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  1. I have some interesting bits and pieces. Do people just eBay this kinda stuff, or are there collector auctions/fairs which are better?
  2. hf_uk


    LOL. Maybe, but only one light one, with their own parachute just in case:)
  3. Love that route:) Is that the ship which eventually ended up serving the Faro islands for Scandinavian Seaways?
  4. 1974 - 2005. "The Golden Years" I somehow don't think the sequel 2005-XXXX will have the same magic. But I may be wrong. At the moment, let's just hope the next one end up being the 2020-XXXX "The dismantling years".
  5. hf_uk


    I can see a future in this technology. "where's my drugs.com" 😮
  6. Nicer, simpler times... in so many ways!
  7. Her "economie plus" cabins are very nice indeed.
  8. My dads empty wine cupboard is very compelling 😉
  9. Let's hope so anyway Chris... for a plethora of reasons
  10. Strange really - in the space of a single sentence from the likes of unintentional wordsmiths at number 10, the whole of the 2020 season has gone from being potentially a great opportune and even saviour of the likes of Brittany Ferries, to perhaps a defining disaster. Very sad.
  11. Perhaps at the moment updates are pending because they are reacting almost daily, like the rest of us. Going forward I can't help thinking that NEX may have a better place in the post-COVID Condor fleet, rather than BF's own directly... and an a much easier option now:)
  12. At least Covid has likely kept her from becoming the Moby Spongebob-Squarepants for a few more years
  13. NEX ain't going anywhere this year. They have hemorrhaged enough money already! I seriously doubt the 3-month odd season ever does anything much more than barely cover her extortionate fuel and winter care bill... and she messes up things when it comes to the staff too. (they can't sleep onboard when serving on her remember). They'd do well to flog her really but I doubt anyone would be interested.
  14. By the time she leave the fleet, that poster itself will be a real antique
  15. hf_uk


    Did anyone see the 100kg payload drone on the news this morning which has been used to deliver PPE kit to the IOW? How long I wonder, before devices similar to that start emerging with extended range to drop contraband across boarders, especially for places like UK <> Channel Islands <> France!
  16. If BF start running from France though, what's to stop people just driving up from Spain? Surely almost impossible to trace?
  17. They will have to commission one at some point. But I suspect the overwhelming public love of Bretagne will work in their favour medium term. If they can afford to keep her running for another 5 years, then potentially order in 2023 (when finances are hopefully better) for service in 2025!?
  18. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/news/scotland/1100-jobs-set-to-be-lost-at-po-ferries/
  19. Reminds me of the mini cruise days. Where you goin? Cork! (via France) 😮 Never to detract from those memories though, of sitting on the top deck with a golden Roscoff sunset on Pont Aven, ready to grab a few before bed and wake up to the lovely painted houses down the river before exploring Ireland next lunchtime. Ah those were the days! (I almost fell asleep up there for the night in one of those white deckchairs on a few occasions)
  20. 3 return trips a week from Plymouth to Cork?!
  21. Can you name any shining examples in the travel industry to follow at the moment? It's better than a completely negative message that I think people are sick of at the moment... (don't forget France's borders are currently closed)
  22. hf_uk

    2019 Results

    Are you sure that the Salamanca keel was only started last month Tony? I am sure I read it was before that...
  23. Interesting. I wonder if you could change back to Caen for the return if needed. All up in the air at the moment still. I guess isn't it. Well - good luck!
  24. Personally I think Caen and Spain routes have the best chance of running, out of anything...
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