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  1. D2frs. Beef cheeks are cheap! Maybe I'm doing the same thing wrong as BF, as when I cook them they fall apart in shreds. Beef cheeks are very tough unless cooked long and slow. I normally do them in a casserole in the slow cooker for around 12 hours. I find that they are only good when Fresh from the slow cooker. They go horrible if reheated. I imagine bf reheat them as I can't imagine them slow cooking a batch, and every portion being immediately ordered. Most butchers just chuck them, but they have gained popularity from the money saving cooking shows on TV. My butcher will do them if pre
  2. 70% of traffic through Portsmouth sounds correct proportionately. A quick glance and raw calculations suggest 18% of weekly crossings are via Plymouth, and 11% via Poole, so 71% Portsmouth. I've looked at a week in August for this calculation. On the basis Plymouth shut down in winter over the year plymouths proportion of crossings is probably a fair bit lower. And I've just realised I omitted the Catamaran services from my calculation so Portsmouth is higher than the 71% I came to.
  3. She's finally found her way to the beach. Photos on CaptainSelim's instagram https://instagram.com/p/BLL6yBCjTt8/
  4. On my annual travel insurance, the excess is reduced to zero if my EHIC is presented to the place of treatment, otherwise its a £100 excess.
  5. Not quite, you go to a till and place your order, and they will bring it to you so you don't have to worry about carrying it. The menus are on display somewhere away from the counter, so decide what your group all want, then one person go to the till. Its a half hearted attempt at a service
  6. You don't need to carry the food/ drink. If you ask they will table service it to you. Leave the old lady sat down and go and order with table service or do it alone whilst she stays at the table?
  7. At least he's being honest about the job needs. It's pretty much an apprentice but with a proper wage, and just internal training, so probably no formal certification. He wants someone he can nurture and train through the ranks over the years. He probably shouldn't have put the desired age in the advert but been selective at interview.
  8. There are videos on YouTube of the first BA aircraft trying to land and it took 3 attempts. Certainly looks interesting the positioning of the runways
  9. Absolutely the cheap ones won't last 2 minutes but still covered by CAA regulation in uk airspace, to also answer cabin boy on their jurisdiction is uk airspace. France probably has a similar organisation abs rules in their airspace.
  10. It's illegal to fly them within 50 metres of another person, building etc. They have their uses but the CAA are pretty strict on misuse.
  11. I did it over a few days working from tourist guides in my own time. If you get the opportunity do it!
  12. Brigitte, I did the tour of Normandy a few years ago. Something I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone, but also something I'd probably not do again. Something I'd recommend once in a lifetime.
  13. Both sides gave no evidence to support their claims and pledges. The leave campaign had no mandate holder to action their proposals. Nobody actually knows what will happen, it's too much uncertainty being made worse by dragging it out. Now I voted remain based on lack of fact of what will actually happen. So continue as we were. However now the people have voted out we need to get on with it to stabilise the country. The longer we drag it out the longer things will be unstable. Once we are out things for the economy could be 100 times better, could be 100 times worse. It was a gamble in a
  14. Would they definitely be German? What about being our own from practices etc?
  15. Also being discussed in this thread, with an untranslated link. http://bfenthusiasts.com/forum/forum/other-ferry-operations/264435-snav-sardegna
  16. But then you won't spend more money onboard on tea and coffee. As a business surely that's what they want?
  17. Camping equipment is all low wattage normally When I'm camping we've found a normal kettle can blow the RCD on our pitch but can use a low watt kettle absolutely fine
  18. If they've been there that long I imagine something would have been done by now?
  19. I took a couple of photos of the worst conditioned ones, the worst looking one had no mot or tax for over 8 years!
  20. Droopsnout, The only downside in your flying case is that Non eu which will become non uk lines at the airports I've used always have the shortest queues. I want out of the U.K., I'm embarrassed by the behaviour you describe as well as many others report similar. I think my wife may have the same idea- she's been watching back to back Place in the Sun on iplayer! If only I could afford to up and leave.
  21. I think she's rather like marmite, love or hate her. if you want a smooth peaceful crossing doing very little, reading a book etc she's a good choice. If you want the activities such as found on the Pont Aven avoid her.
  22. Regarding lack of restaurant- I imagine many families aren't too bothered. When traveling solo I normally eat in the restaurant where there is one. Travelling with the wife and kids it isn't financially viable and we normally take picnic stuff from a supermarket due to cost. This looked typical of other families as well snacking on sausage rolls, crisps etc
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