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  1. If BF only have 25%, I imagine they went to the capitalists and said "Look, we are the primary operator on the Western Channel, invest a ton of money for with us, let us run and manage it day to day, and we'll make it a success". Not sure the ins and outs of how these things are finalised, but I would imagine that BF would have/will be a allowed proportionality a far greater input on day to day decisions than their 25%, or the investment fund does?"
  2. I would say, given the value in BF's rich heritage of France and Spain destinations - that they would keep it separate. Also - BF is all about cruise ferries, and a la carte dining. Not really akin to a fleet of mostly Incats!
  3. The partner investor sure has a catchy name!
  4. hf_uk

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    Since PA moved to Pompey she has been cained! Arguably not enough time for maintenance either, leading to the rudder problems last year.
  5. The picture of the access ramp to the lower garage door (MacGreggor) is identical to the Armorique, as is the bow and bow door. She is just a big Armorique. Hopefully her interior charm will let her personality will shine through!
  6. OK Sorry - betting ends. Who remembers Banzai!
  7. Most likely because the timeline has become a great work of fiction I am still taking bets on Galacia entering service before her. Anyone?!
  8. hf_uk


    That's fair enough, but I still hold BDS in a different league in my head to Etretat + Conemmara etc... she felt like didn't need much doing because she is just 'more ship' to start. Etretat & Co deserved more of a spruce inside!
  9. hf_uk


    I guess she is in a better state than Norman Voyager before she joined then?
  10. Well BF are going a good way at doing that so far, to be fair, and they are not exactly a large company with plenty of ready cash. Would be nice to see other operators all round the world getting on-board too really!
  11. That bugs me, because I would say the biggest single drawback of travelling by sea (both people and freight) is the speed. The difference between the slowest and fastest traditional passenger vessel is pretty small too. At most about 20knots Surely purposely slowing ships down over their natural limitations is counter productive for the industry. Surely other ways and greener initiatives are more preferable.... ie. The many fixed-sail designs we are seeing, LNG and beyond, and that god damned awful thing they stuck on the top of Viking Grace!
  12. hf_uk


    Thanks Gareth. Yes I saw the other ones, but I was thinking about the interior actually.... Would be good to see what effort BF have gone to. I know she has an escalator! Interestingly, the only vessels which have escalators in the BF cruise fleet are all non-BF and not very 'cruisy'. ;-)
  13. hf_uk


    Yes sorry it was meant to be a new thread under 'Vogayes' in Q & A. Not sure what happened there!
  14. hf_uk


    Has anyone been on a Kerry voyage yet? I just wondered what the opinion was, or if there are any post-BF takeover pics!
  15. Is it a "s3cret" ? The device taking the strain is good in terms of form filling and logins etc. It does raise the need for two-factor authentication more, which is coming in many places whether you like it or not. Somehow I feel that would not go down well with BF customers (yet)! :-)
  16. I won't start the debate on levels of entropy in "three random words" then Jim. * https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/7/16107966/password-tips-bill-burr-regrets-advice-nits-cybersecurity There are of course counter arguments to this which stack up mathematically also, and of course best not to use three short words; but currently it is still what the NCSC recommend to the public as best-practice advice. *oops, too late ;-)
  17. I find using a special character pretty annoying, but if you cannot use an account with an e-mail address, and associate password which meets the criteria set by the vendor, then you must have serious problems living in the modern world. It's not as if they set a min length of 64 chars or anything!
  18. Interesting from the video, it is even more evident of how ro-paxy she is. The accommodation block is only 50% of the hull. That's why I like Pont Aven still so much. She is 184m long, and you can walk up and down about 180m of it!
  19. Out of the 2, which is a nicer ship to travel on? Has anyone been on both vessels? I imagine that Kerry, despite being older is more comfortable and has larger inside passenger space? The newer Visentini's seem to be more dedicated to Freight...
  20. There are some well cool squirrels around there. Eat out of your hand
  21. Cheers Tony. Doesn't look like anything definitive though..?
  22. Do you have any links I can have a look at please?
  23. I severely doubt it. What happened last time? They let them run the course, even if not used didn't they? I wonder how much the nation has spent on no-deal preps which don't materialise!
  24. I understand your comments completely! Yes, that nicely describes a ship which may cost far closer to 120m, not 200m Euros!
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