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  1. I wonder if ARM will get these too. Would be interesting to compare the before and after. I often thought that the vibrations at her stern when maneuvering can be awful - if you stand outside to watch the arrival of a morning holding the handrail, your arm nearly gets ripped out of its socket! Having said that, these won't affect the bow/stern thrusters so probably no different. On ships like ARM, I wonder if it is worse / more noticeable because there is less superstructure at the stern (ie. less 'stuff' to absorb the vibrations), compared to Bretagne, PA for example...
  2. I am not sure how this has slipped past without more "hoa-ha".... In my eyes that is amazingly significant! Simply stick a tiny little prop on top of the big one, and you save 2% across the board? Surely they will want to get that on every vessel as soon as possible?!
  3. I would be extremely surprised! Competing on a Spain - Portsmouth route with BF is no mean feat, and I am sure if BF thought this would happen, they would stick an oar in first!
  4. Mayflower steps probably too...
  5. I have it... Seaborne freight could buy something like this: http://www.hhvferry.com/leofric.html and then they could take the Eurotunnel trains back and forth on it. Everyone is happy
  6. Does anyone know the exact share of the initial £46.6M BF receive?
  7. As P&O said on a radio advert yesterday... "You can't play hide and seek on a plane, or do cartwheels on a train!" (slightly dubious marketing message there. I expect to find hundreds of kids playing hide and seek all over the friggin place on the Pride of Dover, and cartwheeling all over Bretagne this summer now!)
  8. Yes - so ABP in Plymouth still have a number of smaller cruise vessels which use the BF berth when not occupied during the season... That was all I was referring to.
  9. I have seen it somewhere - but any idea what the Cruiseship timetable looks like for Millbay in 2019?
  10. I wonder if Pierre is being re-branded Chris?!
  11. hf_uk

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Agreed - there was FAR too much uninterrupted white space before. She looked a bit like an unbranded arctic-trailer sometimes...
  12. Understood. (unless you are with Sky. They seem to treat you worse the longer you are with them) !
  13. I thought that BF treated every member the same? I have seen other people wearing those badges, and talking about visits... Have you been a member continuously? I would question it!!
  14. Arguably, whether or not you are a fan of ships or not, experiencing a bridge visit to watch the ship berthing is an experience which money cannot buy. The darkness was presumably down to the time the ship arrives, and your location was for safety reasons... Perhaps if you were not interested, you could have politely declined?
  15. Shame they didn't sort that earlier, and save about £30m on the silly bespoke system for Honfleur!
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