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  1. Kinel! If the Barfleur and Pelican have trouble in Poole with strong winds god knows what the Bore Bay will do! Is this permanent?
  2. I would say 8 minimum, 9 if there is a cook.
  3. Maybe better to make her properly sea worthy before a long voyage.
  4. The Clipper is running from Poole all week with the Arrow taking up the slack in Pompey.
  5. Those smoke floats are impossible to extinguish and stain anything they touch orange.
  6. Apart from calling the ferry on the VHF the container ship could not really do much. At 17 knots there would not have been time to start the engine or heave the anchor. What if it had been a drifting not under command ship? Pretty poor to criticise the anchored ship.
  7. The link above has been updated. Link
  8. It turns out the Skipper was on watch as sole watch keeper and at the time was engaged in personal phone calls away from the windows and radars. amazingly the container ship was also censured for anchoring on a ferry route. "However, all mariners will know that a turn to port is the incorrect action in any collision avoidance measure involving powered vessels." A sweeping and incorrect statement. when overtaking, even in fog, altering to port is allowed.
  9. The Mont is coming in very slowly this evening, a tug standing by for her arrival too. ETA 2300.
  10. Armorique coming to Portsmouth, due back again tomorrow afternoon.
  11. The stand on vessel in a crossing situation is the vessel with the other one on it's port side. The warship, if this was a crossing situation, was the give way vessel. The VLCC was loaded, doing 8 knots with an escort tug alongside, the Tenax used to be a Fawley tug, looking out of the windows should have been sufficient.
  12. The Breakwater is submerged at high spring tide and Southerly gales do cause a swell in the sound and in Millbay.
  13. I don't see why they would not, not many alternatives.
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