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  1. In different times BF would surely die for that opportunity. They would have the whole channel then. I wonder if the monopolies commision would allow that under a Condor brand though... quite possibly as BF are the minority shareholder of that brand now??
  2. Don't believe it:O Here's a thought... BF under CONDOR brand acquire and run Dover-Calais. Redeploy other P&O ships to boost BF routes and expand into North Sea with Hull to Rotterdam. Such a dreamer!?
  3. Just made it 80 with that. lol. In all seriousness, a shame if she didn't appear sooner, but really is this year (at any point) the best to show off such a big investment and stunning new vessel for BF? One wonders what all the Honfleur project managers are doing:O
  4. Plenty of time to get the thread to 100 pages then:)
  5. You're almost at your 2000th post! Many Happy Returns
  6. Now that a lot of cruise ships have a rare break off-schedule at the moment... do you think companies will be utilising that time to do any outstanding maintenance/refurb work? Seems an ideal time to do it, but I guess as with everything, logistically hampered....
  7. If FSG wanted to I think they could get her out the door pretty quickly. I am not sure what the holdup really is but i'd bet it isn't purely a matter of getting a few guys to go the last mile. (virus-times aside). Is the refuelling infrastructure in place now?
  8. Normandie is a dear old lady now though. BF have a lot already shelled out in Honfeur too. What are then options if FSG cannot finish her?
  9. What happened to the livery? Is it covered, or unfinished on that side?? Also - just noticed - her stern ramp is the same as Armorique, having more space to one side. (Unlike Cotentin) Wonder if this is to make her more suitable in more ports. - like the CF cannot use her stern passenger ramp in Plymouth - because there is not enough space on that side.
  10. If Ryanair do even half that for my May flights I would be happy!
  11. Bank it for a maiden voyage on Honfleur
  12. Hard I guess because some sailings will be cancelled, but where do you cut off? Would someone expect or even want to keep their return say in May if they were going out in April? But if it's not cancelled yet, then quite understandable like with Ryanair and others, it's us as customers who are deciding to cancel that leg. It's quite feasible that (currently) we could get there by other means. Very strange and difficult times I imagine for travel and insurance companies alike.
  13. Short term schedule, very short term i'd hope!
  14. They should have done my suggestion. She'll never arrive:( Incidentally, Etretat could be used as a floating hotel for Normans now. That corridor looks the part anyway, and she could be a self-contained quarantine ward!
  15. SWEEET! That was quickly made. Love my models. Shame its not £12.99
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