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  1. 5 hours ago, Khaines said:

    Thanks for that.  Have been a bit green myself recently with a bug so not been paying much attention to sailing updates. 

    Sorry to hear that Khaines...hope you get better soon! I have to say Barfleur handled it well..she's a great little ship with bags of character. Can see why you are a fan.

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  2. 21 hours ago, Khaines said:

    Just had a message on Facebook saying Barfleur had sailed today - apparently Force 11?  I checked AIS and yes, she is sitting in Cherbourg, so she must have done as checked this morning and she was docked in Poole, so assumed she wasn’t sailing.

    I was on this sailing and it actually was not too bad. Once the front went through at 1200 the winds veered more to the West and dropped considerably allowing the master to manouver off the berth. At sea there was a reasonable sell running but not too bad. I work on ships as a deck officer so am probably a bit immune to it however!.There were certainly some green looking people around.

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  3. Its strange that they have altered one vessel but not the other. Looks so much better as it was. It was still nice to travel on on old ex English Channel ship. I dont think there are too many vintage ships left in the Med now. I think the old Duchess Anne works the Dubrovnik-Bari route. Would be nice to see her.

  4. The main bar is no more. The aft of deck 9 (I think) is now is a huge children's area on starboard and a sleeping lounge (it was locked so not sure) on port side . The ship really lacked any atmosphere and the cabin i was in on deck 7 was really showing its age complete with cracked lino floor.

  5. Just returned from Sicilly where I had the oppurtunity to sail on the GNV Cristal ex Pride of Le Havre. I have many happy memories of Pride of Le Havre. She had a fantastic interior, sadly I was very dissapoinetd to see her twenty years on as she is a shadow of her former self. Unfortunately my phone decided to stop working so have no internal pictures but all the carpet has been replaced by cheap laminate. The bar has gone and is now a childrooms play area. The only bar is the small snack bar that used to ne next to the club class lounge. The food was horrendous and massively overpriced. All in all a real shame. I wonder if amyone on here has pictures of the inerior of the old pride of Le Havre?


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  6. An interesting move. I wonder if people are prepared to pay a premium for what is a very short passage? Time will tell. Perhaps in the height of summer to escape screaming kids? It looks very nice though and they seem to be copying some of Wightlink ideas by having more lounge orientated furniture such as sofas and armchairs. I think this works well on St Claire.

  7. 29 minutes ago, The Ferry Man said:

    That does look more suitable then the Ali Cat - very similar to the Hotspur

    Speaking of which, where does the Hotspur IV fit into this I wonder?


    Hotspur 4 is beyond economic repair. Blue Funnel wouldn't touch it and actualy I'm not sure it was sold as part of the deal.

  8. 1 hour ago, Andy said:

    Brittany Ferries have published their full results for 2016 (year end October 2016).

    Passengers numbers were up 3% overall (up for the fourth consecutive year) with freight increasing by 6.7%. Turnover increased 5.2% to €454.9 million. Spain reported an increase in Freight on 20% - which can be directly linked to the introduction of the Pelican.

    A full breakdown by route can be found on the below link (in French): http://corporate.brittany-ferries.com/iso_album/cp_3_03_17_ag.pdf 


    BF 2016 results.pdf


    Plymouth /Roscoff hasn't done well ...wonder why?. Good to see Poole route with good increases. Hopefully, this helps its future whilst Barfleur is cost effective.Also interesting to note big shift of commercial vehicles from Caen to Le Havre route...guess it's cheaper.

  9. e

    Here's another suggestion for a new Royal Yacht, given all your negative comments last time around, and this one won't cost a penny.




    400 million and it is one of the ugliest sailing vessels I have ever seen. Just shows money doesn't buy you taste. Surely he could have had something lovely like this one below. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there will be somebody on here that disagrees with me but come on...

    The Queen wouldn't be seen dead on Yacht A



  10. Reasons people "hate" Armorique

    1.lack of waiter serviced restaurant.

    2. Modern design.

    3. Children being near the dining area.

    4. Air conditioning turned down too low.

    5. Reserved seating area noisy.

    6. Chips.

    7. Plastic tables and chairs.

    I think that's the major ones all covered although I'm sure there's more.


    Add to that a soulless bar and poorly desiged sundecks aft.

  11. No pressure then Gareth!


    I think everything that could be said has been said. Excellent, quiet cabins for the overnight trip over, too open plan and yes, Tescoised is quite an apt expression. I can see what the design team were trying to achieve but there aren't enough quiet public lounges, the reclining seat area on deck 6 is badly thought through, once one person starts coughing/snoring/fidgetting/squawking that's everyone awake. A bar area should be welcoming; it's anything but that, a stopping off point amidships, and then of course the self-service as the only eating option, which we've been discussing recently.


    I disagree with you about the "everything comes with chips" observation RJT; it's probably the default answer from the person serving food because the majority of British customers want chips, but look carefully and there's well cooked rice, pasta, creamy mash and gratin dauphinois my preferred option.


    And Brigitte I agree there's nothing fundamentally wrong with her and we should be grateful BF have invested in yet another new vessel, but remember Poole-Cherbourg is 4 hours 15 minutes during the day, the Roscoff afternoon departure at 15h00 takes 6 hours 10 minutes to save fuel which is soooo boring. I always have an inside 2 berth cabin, £10.50 with the Club Voyage discount and worth every penny.




    I think you sum it up well. The bar is terrible...no atmosphere and no focal point..its like sitting in a corridor. Its not hard to do...look at Barfleur or Bretagne for a nice bar. I also think the aft decks are terrible. Always seem to be sat in the shade next to the huge funnel devoid of any view. I know there is the top deck but as its open its pretty windy. Much prefer the tired decks of Bretagne or Mont.

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