. Its in their own interests to make it a success for their members.
  22. I’ve never been able to take all my camping gear by plane, thus ruling that out. My parents haven’t worked out how to take their caravan by plane either. For many it’s not an option looking at all the fully loaded cars and caravans in season.
  23. Gross Tonnage (GT) is a function of the volume of all of a ship's enclosed spaces (from keel to funnel) measured to the outside of the hull framing. The numerical value for a ship's GT is always smaller than the numerical values of gross register tonnage (GRT). Gross tonnage is therefore a kind of capacity-derived index that is used to rank a ship for purposes of determining manning, safety, and other statutory requirements and is expressed simply as GT, which is a unitless entity, even though it derives from the cubic feet of volumetric capacity. Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) represents t
  24. No where in their releases does it say the actual cost, merely their budget. Is the recent €49.5m grant fund in addition to the earlier announced €75m grant?
  25. Bretagne seems a good contender to move if it’s a success, with PA or a new fleet member to st Malo and The other on england-Spain. The route is outside the emission zone, proven across biscay, Bretagne I don’t believe has such high over head costs as Pont Aven from an accountancy point I imagine Bretagne’s value is much lower so less depreciation to account for.
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