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  1. Presumably, if BF decided to run a joint service with Condor to save money, then tests would be needed even if your destination wasn't France, if France was one of the stops on the schedule?!
  2. Where is she headed after?
  3. I am of course speaking on behalf of all ferry-deprived, tongue-in-cheek Devonians!
  4. Foreigners... taking our ship!
  5. Agreed - would be much better to have separated private space I think!
  6. She travelled to Roscoff and back every day, but only had about 1/3rd capacity I believe because she didn't have enough lifeboats for full cover at that time. Was great to see her here!
  7. That would be great for BF presumably? Mop up some short-sea traffic?
  8. What are the proportions of unaccompanied like on Dover-Calais? I presume as the reasons Gareth has mentioned, that they are pretty low due to the rapid turnaround times required?
  9. Ben Cocks original was so much better, written for BF. > https://www.tvadmusic.co.uk/2013/01/brittany-ferries-curiosity-can-lead-you-anywhere/
  10. First post in 2021? Happy new year everyone
  11. Many fireworks here around 2300, for the Brexit.com I presume !
  12. I am willing to bet that more than a couple of us have smuggled a chocolate mouse off the ship before, including white dish. 😉 Anyway, happy brexit minute. And here's to a new era, and the commencement of normality in some way again soon, and mini cruises coming back, and getting to visit Chris and his fine whines again soon 👍
  13. Omg! The chocolate mouses! That's more like it, made up for the whole year that has, thank you! 👍
  14. There seems to be a distinct lack of posts too! Antrwerp! There were some lovely shots of Antrwerp and Honfluer, I'm sure we didn't see them all 😉😉
  15. Seeing there is a distinct lack of opportunities this year; I thought perhaps as a cheery reminder of how good things can be, (and quite often are), that people may like to post/repost their "Best Of..." pictures from NYE special sailings, cruises/mini-cruises from years gone past throughout the rest of today...?!
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