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  1. A license is only required to watch LIVE (broadcast) TV. Even terrestrial catch-up does not require a license. (technically).
  2. Do they not share bathrooms (ajoining between the cabins) like some of the crew quarters do? From what I remember this was a stumbling block from the taking passengers straight away before?
  3. What is the likelihood do you reckon, that the France quarantine period will end before November 1st, allowing an 'isolation free' return from a daytrip to Roscoff on the Pont? Slim, or none?
  4. That's a shock. From the static stock image used on the members login area of their website for the past 18 months I was expecting a leap into service shortly
  5. They seem to have a new website, and have gone a bit mini-cruise mad. I am sure this is just a create way of marketing the existing offering; however: Themed Mini Cruises Amsterdam Mini Cruise Holland Motorist Mini Cruise Belgium Motorist Mini Cruise Bruges Mini Cruise Rotterdam Mini Cruise Ghent Mini Cruise The Hague Mini Cruise Ostend Mini Cruise Ypres Mini Cruise Anyone fancy a mini-cruise?!
  6. How much cash do BF have to play with at the moment though in order to do ANY work to Cotentin to make her 'Poole passenger' ready!?
  7. Presumably - if you buy a ton of wine onboard, does that count as part of the duty free allowance??
  8. hf_uk

    Drakes Island

    On my list of things to do!
  9. Ex King of Scandinavia at the top! Ah yes memories indeed... I used to watch her ploughing up and down the Oslo fjord on many a moon back in the early 90's!
  10. Why doesn't Stena stump up a bit of cash and take honfluer... Then with the some creative financing put most of bfs honfluer stake into the flexers charter account, and give bf back cotentin for Poole. Bf would then have some readies to look for a suitable short term charter vessel to replace nornandie and could then spend the few mill from barfys sale to put an accommodation shed on her as previously discussed.
  11. Bilbao is primarily a freight port really. I don't think its required to slot galacia in there too at the moment. It has quite a lot of berth traffic from the 'lesser' bf ships still too. No double level span still either. All the galacia punters will be coming over with their inclusive food etc. In my opinion what makes sense is leave galacia for pompey to santander. Allowing Pont to serve plymouth in a very attractive offering of approaching half the time of some of the 2 night sailings for families etc. Maybe bilbao for one of the next flexers when they arrive... but to establish a solid sc
  12. Indeed... a Roscoff - Rosslare - Plymouth winter triangular rotation would be interesting.... providing a direct IE > SW UK link for the first (?) time. Perhaps a post brexit spinner!
  13. Millbay berth is only advertised as 200m by ABP. But then again, Plymouth is also advertised as a rich historic venue, as opposed to a dump
  14. S Shame really. Bet BF wish in the current climate more ships were Plymouth-friendly. They could run them shorter and slower and save a lot on fuel for some routes, especially freight-heavy ones which are not really too bothered about departure location.
  15. Sounds highly dubious. CF sticks out well past the mono-pole. And Gal is +16m on her (+31m on PA).
  16. Yes, they always do this for strong winds. Zip straight out. They practise it once a week usually too. Tonight back to normal tho, calm as anything bow in. Well, calm is actually the absolute ABNORMAL for Plymouth, but that's another story!
  17. Don't forget Rosslare - Cherbourg is starting next year though, (hopefully)
  18. Armorique took a battering coming in tonight! 2 tugs and the pilot in a 25 minute struggle! Tugs dancing around like mosquitoes trying to keep her from flying across to the adjacent dolphins! I would have posted in the other board but I don't have any footage... although I bet some will emerge. I bet the passengers onboard wish they had given up and gone back 😉
  19. She definitely looks better from the stern side-on view, than the bow side-on shot. Something about the stripe on front is out of proportion, makes her look a bit bottle-nosed I think!
  20. Some weeks they have nothing but nonsense news about BF, others a series of well-prepared articles. I don't pay much attention to be honest...
  21. Not sure if this is the correct place for this... but quite a lot of South-West focused news/interest in BF activity today. Local news was live from Plymouth port, and the local rag is even keeping fairly up to date and accurate! https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-latest-tensions-brewing-4438250 https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-laying-up-ships-4436907 https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/history-brittany-ferries-armorique-bretagne-4438997
  22. But as you said, realisitcally, I would imagine a standard off-peak Spain sailing would have maybe 1200 or 1300 on, so not too far off.
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