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  1. And that is the reality for BF. Whatever your beliefs re Unions or otherwise the harsh reality is that strikes loose customers. This benefits neither party. I'm not saying that's right or wrong but it is reality and you can have all the principles in the world but without income there is precious little a company can reward its staff with. That's economic reality.
  2. Try telling that to the millions of unemployed in France.
  3. Off topic slightly but your mention of conversion rate reminded me that this weekend I got Euros at Tesco for 1.39 Euros to the pound yet the on board exchange rate was 1.54 Euros to the pound..quite a difference and not good if paying in euros.
  4. I see from James Fulford's Linked In page he is starting up a high speed ferry from Barcelona to Sitges. Company is called Blue Mar Ferri Rapid. Good to see him back in the saddle as it were.
  5. Well what a surprise. Who could have predicted that (tongue firmly in cheek). Lets hope they resume normal service.
  6. A strike is rarely good for either party. It's a simple fact that strikes put people off sailing and without income there will be no jobs/rights/perks or whatever else it is they are arguing about. We don't need to know the various ins and outs to know that prolonged strikes will be bad for the company and the employees. Whilst I fully support the workers right to strike it is unfortunate that striking in France is almost a national sport. Management are as much, if not more, to blame here. A strike is usually the result of poor management . They should be able to work these issues through without the workforce resorting to wildcat strikes. That mentality was prevalent in 70s Britain and ultimately was not good for the prosperity of the UK or her people.
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    Today I...

    Thanks very much Khaines.
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    Hi Jim, I wondered what happened as well. Would like to read about it but where is this thread "BFE what happened?". Thanks
  9. I visited Hythe today and was fortunate enough to travel on Ashleigh R rather than the Great Ex. Ashleigh R is a great boat. Shame Hythe Ferry cant buy and use her but I guess she is just too big for the route with current traffic numbers. There was a lady at the end of the pier selling old memorabilia in aid of the Pier. Turns out she is very much in to ship restoration and she told me that Hotspur has been sold and will be preserved for harbour trips. I think its Shieldhall trust. Great news.
  10. Re: Hythe Ferry That's great news she is being saved. We might get her back in her proper colours now ...blue!
  11. Re: Hythe Ferry Yep it was the Hythe Hotspur. A great boat. It was used on the dock cruises and at peak times when there used to be two boats. Fantastic upper deck level that gave great outdoor views. Such a shame they now have that monstrosity Great Expectations. It will be a sad day when Hotspur 4 goes. Its been a part of my life since I can remember.
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    St Cecilia

    Re: St Cecilia Having travelled on both recently there is no comparison. I know Red Falcon has been re fitted but she does look amazing internally. Customer service is fantastic too. Compare that with Wightlink's rust buckets and it feels like going back 30 years. I think Wightlink need to do something urgently.
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