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  1. We bunkered her last week and she was pretty full from what I saw, plenty of lorries coming off.
  2. Liberation out on trials this morning.
  3. No 5 Berth in Portsmouth, the Commodore Berth, is ill suited to the Pelican, single screw and thruster with stern ramp. There is no room to work a tug either so she would struggle in any weather. I am not convinced that the Goodwill would cope well with the Bay either.
  4. The age of Covid has made unaccompanied freight very attractive.
  5. She took out the South Cardinal Pile just off Bristol, that would have scuffed her bilge keel a bit, not much water inside it.
  6. It seems the Bristol got a bit of a clout MOD Tug Skipper The length of cable deployed keeps the anchor horizontal so the flukes dig in, wedging between rocks is always to be avoided.
  7. Merry Christmas, I hope we can look forward to a better year.
  8. I'm sure the Skipper knows the Skaw..........
  9. The MCA removed all UK manning requirements from UK flagged ships years ago at the behest of the Tory government. The only ships requiring a UK Master, the only rank stipulated, are strategic ships, Product Tankers, RoRos, Class 1 Passenger and fishing boats >24m. I wonder if the EU will be removed from the list of approved nationalities on Jan 2nd? Recently the MCA increased the fees for revalidation of Certificates and medicals, the only price reduction was for CECs, the buy one get one free method whereby foreign officers are given a UK equivalent cert. I applaud the French unions for ensuring French Seamen are employed on French ships flying the French flag and paying French tax. This country wants only the cheapest ships, seamen and services. Short termism at its most extreme. Even if such a rule was brought in the MCA would simply grant exemptions to any company who said that British Seamen were unavailable, a situation they have created.
  10. A ship in actual dry dock, ie out of the water, will generally run on shore power. Cooling water can be provided by pipeline if required. Ships just laid up in a wet dock, alongside anywhere, can also run on shore power or on one of its own generators.
  11. A bit late for the media in this country to start worrying about jobs for British Seamen!
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