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  1. The last time a new build entered service, she did trials in many ports first (Armorique). Not just Plymouth and Roscoff. However, I doubt Honfleur will. Presumably, they knew that Armorique was and would be required to be more versatile... but I doubt they ever envisage Honfleur doing anything other than Pompey - Caen?!
  2. 7 trucks can carry a lot of pills. This announcement was about medicines specifically, not general freight...
  3. £3 million ain't gonna go far if they setup something like you suggest!?
  4. So. Bf buy Condor. Integrate the ro-ro into their Portsmouth operations, and start up "British Express Medicals" with Libby. Perfect:)
  5. Outside of the original Ghostbusters film, I know of no Vigo. Is it a heavily freight-demanding port!?
  6. why would 272 be 800 tonnes lighter than 271?
  7. Anyone who does Roscoff regularly knows that those big rollers coming in from the Atlantic when they hit the channel, pack a punch. Barfy doesn't know she's born:) Anyway - on a totally separate topic, and much more 'on-topic' here... I saw on the news that the Gov has a plan for a new "express sea service" if no-deal brexit happens again in October. For medicines etc. £3m allocated, and totally separate tot he other deals/re-deals/cancellations etc from the previous contracts. I wonder if this would include Condor, and if that is a factor in recent interest? I cannot think of another "express" sea service which runs year round??
  8. Biscay and Western channel operations over that many years would surely have an effect too? Barfy hardly gets a battering weather-wise?
  9. I believe so. Even including Barfys' Truckline days... Bretagne has spent more time at sea. Not just on longer crossings (St Malo and Roscoff) but also don't forget was the Spanish headliner for all those years too. I would say she has endured considerably more wear and tear...
  10. Indeed. There will not be a big SPLOSH like with Honfleur. Our days of big BG hulls sploshing in HD live on Social Media are well and truly done for at least the next few years
  11. Them be BIG cranes though... if you look - potentially could build 8 vessels at the same time!
  12. They are not. My fault... but I thought that pic was quite good anyway. Jim will do the necessary, if he deems necessary I am sure (actually they might be... IF Galacia ends up being delivered before Honfuer) heh!
  13. This was the most interesting pic I could find. Not sure WHICH four though... The early-stage blocks on the far left - could that be Galacia?!
  14. I am in an office and it's 25, but everyone is moaning that it's cold. I wonder if they will hire one of these for lunch hour!?
  15. I was looking for pictures of AVIC 267 (yard no) - which is Galacia I beleive... there are quite a few showing early stages of the build but none verifiable as BF. Does anyone have any?
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