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  1. Random question - does Etretat have escalators also?
  2. Frankly - I ask how much a roof will cost though. £14/15m is lovely - but they already have a billion in the bag before this was setup? So at the end of it all, give or take, a couple of BILLION euros most likely. Now even factoring in the reduced timeframe, surely it won't cost that much? (not really off topic here... calling all church-roof engineers please!)
  3. I think BF need to speak to the yard about a dedicated "FLEXERCAM"
  4. Presumably blocks to the right are "Galacia?"
  5. Cherbourg sailings doubled till end of September - but Roscoff won't be now... is that the case?
  6. Presumably they hadn't been waiting at Plymouth airport for quite some time?! However in response to you there - I am sure that would have been a mistake due to unforseen circumstances - not due to scheduling. I have yet to see a Ferry full of passengers arrive and no border-control to deal with them? Arguably a small regional aircraft will have minimal numbers, so could mean that resources are stretched further if the arrival of large vessels are increasing in frequency. The border force will have numbers expected for each arrival. Back to the Newquay incident you mention - I did think that it is interesting that the government has recently started supplementing a new Newquay to London service which they have acknowledged will be making a loss for the foreseeable future, but were quite happy to see Plymouth airport closed when (to my knowledge) they never had to step in... The number of Newquay rotations is far more than can conceivably be required too. If Plymouth airport was still open, perhaps the border agency could have flown down and not kept people waiting!
  7. hf_uk


    I saw once "Things to do and see in Cornwall" and it had the Tamar Bridge on it.... so, erm, LEAVE then!
  8. Well I don't have figures, but it is the Border Force's job to provide cover to protect borders when they are in use. ergo - BF have more sailings, they will provide more staff. I don't really see the big issue? If BF were to independently decide to increase Plymouths' rotations by 50%, it doesn't mean all the passengers will have to wait at the border until the staff are in does it!
  9. I doubt that will be the case, because the majority of these sailings are Plymouth + Portsmouth increases... whereby the border will have to be manned during hours where there were simply no staff there before, so they will not be thinner on the ground, - you would imagine they have the same volume as a normal sailing by bringing in extra staff who are not based at the port. Portsmouth is a bit of a different animal because they have a permanent border presence!
  10. Or you could argue that there are more sailings, with less on... so queues will be better?!
  11. It is extra capacity for a no-deal Brexit. The Government wanted contingency so BF are running the extra sailings, essentially paid for even if they are empty. It has been widely discussed in the media, but the extension is because Brexit didn't happen at the end of March.
  12. hf_uk


    I love the title of this thread if you take into consideration the Forum it sits in to the left. Is the only thing to do in any of the port destinations "Park"? LOL!
  13. I have seen offers live in the Bournemouth and Dorset Echo still - right up to the end of end of June. Keep your eye out in the paper for the URL/code.
  14. Makes sense, I suppose you can't change a whole seasons' sailings in one go.
  15. Have you looked at your council tax breakdown recently? #brexitsailings-smallpotatos
  16. I I know - it's a little sad to see, but then if the company is getting paid for it, I suppose no harm done!
  17. I think the whole Barfy timetable has changed throughout the Summer pretty much yes. Just more sailings!
  18. I doubt BF want to change thousands of bookings and run a unexpectedly tight-turnaround schedule with almost empty ships... it's part of the Brexit contact and all the uncertainty that comes with that isn't it!
  19. hf_uk

    BF Refits 2018-19

    There is a ugly truth about cost savings, weight, and Americans which I refuse to highlight there!:)
  20. Higher frequency of sailings, peak season? Do I sense the 'S' word peeking over the Horizon!? God I hope not. Not this year. On the plus side I guess - most of these 'Brextra' sailings have hardly anything on it seems - so any action would not have a great deal of consequence. Almosthere - I understand what you mean, but I still don't think it's the end of the world - it's not as if you are being bumped to a sailing 3 or 4 days askew... but that's just me:)
  21. Not being funny, but what's the big deal about going a little earlier or later?! Surely not worth cancelling an entire trip!
  22. My sailing was moved. There are two daily sailings in June now - about 0900 and 2200 I believe is what she told me. It is because of brexit changes. Surprised you haven't received a call from them already...
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