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  1. Agreed. I recently traveled on Cap Finistere to Spain and thought she was awful for the trip. The ship just seems like a series of corridors and passageways with no real focal points or heart. We ate in the restaurant and even that was split down the middle by a corridor..horrible. The food was good but atmosphere terrible. The reception desk to just seems to be an after thought in a corridor. Even the bar on there felt weird with a huge staircase at one end which made it feel very broken up. I think the problem is that wherever you go there doesn't seem to be an area that is open plan..especially the open decks. There is no central atrium or reception area. It just felt very odd to me and had all the soul of a motorway service station. Definitely a marmite ship it would appear.
  2. I would second that . I thought the Cap Finistere was simply awful and not a patch on Barfleur. The whole ship was disjointed and the restaurant sat in a corridor. The bar was average with no atmosphere and outside deck space and layout awful. I will never travel on her again. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everything we are discussing here is subjective however i really cannot understand how they put that ship on the Spain route. Its such a massive let down after Pont Aven or indeed any other BF vessel I have sailed on.
  3. Purely out of interest I ran a dummy booking for car and three adults out on 9th Sept return 16th Sept , both day time crossings and no accommodation.Poole to Cherbourg was £66 cheaper than the £394 charged for the Portsmouth Caen route. I guess you need to factor in the extra time to get to Poole and then the time driving down the peninsula however a 17% saving seemed ok to me.
  4. On the way out there were about 20 footies and on the way back maybe 40 or so. The bulk were people traveling with cars.
  5. Hi Ed. That's a very good question. I normally only travel alone or with friends as I tend to be visiting France to visit friends so I am certainly not your usual family plus car plus 2.2 kids scenario. I think you are right that the kids may want a cinema. I don't tend to eat in the restaurant anyhow and i don't know what percentage of families would so not sure if this is a huge issue but may be wrong. In terms of deck space she is far better than the likes of Cap Finistere which is awful and largely enclosed. She has a lovely bar which flows out nicely on to one of the aft sun decks...more akin to Normandie and Mont St Michael. This is in contrast to the long narrow bar on Armorique which funnels out through a narrow entrance on to a terrible aft deck with large holes down to the lower deck. I recently traveled on Cap Finistere to Spain and thought she was awful for the trip. The ship just seems like a series of corridors and passageways with no real focal points or heart. We ate in the restaurant and even that was split down the middle by a corridor..horrible. The food was good but atmosphere terrible. The reception desk to just seems to be an aftre thought in a corridor. Even the bar on there felt weird with a huge staircase at one end. So yes i understand what you are saying and maybe i am biased as I am a ship buff but I felt instantly at home on Barfleur. The staff were fantastic , the food excellent and she had a lovely bar with fantastic open deck layouts...possibly all most people need? I think you are right she is a ship borne out of a need to serve a small port and hence ca never be the Pont Aven but she does that role superbly. She was very busy which is a good sign for BF. I think the point i really wanted to make is that her layout whilst clearly a product of the nineties with neon and all, just works well.
  6. Just returned from a quick day trip on Barfleur. What a fantastic little ship. How have I missed this little gem up until now? Despite her size she has more charisma and atmosphere than Cap Finistere and Armorique combined. I actually felt like i was on a ship especially as she pointed her nose out into the Channel and started pitching gently in the low swell. The crew were fantastic and the weather balmy. What more can you ask for a mere £24 for a return on foot! Great end of summer trip. Khaines i now know why you love her so much. Having recently been on the dull,disjointed and characterless Cap Finistere here was a masterpiece in ship design and layout.
  7. According to James' linked in page he left there in July and is now a council member with RNLI
  8. Its probably too early to start making a link between these events however it is worrying that there have now been three (to my knowledge) incidents of these car carriers getting an excessive list. The MAIB have not as yet completed the report into Hoegh Osaka but have however have issued an interim report.https://www.gov.uk/maib-reports/listing-flooding-and-grounding-of-pure-car-and-truck-carrier-hoegh-osaka From all the information I have had the Hoegh Osaka appears to be a ballasting problem. This one in Biscay may be shifting cargo..who knows.I would be surprised though if that's the case as the discipline on securing cargo on these vessels is normally exceptionally good. Time will tell.
  9. They were beautiful ships though with yacht like lines. So pleasing to the eye compared to todays blocks.
  10. robbie

