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  1. Makes sense - avoiding all the Brexit import/export complications is attractive to hauliers at the moment...
  2. I think it may have even been twice! 😮
  3. It also makes perfect sense still to make use of Pont Aven, as she has tons of cabins and tons of passenger space, and it seems like Portsmouth will be an e-flexer city in the future!
  4. Seeing as during Covid, almost without realising, the Pont Aven now goes Plymouth-Spain-Plyouth direct twice a week without a silly coach-transfer being required (something which many have longed for to return for some time), I wondered about the return of the legendary Santander mini-cruise. BF used to market this themselves when Wessex Continental took it on and facilitated coaches etc when Pompey was involved. Now things are returning to normal, it would be nice to see this growing again. I know that BF crew were never big fans (loutish locals in the bar lol), but I wonder if it would work in the current climate. The only thing I can think of which may be an issue is the time/timings ashore. Best scenario used to give you 7 hours ashore in Spain during the day, but I suppose the if the schedules only allowed 2 or 3 then it's not as inviting....
  5. Yes, there never has been a regular one, apart from the odd occasion when The Cap needs to have a maritime inspection so needs to get back in place quicker. Although, in the current climate it may make sense....
  6. PA goes to Roscoff twice a week, almost empty. Why not jump on one of those?
  7. (in order not to neglect a route/port in Winter. 2 returns for each per week, and the weekly relocation sailings to the other port could prove popular!
  8. Armorique could adopt a year-round PA style double-triangle... Poole > Cherbourg > Poole > Cherbourg > Plymouth > Roscoff > Plymouth > Roscoff > Poole!
  9. I still think converting the Cotentin was a great plan. Is it certain what was reported in the media, that she will be sold when the flexlettes arrive??
  10. Plymouthians would not love this plan!
  11. Will Poole - Cherbourg ever exist regularly in future if they are now saying Cotentin could leave the fleet when the flexlettes arrive? If Barfy retires, could it become seasonal? or disappear altogether? (I doubt they would want that to happen)... Or, be served by purely by Liberation, so essentially killing the route for Freight?
  12. PA for anyone new to the service. GA for anyone who has done PA a million times before like everyone on here, because we are all just soooo inquisitive as to what a Flexer is like
  13. So, if the desire was there, they really could make you feel like you were in a totally different world once onboard. (one to the other)... (Not just a small Galicia with Breton colours, different wallpapers and Brittany menus, and a small Salamanca with different menus and a Normandie Tourist board leaflet stand at reception!) 😉
  14. I had a query, I am sure Jonno may be able to answer; about the level of customisation possible internally? So, I think there is a great potential here, despite them both being baby flexers, and almost identical externally... But I wondered how much scope is there to change things inside if desired, which are not just cosmetic?..... So if you ignore obvious unchangeable things such as lifts, and also the cosmetic items such internal decorations, materials, and placing of seating etc - is there the ability to change the actual interior structure such as the placement, or width of a staircase, the size of a room/hallway, number of internal doorways/portholes, number of entrances/exists to a restaurant etc?? OR - is the whole interior just a carbon/laser copy cut from the same mold?
  15. With all this creative financing around newbuilds, and 'options' to buy/give back quite customised vessels... does anyone see Stena making a bid for BF outright at some stage!?
  16. I was always under the impression that Bretagne was 26m wide, and had a max Pax capacity of 2,056 passengers?!
  17. I cant help thinking the regulations would be a nightmare to agree. It appears not to be fly very high at all - so serious potential for collisions with other large vessels at sea, especially when taking off and landing. There would have to be agreed "sea sky" lanes, surely, and pretty serious observation kit onboard?
  18. I was thinking BF may use her directly Portsmouth - Le Havre at some point in the schedule.... maybe a part of 'exchange' agreement for the NEX, if BF wanted some limited passenger capacity for Le Havre this year...
  19. I was looking - the Vinga has outside single berth cabins. I bet they would be popular, if BF ever sold them. But they may likely be reserved for Freight drivers I guess?!
  20. Would be useful for Le Havre, until there is enough cash to install an accommodation block on Cotentin at least!
  21. FAB to see PA back in service yesterday. What is her Summer schedule now? Clearly no PORTO, but is she still going to be doing Roscoff? and Ireland? Or just Spain and back seeing France has banned all UK entries now?!
  22. Presumably, if BF decided to run a joint service with Condor to save money, then tests would be needed even if your destination wasn't France, if France was one of the stops on the schedule?!
  23. Where is she headed after?
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