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  1. The photo was supposed to show the whole of the name Connemara and the bow of the ferry about to pass the chain ferry,through the view finder it looked great did not notice the paint work until i uploaded to the computer.So sorry about that.
  2. Astoria this morning using South Quay.First visit
  3. Daisy along side South Quay,is this the largest cargo ship to visit Poole.Not too sure about the name.
  4. South Quay.Corinthian and Pelican.
  5. Corinthian docks on South Quay the first of the cruise ships booked for the 2018 season.
  6. A couple of great photos,were you on the pilot boat?
  7. Tramper arrives in Poole and is using South Quay
  8. Think this was the first ship to use South Quay,although it didnt need to use any equipment.This was on the 26-02-18 EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA.
  9. Forseti on the 16th of April off loading on South Quay.
  10. Great set of photos Mike.Still some work to finish off though.l
  11. May be that the pile of what looks like sand is delaying the South Quay.Photo taken from the car park at Baiter.
  12. At P.H.B.open evening it was stated that South Quay would open in February.
  13. South Quay today PM from Baiter.
  14. Work should start today on Poole south quay.
  15. Could all this talk about the demise of Cherbourg,end up with B.F.dropping the route altogether.
  16. Almost certain no work being carried out on that side,the tug came in with the Stena Horizon then took over from the smaller craft.At the time it was not easy to stand upright against the wind.
  17. And another one,a bumpy crossing on the Armorique docking with the aid of a tug.
  18. Barfleur being held on station yesterday by 3 vessels in very windy Cherbourg.
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