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  1. hf_uk

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I would be amazed if they had run Cork if Plymouth gets so much downtime!
  2. hf_uk

    Bretagne out and back .

    I meant the main engines, not the generators. Anyway... won't go any further with this one;-) It's a nice vision if you close your eyes though isn't it!
  3. hf_uk

    Bretagne out and back .

    Its's not an entirely ridiculous idea. They could decommission the engines. Only sell/service a small number of cabins / rooms to start (commodore), and over time convert other areas. They could keep the a la carte open as a normal restaurant for a full lunchtime/dinnertime service each day for walk on passengers. Keep the boutiques open more or less as they are!
  4. hf_uk

    New BF Fleet Tracker

    The old one worked fine on a mobile, it switched to HTML5 automatically...
  5. hf_uk

    Bretagne out and back .

    Yeah but purely for the Novelty factor. However, it may be a rather small market I agree... (how many members are on here?!)
  6. hf_uk

    Bretagne out and back .

    Yes I gathered they wouldn't find a use for the whole ship. Having said that - what a fab idea. Turn her into a floating hotel (QE2) style in St Malo harbour when she's retired 😉 ....Primarily sell the Commodore and Club cabins.... rip out a lot of the 2 and 4 berth inside cabins and add some extra facilities:)
  7. hf_uk

    Bretagne out and back .

    Seems rather archaic!
  8. hf_uk

    Bretagne out and back .

    I was on the Bretagne recently looking at some of the voids where the gaming machines used to be. Does anyone know if there are plans afoot to ever bring these back on all the ships? I understand "games" are allowed still, but nothing where you can win money on any of the ships now. Is that correct?
  9. hf_uk

    Routing to Spain

    I like that!!
  10. hf_uk

    Routing to Spain

    Also I think this thread was not initially about "which is best" - I thought it was about 1 sailing per week VS 7! And equalizing things out when the e-flexers arrive?
  11. hf_uk

    Routing to Spain

    It clearly depends when you live, and also whether you like/mind driving. I heard a lot of BF Plymouth customers come from the West Coast - ie, Wales, West Midlands and even Scotland. I suppose you can just skirt down the side of the country and not go anywhere near pompey if you live near those main route networks...
  12. hf_uk

    Routing to Spain

    It would make sense in terms of fuel and post 2020 to help the CAP keep to single night sailings only... The current Sunday departure from Plymouth is around 4pm, arriving in Spain at midday. So you have time to arrive in a leisurely fashion, get onboard, relax, drink & eat, and then have a nice lay in before being in Spain wherever you are headed before lunchtime the next day. For those with an onward travel, you could even have a 'brunch' around 10.30/11.00 and then not have to worry about lunch, just get straight on to get a good start for wherever you are headed that evening. I think that's why is it particularly popular with Caravans/Motorhomes and Motorcycles this time of year...
  13. hf_uk

    Routing to Spain

    Plymouth is a far more sociable Spanish sailing in my opinion, the arrival/departure times and times onboard etc...
  14. hf_uk

    Routing to Spain

    In that case, why is the 'last stretch' up the channel always so slow? It feels like they are doing about 10knots top on the final few hours approach into Portsmouth? Is there a speed restriction? I have often thought this with Plymouth too.... even when the ships are running behind schedule, the final part of the journey seems incredibly slow?
  15. hf_uk

    Normandie post-scrubber model

    Two nice looking models of the Economie ships available here I see: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rhenania-Junior-1-1250-RJ-304B-Baie-de-Seine-Ferry-Brittany-Lines-Brand-New/263915972789?hash=item3d729e28b5:g:hkEAAOSw69lbjdmA https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rhenania-Junior-1-1250-RJ-260B-Etretat-Ferry-Brittany-Lines-Brand-New/263915975425?hash=item3d729e3301:g:UPEAAOSwKfFbjdvl