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  1. Presumably, if she was using just one prop (prop, not engine), then there would have to be a degree of steer compensation by the rudders? Or would they both remain in unison? Also, having seem like others, what appears to be heavily one-sided wash before... would that not also create a vast amount of drag if it were just lose in the water whilst the other one goes at full pelt?this Incidentally, Honfleur is almost identical size to PA in terms of GRT, Length and Width, but has 1 main prop, not 2. There must be a really good reason for this?
  2. The logo + re-branding of things seems to be being done in phases. I presume seeing this is a 3rd party service from the URL, it must be lower down the list. PA has been screwed for a while on there during her troubles. And 1896 knots? Well I did say ARM was faster than PA and CF 😉 Ohh - she seems to have learnt to fly too.... either that, or she is on the back of a well-big low loader!:) Maybe it's a joint venture with Airbus... something to do with all those spare A380 wings which be laying around!
  3. hf_uk


    I know, some people do that on porpoise...
  4. I would be interested in Jonno's comment to point 3... (I did always wonder why a 737 on one engine doesn't go round in circles)!
  5. Is that the vessel / route this second Irish newbuild be replacing do you know Chris? I presume I.F are out of Roscoff for good now though?
  6. Is that the vessel / route this second Irish newbuild be replacing do you know Chris? I presume I.F are out of Roscoff for good now though?
  7. Am I being a little slow in not getting this?!
  8. And people using mobiles Gareth... the general site I find FAR better on a mobile than before (not just booking, but all of it).
  9. I'd love to see the stern door drop and the ribs zip up onboard bond-style;-) That's how I roll.
  10. I believe the cost to push PA from 24/25 to 27 is higher though than that of getting CF to 25.
  11. Lets hope the other rudder servo doesn't go. Dread to think, 'we did a really good job fixing number 1.... but". 😮
  12. In terms of speed I would say. Top speed CF 28 knots, PA 27 knots. However, just to mix things up, as has been said before on here, Armorique allegedly achieved near 29 knots during trials. Not bad for 2 engines, even if they are mahoosive ;-) ;-) (kind of a shame that she pootles over to Roscoff at an average of about half that on most evening sailings:) Sorry, back to Bretagne anyway....
  13. I would say from the title of the thread - no she is definitely not forgotten. People on here never stop going on about her! I can imagine when she finally leaves the fleet for warmer climates (unlikely DFDS will still show any interest at 30+ years old), that people both on here and within BF will shed many a tear! For me, like Gareth says, Bretagne has aged better than Normandie yes - but you could argue that Normandie just being a bus service, and carrying much more freight and school groups gets much more 'wear and tear'. Bretagne is certainly unsuitable for Spain now, but always a welcome Wintertime cover for Plymouth-Roscoff. St Malo regulars will no doubt appreciate a bit more luxury when she shifts, but her restaurant and large number of cabins still make her pretty popular and versatile.
  14. Even better How long has she been there? They could have put some coal in her and sent Plymouth bound!
  15. Looks like a good backup for the Pont. Get on it BF - have a word with the owner, see if you can get a good price for next time this happens, eh? 😉
  16. Any idea what the vessel next to her is doing? Scheduled visit, or something else?
  17. On busy sailings. Armorique in November and you're fine 😉
  18. Excellent. Will you be visiting Chris for some Fine Whines?
  19. E-by gum, those Flexers get everywhere!
  20. Tolroy - in my experience they may well sometimes stagger news like this, and as you are travelling in several months, you may have been on the list to be told but not heard yet. I think with Brexit changes to sailng times, and the other technical disruption this year, BF have been very busy changing people around (certainly seemed that way when on the phone to me), so they have done it in stages. My Pont Aven trip was cancelled, but I heard in advance. Not sure why Khaines in the next post wouldn't have heard at this late stage though!
  21. You could contact customer services at BF and ask directly - maybe on Twitter. They probably have a good idea of what is happening even if they haven't told everyone in bulk due to all the uncertainty.
  22. I think the confusion has arisen because one issue was compounded by another. My sailing was disrupted, but as has been mentioned above, I think they are staggering getting in contact with people. From what I understood, it would Plymouth after June 14th too due to the engine running slower.
  23. If they had one spare - quite conceivably!
  24. Once Pont Aven is back of course, she will have to prove that she can maintain the 'new' season schedule to Plymouth instead of Portsmouth. I believe she only made one rotation before the rudder problem,so I imagine they will be keen to get a week or two under their belt to see if it is workable on 3 engines...
  25. Orangina Light is definitely out the question Ed. Just try asking in the bar;-)
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