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  1. I have had a couple of sailings for next month cancelled and have been sent a voucher for the amount I paid with a validity of two years. We were going to a wedding anniversary celebration using the crossings and of course that will be past and can't reoccur. I would much rather have a refund of my money and I know that if this were an EU airline I would be entitled to it without argument. Does anyone know does the same right apply? I guess I can ultimately ask for a charge back if BF refuse to refund the money.
  2. A few weeks ago I likened the delivery of the Honfleur in October to the opening of Berlin Airport which was also supposed to be opening in October albeit after rather longer delays. I had an email earlier from Lufthansa advising me that a flight I am booked on to Berlin Tegel in the second week of November would now operate to Berlin Brandenburg so maybe we'll see the Honfleur in the same time scale! But then maybe I'll fly to Tegel after all.
  3. I'm beginning to view the introduction of the Honfleur in October as being as likely as the opening of Berlin Airport!
  4. I think this year they added to their own problems with summer bookings by cutting the winter period in the middle of the Easter school holidays so people could book outbound but not back which was a hopeless situation but just as urgent to resolve as summer for many. The reason for this mess was apparently the introduction of Honfleur which now isn't arriving until October!
  5. Thank you I didn't know that, I will be 60 by the time we travel so now a lot cheaper than BF! They lose yet another customer.
  6. Crashes repeatedly since about 08.00 today and now when I thought I was getting somewhere I got a message back saying I couldn't book what I wanted on line, something I've never seen before. Currently on hold to book Portsmouth to Caen but thinking about DFDS Newhaven to Dieppe which I can book on line and it's about half the price and Dieppe is equally suitable for my destination.
  7. I've been waiting for winter/spring bookings to become available so I can make an early booking for our Easter holiday 2020. I don't know whether others have tried yet but at present you can only book up to and including 21st April which is the Tuesday of the second week of the Easter holiday. For us that is useless, I can book an outbound but not a return which we wanted for Friday 24th or Saturday 25th. I've asked BF why and been told that it's because the Honfleur may come into service around then. But of course it may not. I can't be the only one caught up in this crazy situation but talking with customer service is like talking to the wall. Surely on the basis of when the Honfleur may come into service they could at least extend by another week so people can do things with certainty and if it does appear, it will be a bonus for some - but for us the crossings I would choose will be on the MSM anyway!
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