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  1. Ryanair is the reverse. Quite a bit more pricey to pay in Sterling vs Euro, I have often paid in Euros as it works cheaper even after paying the bank fee. I'm not sure if its still the case as that was a couple of years ago.
  2. Its always been 29 hours and the Friday to Monday timetables are unchanged.... I think there should be grateful that they allow 29 and not 24 hours after all its a DAY Trip.
  3. My family friend goes off and the company provide him an apartment as part of his contract. His wife remains in their family home, and travels out to wherever he is when she can. A CEO salary more than covers the slight inconvenience I can assure.
  4. Some companies bring in a CEO specially for a phase or projects that the company is planning, where the ceo has a reputation for such projects. Once the project is done the CEO moves on. Often seen for restructuring of the business for example. A family friend is a CEO and he works for a brand within a massive international company. The international company move him within their brands (they have around 400 brands world wide) when they want a specific task that he has an excellent reputation for completing within the parent organisation. Within the 10 years I've known him he had never b
  5. I think stay cations are on the increase, I wanted to take my girls camping for a couple of nights this week just gone, tried 15-20 campsites, and all full up. I've never before had a problem finding somewhere to camp for a couple of nights even in peak summer.
  6. Des. A way a few people I know of have got round being a family of five in a cab is taking a blow up air bed and sleeping bag. Still need to book a recliner though
  7. I don't know the condor times but guessing it's best to avoid clashes at Poole with condor
  8. This fantastic looking vessel spent today at millbay (Plymouth). New Plymouth to Santander flagship? LOL
  9. ​I looked at the Barfleur ship page to find the 900, which doesn't match her original nor her return capacity. I was under the impression they'd increased to 900 the 2nd year back.
  10. It has since been increased to 900 passengers I believe. BF website says 900 capacity as well to almost confirm my believe. Originally she was 1212,
  11. When I'm travelling with my kids, Armorique is my choice of ferry. Travelling alone when I want a restaurant meal etc she is fairly low down the list,
  12. If she ended up in Pool she'd need bit more than a stair lift. (Pool is a landlocked village where I used to live for those unfamiliar with Cornish villages)
  13. And there was me thinking it was a Barfleur replacement the way it said they were transporting it to BF!
  14. That is what she has space for. The deadweight issues resulted in the previous reduced figures we have discussed. She can of course counter balance it by carrying less fuel for instance.
  15. She's Barfleur size near enough. 3 metres longer.
  16. Nova star Total capacity 336 cars. Or less cars and maximum of 38 trucks. Barfleur total capacity 590 cars. Barfleur loses 4.3 cars for every truck and can do a maximum of 66 trucks. Nova star has more lane metres. Does anyone have the loadings. This will help us dismiss completely, or accept Khaines case.
  17. She had issues on arrival where she is now, with her bow ramps being too short for the ports she is using, hence a delayed Introduction. I will scour Flickr later and see what I can find of her.
  18. The Nova Scotia route carries very little freight. 10% at most, compared to reportedly 85% at the time on Le Havre. Basically the deadweight issues means a reduced capacity, significantly in freight. Khaines maybe if you could find information on car/freight loadings it may give better support to your points. Some online sources suggest it was a good excuse for LD as between order and delivery, usage of the route had dropped significantly, along with the economy crashing and maybe their exit plan in their mind of their directors. Whilst looking up information on the ship last night
  19. She is still owned by the builder, on charter to these operators. There is without doubt an issue to cause a reputable operator not to consider such a well equipped vessel.
  20. We stayed at the holiday inn express, 2 kids in tow. Highly recommended.
  21. Somewhere in Thailand I presume? Doesn't look like he's noticed the error!
  22. Could even be booked and no showed, or booked on the departure from roscoff.
  23. I'd just spent 30 seconds wondering what security had done to need an excuse
  24. ​Was there a wide load on board? Wide loads are something that cant fit through the bow door, so a stern loading unloading becomes a necessity.
  25. ​Was there a wide load on board? Wide loads are something that cant fit through the bow door, so a stern loading unloading becomes a necessity.
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