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  1. Pont Aven has a complex schedule. It serves FIVE ports, not just two. It is a far more complex job to accommodate because of this. You will never be able to please everyone unless the literally take a ship off another route to cover her... but even then, what's the point because no other vessels have the speed or capacity.
  2. Interested in Engine repairs. That cannot be the replacement for the 4th engine. So what else could be wrong and so urgent now?
  3. Hopefully so will Pont Aven!
  4. I wonder if you could split the 'travel voucher' and book a couple of separate return day trips in the future. You would have to ask them I guess...
  5. It appears that there was a second technical fault which was unrelated Jonno. She is in Brest until at least Monday by the look of it. (Weekend Cork rotation being done by ARM) https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:180999/zoom:10
  6. I totally understand Ed, fine to certainly be compensated and recompensed when you are put out. There is nothing wrong with expenses being paid fairly etc, or complying with employment laws of that country, but I don't think it's a fair comparison for people to use when being compensated for unforeseeable travel diversions.
  7. AH - skeen! LOL - Many apologies Paully. I quoted the wrong post! (my reply still stands though, just not to that)
  8. I was merely more broadly stating that in the travel industry it is lot easier to cater for disruption in certain sectors than others. ie. its easier to have a spare plane, or a spare river cruiser than a spare cruise ferry. However - in direct response - BF are basically doing what you have suggested. They have 3 (near enough) identical e-flexers coming in within the next few years, to solely serve Spain. But I do not see however that would help in a case such as this. E-flexer 1 and 2 are happily running according to their schedule at full speed, and e-flexer 3 has a technical breakdown for example. How could the situation be improved?
  9. Planes have flexibility in times of uncertainty, because there are many. Airlines have many, and also even have the option to charter or set an arrangement with another operator, with the exact same configuration. A 737 may take 200 people. 200 seats. Lovely. What do you do with a vessel taking 2000 people, on a route not served by anyone else, with 10 different classes of accommodation? You can't muster up another £100M+ just to have a spare clone sitting ready!
  10. Surely, that is a nasty remnant from what you may call "the good old days", which we don't want anymore. Companies being bled,and some employees having vastly different benefits to others and so on. Why should anyone get such a rate? I know people who earn less than I do but take home close to 50% more each year, due to "fuel, hotel, sundries.." Just because it's law doesn't make it right. Surely you wouldn't want BF to pay 50pence a mile or something ridiculous - otherwise there wouldn't be a BF for very much longer.
  11. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/planning/sailing-updates Oh dear...
  12. She hasn't got any Cabins thought Cabin-boy! 😮
  13. When she launched it was 18 hours Chris! But they soon realised that the extra energy needed to get up to 27kts was enormous. They now advertise the service as running at 25kts. To be fair that is still pretty good, hence recently the 20ish hour Plymouth - Spain timings. And that isn't berth to berth at that speed as I am sure you know:) Part of why I dislike the extra stint up to Portsmouth is that she goes so slowly up the channel. I have often been onboard going about 9.5 kts, which just seems to defeat the point of the fast service. I am impressed that she did it in that time yesterday, but I did half expect it. The 3 engines wouldn't have been at 100% either, probably about 85%. It just goes to show that if she really went flat out all the way, 27kts or even a little more, she could do some amazingly impressive times, to Portsmouth or Plymouth. But that is not practical and unlikely to happen again I fear... Still, positive signs for the season!
  14. Pont Aven is reporting a max of 21.6 and an average of 20.5 knots for this inaugural "3 engine" voyage so far...
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