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  1. Not sure, but some Infos I have tells that barfleur will restart in September. For summer, it would be connemara on cherbourg and le Havre / portsmouth... Not 100% sure...
  2. Bretagne yesterday at Cherbourg :
  3. tecnosam6 : i can't see any crossing beetween 22 of april and the end of the month here ......
  4. Hello ! I found this picture of the barfleur on the site of bf (source = https://www.brittany-ferries.fr/navires/ferries-croisiere/barfleur )
  5. Connemara yesterday at Cherbourg .... during Barfy refit. (I think she need a refit too )
  6. I think it will be a light conversion for Poole-Cherbourg route (no need large passengers accomodation) and a light budget..... something from that : To that :
  7. Ho..... So sorry. I need to learn English more.. 😉I'm sorry....
  8. So sorry...... But why à rumor? It's a Jean Marc roue announcement on press.....
  9. A news from Bai : the Cotentin will replace definitely the barfleur in 2021. They will extend her passengers capacity. Ps : sorry for my bad English https://actu.fr/normandie/cherbourg-en-cotentin_50129/trafic-transmanche-cotentin-revient-cherbourg-va-remplacer-barfleur_28564368.html
  10. The Honfleur will not be delivered before spring https://actu.fr/normandie/ouistreham_14488/transmanche-caen-portsmouth-honfleur-brittany-ferries-ne-sera-pas-pret-avant-printemps-2020_25519631.html
  11. Lol ! Are you talking about Olivier Raimbeaux ?
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