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  1. hf_uk

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Not new - from Jan, but makes you realise what a massive operation Remontowa is!
  2. hf_uk

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Must mean the hole has been mended. No hole where there was a hole!?
  3. Anyway thanks to Jonno, I think my question was answered. All things considered, Honfleur *should* feel extremely spacious inside... More so than something like the Silja Galaxy for example... which may be near 49000 GRT, has 1000 cabins!
  4. If PA had half number of cabins she would have awesome potential inside. 652 cabins is insane!
  5. If she weighs over 2.5 times that of Pont Aven... we deserve answers. Does she have a frickin ice-breaker hull or something?!
  6. I've been wondering, when it comes to tonnage and the interior spaces of BF ships... So Honfleur will be 42,000 GRT approx, just over Pont Aven. PA has over double the number of cabins, plus large open spaces such as the double level bar area, and the atrium. So considering this, will Honfleur feel HUGE inside? Or does that tonnage include a much bigger garage on Honfleur for example?
  7. I heard they were going to start using waste as a fuel for aircraft...."Mr Fusion" style. Be good for BFE's green credentials, as there is a lot of waste generated on here :D:D:D
  8. It isn't just a pipe dream (lol). The whole thing was designed and costed properly about 12 years ago and is essentially just sitting there until someone comes along with about $100 trillion
  9. A bit like the transatlantic maglev tunnel though. Possible AND viable with enough capital. Definitely within the next century, if it was desired!
  10. On the same note, what BF ships burn expensive oil now then. Bretage, NEX... BDS scrubbers alegidly never worked but did they every get replaced? and what about Conemara, Etretat and Kerry - what of those have scrubbers?
  11. Frankly I am amazed that BF actually got scrubbers fitted and working at all in that time frame. They were quite quick to react. Perhaps lacking a little forethought as Jonno points out, but at that time there were a lot of unknowns. And we have ALMOST got used to how they have decimated the looks of the ships now also
  12. Fab idea. Would need the Chinese over to actually get it done. Three-Gorges style:)
  13. Quite. Despite the weather, it is nice to see a ship back for the season. It kind of symbolises the start of the end of Winter to me:)
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