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  1. Maybe they could put one behind each of the immigration boothes in Porstmouth and then they would have enough to charge every electric vehicle in the South of the country!
  2. Well, tongue out of cheek.... Roscoff went to Plymouth first! Pont Aven went to Plymouth first. Santander went to Plymouth first. Electric charging points went to Plymouth first. clutching at straws now... erm, I saw a BF electric van in Plymouth first!
  3. Plymouth is pretty much first for everything Andy :O
  4. Does anyone have the full subscriber transcript from that article?
  5. The question springs to mind as to what facilities will have to become shared in Plymouth now!
  6. I would say that overall the cost of living in France is roughly comparable to the UK though?
  7. A lot of people moan about crap on their car when it's outside. I just wondered, if a taller funnel would essentially mean less stuff dropping down before it passed the stern of the ship and into the wash. Presumably of course, this must be affected by speed too. If you are on a quicker route then there would be less than a slower one...
  8. I have frequently been in an early morning queue off the Bretagne, and the MSM traffic is still going through - so I would say that is not always the case.
  9. Portsmouth has over 700% more sailings per year than Plymouth!
  10. The Pont L was designed like that, the Pont A was forced to wear a big top hat, that's the difference. I imagine the small funnel on E-flexers is for wind resistance primarily? Is there a certain height that a funnel has to be from the waterline, or from the deck (passengers)? Would this be different on modern lower-polluting vessels, or unrelated?
  11. PA isn't now and we got used to it. This has just gone the other way!
  12. Hey, I am China's biggest fan, purchaser of unnecessary low-price electronics and advocate of the worldwide replacement of all legacy household batteries with 18650's! I think it was Ed who went rogue with the Asian comic strip! (But they actually do look like paddy rows.) And to be fair Neil, I would hope that for the price then, Honfleur is hand-riveted together, with pewter rivots.
  13. hf_uk

    Club Plus Cabin Toiletries 2019

    On Armorique Andy? That's amazing if so:)
  14. Her stern looks a bit like gently sloping rice paddys...
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