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  1. Shar^k, I have pm’d you. Bob
  2. Let me guess, tee-time at 11 o’clock on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday😠 No, enjoy the course, if it wasn't for the tourists I doubt it could stay in business. btw, the number of Brittany Ferry golf groups has seen a substantial increase in the last couple of days. I was talking to the Director of Golf and he was getting worried at the lack of bookings for this year - normally have loads by now. He was asking if I thought the “B” word might be putting people off. Personally, I don't think so, but it could be the fall in the exchange rate. Look out for me - I’ll be in one of the bunkers. Bob. PS, I believe you will need your handicap certificate for Val André.
  3. Yes, but Saint-Malo Golf is possibly a bit better, both worth playing though. Both are in the Brittany Ferries brochure.
  4. Dinard is an interesting course - very difficult if the wind is blowing. Saint-Malo Golf at Le Tronchet is good too. A little further east in Normandy is Granville - a true links course with spectacular views of the Channel Islands as long as the weather is good. Stay away from Des Ormes, you lot keep coming over and take my favourite tee time.🙄😂 Bob “The Bunker”
  5. I “belong” to the UK Club Voyage using my french address - I only have a french address. Bob.
  6. Agree with neilcvx, ferries are the only place I won’t have “tap water”. Last time was on Bretagne and it both smelled and tasted of chlorine, yuk.
  7. Is leaving your car unlocked whilst on the car deck a good idea? https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g186258-d214968-r483788733-Brittany_Ferries-Plymouth_Devon_England.html
  8. I was on a recent crossing from Portsmouth to Saint-Malo on the Bretagne, and had a commodore cabin. I asked the cabin steward to book a table in Les Abers. It was a reasonably busy crossing, and there was a sizeable queue. I went straight to the desk and said I had a reservation, and was shown to a table straight away, but the comments and looks I got from those waiting in line made it very uncomfortable. EID who was with me has told me we will never be doing that again, and will queue up regardless, so makes the reservation process a bit pointless if you have to still queue up.
  9. What a load of nonsense! Stopping cars just short of the booth is not going to make a blind bit of difference to the surrounding air quality, and now there is an extra person breathing in the fumes. A far better solution would be to install a fan system drawing air into the booth through a filter which would increase the air pressure inside the booth slightly and then push air out through the open window. Or a cheap instant solution – give the Boarder Force person a protective mask. Bob (the 3rd)
  10. Bob Crox, If you have the internet at your cottage I have come up with a way to make that controllable remotely, so you could activate your off peak (heures creuse) on the night of your choosing. BUT - there must be access via wifi to the internet at your cottage whilst you are not there. Bob. (Sorry - off topic - oops)
  11. The sailng forecast for the Roscoff - Plymouth crossing on the17th doesn't look too good, I can see it being cancelled, especially as it is leaving later when the worst of the weather seems to be due. Maybe going Caen - Portsmouth instead!
  12. Roscoff - Plymouth17th December 2018 - 22:00 Sailing Modification We are sorry to advise that due to a combination of operational reasons and tidal constraints, your sailing from Roscoff to Plymouth on Monday night has been delayed and will now depart at 00:40. Unfortunately, early boarding is no longer available and the latest check-in time is now 23:00. Arrival into Plymouth on Tuesday morning remains unchanged (08:00). We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.
  13. BobtheBunker


    Dockers permitting! On that crossing too, early boarding and buffet, lovely. In case the dockers are revolting again, the contingency plan is tomorrows Roskoff/Plymouth. But, all is looking good so far.
  14. If the UK goes for a hard brexit, all the above will be irrelevant, according to Alexander Winterstein the EU's Deputy Chief Negotiator. He said a few days ago that a hard brexit would mean the UK fell out of the pet passport scheme, and pets travelling between the UK and the EU27 would fall back on the old rules of quarantine! Hopefully, comon sense will prevail and it won't come to that. ?? At least the UK Government won't need to change the pet passports to blue, as they already are, unlike the red human ones, at a cost of £500 million. Robert.
  15. Ergo: "Important Message Bonjour, we're pleased to let you know that early boarding will be available between 18h00 and 19h00 for your sailing to Plymouth on 19th December. Once on board the restaurant, bar, cinema and boutiques will be open. Normal boarding will restart at 20h30 with the latest check-in time remaining unchanged, as noted on your ticket." Never had a text about it though - along with an email. It was mentioned on the site when I booked it, so this is just a reminder. Won't be taking advantage of it though. If it was Bretagne or Pont Aven that would be different!
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