    Red Eagle

    They have done one per year so this is most likely the year for Red Eagle. They will need to get it complete before Easter as they did with the others.
  11. Saw this today....bet the buffet was fun! http://gcaptain.com/stena-line-ferry-gets-tossed-entering-fishguard-harbour-photos/#.VoLcYZfnm70
  12. I totally agree. I also understand the risks taken by anybody starting a business..i have started two businesses and risked my house on both so I always have admiration for those prepared to take a punt. I think what I object to is that person then seeking to blame others when it fails..particularly when its not the first time this has happened. A business failure not only affects the immediate business but normally,through no fault of their own, a wide range of creditors many of whom can't afford not to be paid. Of course no one really know the full details however the reputation of Ombler and Davies would appear to be a bit dodgy and as you say really they should just be quiet rather than seek to blame all and sundry.
  13. The whole thing stinks. She seems to have a habit of blaming other people for misfortune including the "alleged" incident with the Wightlink ferry. The whole "its not my fault" mentality that seemed to pervade this company is entirely unprofessional. I feel for the poor staff who were excellent but sadly this was an enterprise that given its cost structure was never likely to succeed. The Zoe Ombler /Nick Davies duo also have a pretty sketchy background in business...yes I know Nick wasn't a Director but he was involved with Zoe in letterbox.com which also failed. Yarmouth Harbour were very patient (or naïve) in waiting for the bill to get to £10000 before seizing the vessel. They too have staff to pay!
  14. slightly uncomfortable?? did you not owe the harbor master in yarmouth the region of £10000 for fuel and berthing resulting in them seizing a boat? That's more than a bit uncomfortable. I do only have that by word of mouth so is this correct?
  15. Thanks for clarifying this fair play. happy to stand corrected. I would however urge you to maybe communicate a bit more with the poor people who have lost money rather than come on here to score points with me. Encouraging people to part with their money knowing full well the business was about to go under is immoral and maybe you could consider putting your efforts in their direction.
  16. Not the first time Nicholas Davies has had a company fail and leave people in the mess...see http://www.independent.co.uk/news/wo...t-9636217.html Companies house shows several companies he has a hand in including local letterbox that also seems to have gone under or is about to https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/o...Q/appointments Infact a quick shifty through companies house reveals nearly all his companies have overdue returns and accounts...
  17. Is that this one? That is seriously ugly! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=optima+seaways&biw=1680&bih=881&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjhufykwdLJAhWBHRQKHXTvCzkQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=1Rl4-OEFMeJ8BM%3A
  18. oh well I hope you keep some of your view!
  19. Watched the last two ships without the new livery, Adonia and Ventura, leave Soton together on Saturday. By the way Khaines how lucky you are having a sea view from your window! Very jealous.
  20. Great report. Thanks. Makes me want to do it!
  21. robbie


    Very interesting news item on BBC South Today about how BF are benefitting hugely from the troubles at Calais. Bookings are way up on last year and many sailings sold out. Lots of great footage of various BF vessels in the report too. The article starts at about 6 mins 30 secs in on 29th July Edition http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006pfl4
  22. That would work really well. It would be a nice environment to enjoy a light snack etc.
  23. To be honest the swimming pool wasn't used when I went on her on the Santander route. Its only really a splash pool and is located in the wrong place . Its right in the middle of a busy bar area so you actually feel a bit self conscious using it. Would have been better further aft in its own area. It does however make a nice area to sit around with a drink!
  24. That's great news. Lets all hope they go well and an amicable settlement is agreed for all parties....fingers crossed!
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