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  1. How very rude. You have no idea of anybody's financial situation. If I was in a position to utilise my vouchers I may not be so “agitated” and possibly would accept them. But I am not and can ill afford to loose their value. As Garth has said, read what people actually post.
  2. Wortley, have you got one of these vouchers? This is what is stated on my voucher email: “I'm writing to you today to confirm we have had to cancel your upcoming reservation.The global Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to take this extraordinary action, which follows governmental guidance to limit potential health risks for passengers and crew. Please note the cost of this cancelled sailing will be refunded by voucher (details below). The voucher is valid for one year and may be redeemed against any future sailing or inclusive holiday with Brittany Ferries. If you have another sailing similarly impacted we'll contact you under separate cover via email. Please do not call or reply to these emails, we are incredibly busy trying to ensure we make contact with the many thousands of passengers affected. You can find our latest updates at www.brittanyferries.com/coronavirus. Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this mail may bring and trust that we may be able to welcome you back on board in happier, more settled times in the very near future.” A voucher number and value and that was it. Nothing about can be redeemed for cash if not used, nothing about what my further options are. At that time, the FAQs stated a twelve month validity. I agree now the FAQs on the BF site says vouchers being issued currently are valid for twenty-four months, but nothing saying vouchers - like mine - that were previously issued for twelve months have now had their validity extended. My vouchers say twelve months, and until they are amended by BF either by emailing me or by a statement saying so on their website, that is what stands - see their email above. Either way, I have rejected them and want a full refund, because they are worthless to me.
  3. I have two vouchers. NOWHERE have I had it “explained” to me I can eventually exchange them for cash if I don't use them. What really hacks me off is information trickling through from BF onto sites like this via presumably Twitter, Facebook, or even Grindr for all I know, instead of contacting customers direct. I don't do Facebook or Twitter. Until I hear from BF direct, the period of validity of both my vouchers is TWELVE months, and to me, they are worthless. Bob.
  4. I have two vouchers valid now for just under twelve months. Given the latest increase in the lock down in France and the twelve week lockdown I am subjected to in UK, realistically how long will the available time to use them be? Six months, seven months? I can understand BFs statement in Le Telegramme:- https://www.letelegramme.fr/economie/brittany-ferries-les-traversees-suspendues-jusqu-au-22-avril-26-03-2020-12532164.php “It is vitally important and necessary we keep sufficient funds to pay our suppliers and staff.” But it is my money they have held on to for a service I have paid for that they are not going to provide. It is also vitally important that I have sufficient funds to pay my bills too. To me it seems, Brittany Ferries have shafted me, their attitude is that I have “lent” them money for a decreasing time period after which I will not get it back. I want for a full refund in cash - as they are legally obliged to provide. So far I have had no reply to my request. Bob.
  5. How bizzar! Was just checking in on BFE for updates before starting to look for someone to reinstate my lawn after the fosse install, and Veryoldbear has posted the above. Perfect. The stuff you can find out on BFE is awsome!
  6. I now have two vouchers, valid for twelve months. Given the current situation, if Brittany Ferries hit financial difficulties, and was restructured/refinanced, is it likely the vouchers would still be honoured? With regret, I will be asking for a full refund in cash. Bob
  7. Shar^k, I have pm’d you. Bob
  8. Let me guess, tee-time at 11 o’clock on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday😠 No, enjoy the course, if it wasn't for the tourists I doubt it could stay in business. btw, the number of Brittany Ferry golf groups has seen a substantial increase in the last couple of days. I was talking to the Director of Golf and he was getting worried at the lack of bookings for this year - normally have loads by now. He was asking if I thought the “B” word might be putting people off. Personally, I don't think so, but it could be the fall in the exchange rate. Look out for me - I’ll be in one of the bunkers. Bob. PS, I believe you will need your handicap certificate for Val André.
  9. Yes, but Saint-Malo Golf is possibly a bit better, both worth playing though. Both are in the Brittany Ferries brochure.
  10. Dinard is an interesting course - very difficult if the wind is blowing. Saint-Malo Golf at Le Tronchet is good too. A little further east in Normandy is Granville - a true links course with spectacular views of the Channel Islands as long as the weather is good. Stay away from Des Ormes, you lot keep coming over and take my favourite tee time.🙄😂 Bob “The Bunker”
  11. I “belong” to the UK Club Voyage using my french address - I only have a french address. Bob.
  12. Agree with neilcvx, ferries are the only place I won’t have “tap water”. Last time was on Bretagne and it both smelled and tasted of chlorine, yuk.
  13. Is leaving your car unlocked whilst on the car deck a good idea? https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g186258-d214968-r483788733-Brittany_Ferries-Plymouth_Devon_England.html
  14. I was on a recent crossing from Portsmouth to Saint-Malo on the Bretagne, and had a commodore cabin. I asked the cabin steward to book a table in Les Abers. It was a reasonably busy crossing, and there was a sizeable queue. I went straight to the desk and said I had a reservation, and was shown to a table straight away, but the comments and looks I got from those waiting in line made it very uncomfortable. EID who was with me has told me we will never be doing that again, and will queue up regardless, so makes the reservation process a bit pointless if you have to still queue up.
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