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  1. If it’s any help to the French residents on here, I too tried to book a slot - using my PC, got a message saying it was very busy and I was in a thirty minute queue. Tried the Docorlib App on my iPad and got an rdv straight away. Bob.
  2. August 1979, Plymouth - Roscoff - think it was the Cornouailles, on the night of the Fastnet disaster. Boy was it rough. Half way across the Captain came on and said he was very sorry about the conditions and had he known how bad the storm was going to become they would not have sailed, but as we were half way across, we might as well carry on. In those days the cost of a cabin was out of my reach, but we had at least booked reclining seats. The curtains at the bow window spent the whole time sliding from side to side. The state of the toilets was indescribable, not that all the seasick passengers made it to the toilets! We eventually made Roscoff and drove to our gite in Southern Brittany, when we saw in the papers fifteen yachtsmen had sadly lost their lives. Bob.
  3. The problem is Clive, the EU no longer have to recognise UK paperwork and pet passports, no matter what is written on them. At least the supervisor used his common sense, but, if he had not been available, I doubt you would have been allowed to board. As I said, according to the FB group boarding has been denied to several passengers over this same issue. It is a closed group, so I don’t think I am allowed to cut and paste the threads here. But in the reply from BF to an email to them from one passenger, BF state that “the date of the microchipping in a French passport must be before the date of the rabies vaccination”. And for the Animal Health Certificate “you must ensure the microchip date is before the rabies vaccination date”. It would be the same for a Spanish version. If a passenger was allowed to board “erroneously” and were subsequently not allowed entry into the destination country, BF would be held liable. Get your vet to change the date and bosh, you won’t have a problem next time, you’ll sail through! (and not hold me up👍) Bob
  4. The checkin person was adhering to the EU rules regarding EU pet passports: “the date of administration of the vaccine does not precede the date of marking or reading of the transponder.” This is causing problems for UK travellers with pets who apply for an EU Pet Passport to avoid the need for the Animal Health Certificate - several have been denied boarding. The issue is caused by the foreign vets interpretation of the wording, e.g. in French “vu” meaning read i.e. when the chip was read, not when it was transplanted. There is a FB group where this is being discussed - Travel Between UK And France. A reply from BF regarding their position on the issue has been posted in one of the threads. It maybe a good idea to get your Spanish vet (I assume you are a Spanish resident) to change the date to avoid further problems. The EU rules can be read here: https://ec.europa.eu/food/animals/movement-pets/eu-legislation/non-commercial-movement-within-eu_en Bob.
  5. Presumably you will be coming via the Rance Barrage? If so, you should not be affected. Just got back from St.Malo, and currently the only road closure is the slip from the Rennes/St.Malo (D137) road to St.Servan. You can still get onto the rue du Général Paton from the road from the barrage that will take you down past the CHU. Have a look at Google maps.
  6. I’ve just received this from them, my crossing is from Plymouth to Roscoff In order to reduce waiting times at the port we kindly ask that you are ready to present the following for all passengers travelling at check in: Passport(s) Completed PLF (Passenger Locator Form). It is mandatory to complete this online to gain entry back into the UK and the form can be printed at the end. More information here. A negative Covid-19 test result taken within 72 hours of the sailing you are checking in for. Full details of requirements are here.
  7. Double jabbed Brits can enter France https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/Covid-19-Rules-for-travel-to-and-from-France The issue I have is that as a double jabbed Brit resident in France, I have to quarantine if I visit the UK, whereas a double jabbed Brit who is resident in the UK on return from France doesn’t. Same jab, same vaccination, same manufacturer, different health service.
  8. YES!!!! 👌👌👌👍👍👍
  9. Reinstating the old Poole - Jersey - Saint Malo out, Saint Malo - Guernsey - Poole return would be good.
  10. According to The Connexxion, unless you have a UK address, it can’t be done. https://www.connexionfrance.com/Practical/Transport/Applying-for-an-international-driving-permit I tried last year, in the end I exchanged my UK licence for a French one using the new on-line system. Took six weeks start to finish. Bob.
  11. Are masks effective? This made my mind up:- https://youtu.be/x6cTDGqcUpA
  12. ITV reporting that an interim agreement has been reached with the stevedores https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-07-29/st-malo-sailings-resume-after-agreement-reached-with-stevedores
  13. Colin is right, Bretange going to Cherbourg, eta 15:30hrs.
  14. Going to set of for Caen apparently.
  15. Apparently the dockers are blockading the port, the 8:15 arrivals are not able to disembark, and those waiting to board for the return crossing cannot do so. Police on site. Perhaps Colin knows more? Bob.
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