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  1. Re: Larkspur She's only been issued with a 6 month certificate, this to me signifies a one way journey as normally a certificate would be a much longer term.
  2. Re: Larkspur It's a breach of Facebook T&Cs to use a false identity. I also believe there are rules against contacting people you don't know.
  3. Re: Larkspur I've edited my previous post, you may not have seen as your post went to a new page! I found further info about the place.
  4. Re: Larkspur This has been mentioned on dfe. It's a Dutch town on a river. I can find no other trace of it being a company or anything like that. It's on the canal north of Ghent just above the border, just into Holland. There is a dry dock facility there.
  5. Re: Larkspur I used to change friends gender if they left their Facebook logged on anywhere when I was a bit younger for a joke. One of them still says he's female to this day after 4 years. Every one else was socalled fraping I was changing peoples genders. I think Ernst stating they are not genuine tells us all we need to know.
  6. Re: Larkspur Seems he/she is a former operator of the Ostend ramsgate route, there is a decent amount of dialogue between this person and Ernst on Facebook. E.v doll states they successfully did what Ernst is trying to do 40 years ago.
  7. Re: Larkspur All i can get on google for her company signature is Roro lingerie, google can't find roro lignes. E.v.doll appears to be a hidden profile, I am getting no results.
  8. Re: Larkspur Her title under her name translates to administrator, RoRo Lines Group. Is that a Facebook Group?
  9. Re: Larkspur Yes, as is Greece, which is where I took this to mean
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