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  1. Maybe it's the time of day you're using it or you've been unfortunate. Around Plymouth it gets slow between 0745 and 0915, and again from around 1630 to 1830. The other 40 miles is fine. I commute it daily as opposed to your occasional trips to Plymouth, which can't be that often as you use Portsmouth....
  2. I drive it daily, and can always stick to at least 65mph. I'm confused by the slow windy comments as it Doesn't match my daily drive!
  3. Plymouth would be easy to get to from Scotland. M6-M5-A38, the a38 being a straight on continue of the M5 and dual carriageway all the way to Plymouth.
  4. when Bretagne came back to Plymouth/Roscoff around 2005 there was a med evacuation, and I'm pretty sure the heli landed. The date was the Friday of the may half term on the Roscoff to Plymouth service (and the last time I visited France with my parents). All passengers were evacuated to the other end of Bretagne during the event,
  5. Penlee lifeboat have been remembering the armorique fire on the anniversary 2nd April. I wasn't aware of this incident. http://www.cornwalllive.com/penlee-lifeboat-remembers-when-former-crew-saved-38-people-after-tragic-ferry-fire-off-land-s-end/story-30244335-detail/story.html
  6. But if it goes duty free they'll probably limit us to a few litres etc,
  7. It was very wet and windy around the Plymouth area last night so a potential cause. Overnight it's sometimes the case she'll leave late and motor across rather than a slow crossing as well. She's scheduled 8-10 hours for a sub 6 hour crossing overnight. She needs to waste time somewhere
  8. As a note from me not quite what you looking for but maybe useful, we visited the less well known Bayeux chocolate museum, we thought it was exceptionally poor value for money, but that was back in 2012.
  9. The lowest figure was indeed the lock out year, sept 2012. I was in France at the time albeit sailed out and back with LD booked well in advance. The return LD crossing was packed to the rafters,
  10. I understood it only called in English port on the southbound leg at present, zeebrugge-U.K.- Spain- zeebrugge as a circular
  11. Above mentioned program featured racing around honfleur and Le Havre city and port. An edited normandie express features with its branding blanked out -clarksion let slip it was filmed 9 months ago. Clarkso managed to breakdown and bring chaos to the pont de Normandie
  12. Mot and tax status can be checked here: https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk You can check insurance at askmid.com but it says it's an offence to check unless you have a legal requirement to know the insurance status- your driving it, or it crashed into you are about the only legitimate reasons
  13. Euro 3 and below currently banned. From 2025 ALL diesel vehicles will be banned from at least 3 European cities. Madrid, Paris and Athens plus one other I've forgotten. The press release was specific that the ban includes trucks.
  14. The press release on shippax says Caen. Alongside msm Assume normandie will leave or move to Le Havre would be my guess
  15. ​I think I commented at the time, but Beef (or Pork) Cheeks are dirt cheap, even pence from the butcher as generally get chucked away. They are a very tough piece of meat and need very slow cooking. They are delicious and have a good flavour in a stew, or ragu done in the slow cooker for maybe 8-12 hours on low. Not something possible cooking to order though. They will be generating an excellent profit margin I would imagine. They are similarly priced to offal. I think the last batch I had was £2.50 a kilo from my butcher. If cooked too high temperature or/and quickly they are very tough.
  16. ​A Risotto is something that cant be prepared in the expected time scale of a restaurant. When ordering, think how long something will take to prepare and cook. If under 10-15 mins I would expect cooking to order, any longer and it will at least be part prepared ready to finish off, or more likely pre cooked to warm up. Items "from the grill" are always a safe bet for freshly cooked
  17. Been there so will have a shot at it!
  18. At least I don't have such a problem on the other car (55 plate Peugeot 206SW), it doesn't have an alarm!
  19. ​Its a 57 plate, it has motion sensors on the A pillars, The great uses of the forum, there is nothing obvious on how to do that on the documentation I have. Thanks.
  20. ​I've just had a look on the 1 series (2007) and there is no clear way of disengaging the alarm. There is no dash button, There are 3 buttons on the fob not marked what they do.
  21. My old Renault (2008 scenic) I didn't bother locking as I didn't know how to disable the alarm. It didn't have conventional manual door key holes. Vauxhall and Saab it didn't activate when locking using the manual key hole. Now have a 206 SW and a 1 series, I don't know how to disengage the alarm on the 1, and don't think the 206 has an alarm!
  22. The choice of ship could be an easy one... it's outside the emission zone so no scrubbers to worry about. Roscoff-cork- Spain is all outside the zone other than roscoff- south of Falmouth. Which would be a minimal distance to burn eco fuel.
  23. No contract will stop a company going to liquidation etc if they were to go that way in a drop of traffic
  24. ​Isn't popular, or they can't do it? ​From my camping holidays, my observations are the majority of caravanners cant reverse! The vast majority try, and then give up and do it by hand!
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