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  1. She is due to do berthing trials in Plymouth though according to the media? Perhaps it's trial in the sense of 'this is what needs to be done to make it work in future'?
  2. They could do a Portsmouth - Plymouth one. Dine on board!
  3. Does anyone know what Pont Aven is doing over winter? She is in Plymouth till November, but I can't see much after that?
  4. The Whitchampion has been toeing and froing all weekend. Went alongside Pont for engine oil, then same for Cap 2 days ago, and in between is fueling the Plymouth fuel farm. i've seen her go back and forth about a dozen times to avoid ferrys on the berth, heh.
  5. She has 2 maritime inspections carried out in Plymouth each year. And this time of year, plus a few from weather diversions. I think she's been in about 6 times this year.
  6. Is that just after they put in that new kit from Wartsilla? Not sure if you saw the article, but they announced a 4% fuel saving over a 6 month period because of that recently...
  7. I was going to comment, that every time CAP visits Plymouth it seems to be in a grey-out. However, I have a feeling it's the place, not the ship which is cursed!
  8. They'd soon increase if Portsmouth wasn't there!
  9. There's some good plant machinery for spotting down there at the moment
  10. Pont and now Cap.... You just can't keep them away from BF's most convenient channel port. It's a fact
  11. LKW Walter invasion is about to begin, and Western Approach is shut. Wednesday too. haha. they will love that... all queuing up through the centre of town!
  12. Softwear sure isn't right 😉
  13. A license is only required to watch LIVE (broadcast) TV. Even terrestrial catch-up does not require a license. (technically).
  14. Do they not share bathrooms (ajoining between the cabins) like some of the crew quarters do? From what I remember this was a stumbling block from the taking passengers straight away before?
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