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  1. I used to use TANDEM (Harrods) bank which gave cashback and 0% foreign usage fees, but they started charging monthly fee, so use Halifax Clarity abroad now like David says above.
  2. Good to see the scrubbers fully engaged there too:)
  3. There will be no quarantine for people returning from July 10th now, from UK or Spain, right?
  4. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-plans-recovery-after-4274892
  5. Armorique had 340 last night out of a possible 500 onboard apparently (on BF social media), all in cars. I guess that will only increase now. It's a shame but I reckon footies are out till Winter at least:/
  6. Maybe this could be stimulated a little now that the ferrys are running. It's still 2020 - come to Plymouth and see the Mayflower steps. You'll have them almost all to yourself now as opposed to thousands of people which was planned pre-corona. Bonus!
  7. Love it if that's true. But couldn't you just precede a short number with a series of zeros, or a short 'company code' for barcodes, hide it from the card/correspondence, and make everyones' life easier?
  8. I think also, with the speed of the way things have been changing at the moment, it's almost suicide to have a phone line open, remotely staffed or otherwise. What if a member of staff had missed a crucial update or something, and then reported what they beleived to be the true and accurate information on the phone which is recorded, only to be told an hour later the Government has changed all the advice. Strange times I guess but hard to provide a united front from a company perspective if the Government change on a penny. Thats partially what stopped me from even trying to speak to a human at Ryanair - total lack of faith they would have accurate or 'implementable' information.
  9. Also - does anyone else find it interesting why loyalty scheme companies such as Nectar and alike have card numbers which are 19 digits long for a user base of a few million; but a debit or credit card is 16 and manages to serve most of the globe? Perhaps it's ambition - each person on earth could have 1000 Nectar cards concurrently and there'll be no issues
  10. Appreciate the reply... but I think it's more of a point of "what's the point". 99% of calls would be "Can I have my refund?"; "No, wait your turn". I have not given up on Ryanair yet, but at least BF reply socially and via mails. I have had zero from Ryanair. Calls (no point). Chat - wait for 4 hours then cut off at 8pm whilst still in the queue. E-mail - ignored. I accept that so am just sitting tight. Why provide a service which has no level of service when you can admit defeat (in a way) and manage it better by not teasing people. Just my opinion anyway. And with the clubcard vouchers - fair play. I used to like getting the 4X bonus for Prezzo actually, that was alright. But it does take an age to build up.... as does Nectar. Can't be bothered with that these days:)
  11. When did they install that massive bird on the mast? Is that to scare the hell out of the seagulls and stop them from pooping on the poop deck?! 😉
  12. 3 things if I may... I am sure BF would rather quite liked NOT to have lost all their revenue these past 3.5 months, so its really at the hands of Covid, suffering at the hands of Covid, not really bf. How much money did you have to spend to get £165 off P&O? About 3 million quid at the rate I seem to accrue clubcard vouchers. Lastly, are you guys serious about Jane? I can't tell. Is she real?
  13. I'd just like to see her do that after a skinful at the bar, and in a force 9 on a mini-cruise to santander! cabin-pinball yoga;-)
  14. Nice one Tony! 😉
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