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    New Look Revealed

    That's what I meant Jonno yes. The style before last. Ie. not the current one, or the one before that... (predominantly used in the 90s!:) )
  2. If it was in all cabins, there would be no free wi-fi, because it would grind the bandwidth to a halt everywhere. I think its a case of not ruining an already poor service, rather than commercially trying to push the pay option.
  3. Thanks Chris. Yes that's pretty good, you can easily ration 100mb. I didn't realise that was on the website!
  4. Where does the 3.90 come from Chris?
  5. It is a good idea Gareth As well as adding the options of an a la carte meal etc inclusive. Maybe introduce a "Premium package" or something?
  6. Don't forget all the fleet now offers pay WiFi options too now if you need a premium service...
  7. hf_uk

    New Look Revealed

    Shower curtains?!
  8. hf_uk

    New Look Revealed

    That is the style before last. The 90's font... there was at least one in between then and now.
  9. Funny how differently I think. I would have phone out all the time, but would actively ignore any and all phone calls.
  10. I agree, it annoys me when my friends do it at a meal. But you can't get away from the fact that more and more aspects of life will become dependent on having instant access to communications. Imagine most experiences now for Flights, they all offer, even if not require the facility to do everything digitally and present boarding passed, tickets on phones etc. The ability to do that should make things simpler. It doesn't mean that you have to use devices all the time though, but imagine if you did have access when onboard - someone checking Google Maps would be able to spot traffic jams or problems to avoid on their onward travel for example, whereas someone not using it would just run into those problems. I think the important thing is to balance what improves your experience whilst away, rather than making the experience away about using your device for other things you could do at home.
  11. Wont Won't always be the case though. There are many solutions out there being perfected other than dedicated Sat connections (Royal Carribean Quantum style - £20m for connection to 3 vessels). Some hybrid, some dedicated. There are a few companies using basically "big antenna" to push Wi-Fi signals 40 miles across a body of water. BF operations over the channel would be perfect for such a solution one day, with some routes potentially being fully covered, by a land-based signal and others with a short 'handover' period mid-channel where there would be a gap. Spain would be more difficult, but again not outside the realms of possibility that with rapidly improving techniques they could position stations down the coast of France to reach out to cover the route path, and handover along the way. It's quite an exciting for datacomms, using some fairly rudimentary methods to extend range.
  12. The people who run that site must have no soul :O
  13. If they just drop them out in Millbay or Union Street, instead of letting them try to get out of the city and head towards PL3 & the expressway, then they would soon return, mistakenly thinking they had been put on some kind of 'sea poverty safari"
  14. One of the most pointless proposals I've seen in a while. The cost vs. amount of traffic that would use that for a combined population of under a quarter of a million?!
  15. Well at least they ain't feckin triangular, so we will hope not
  16. Come on - Chocolate mouse - please.
  17. Drunks are bad, but what I hate is the junkies and zombies who actively make everyone elses businesses their own, and have no respect for people or property. There seem to be more and more of these around Plymouth, especially the port area surrounding the bottom of town. They are frequently labelled as homeless by the media, but are not in your traditional sense that they have a place to go, but choose to get wasted around the streets all day long. Again, very sad!
  18. Sounds like it is getting more like Plymouth Khaines! Sad.
  19. Surely the proposal is mostly limited by the cost of fuel and the extra travel time. I moan about the extra bit up the channel just to Pompey! If there was scope for a route of this length, then surely (again as has been discussed here before), the option of a UK - Lisbon route for BF would be an extremely attractive option? BF Could really open up to the Algarve market then and offer a more realistic alternative to flying.
  20. T This is iOS 12.1 on an iPhone XS Max at the moment Gareth - so must be an very recent update. Probably 12.4 - I noticed that had a few big issues and manage to bork some keyboard input characters again like a previous update did in the 9.x's.
  21. So they are both knackered then?!
  22. Flying Armorique again?!
  23. The moment someone spots a shower curtain with the new logo, I want to know about it. We know they have made then:)
  24. I wonder if Pierre will survive the re-branding! :o:o:o
  25. It does seem incredible that there is no backup. Torpoint is bad enough, but at least there are a few spare!
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