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  1. What about the water in the iced water machine on the Mont - although this was out of action last week?
  2. I hope she can encourage BF to introduce the provision of 'tap' water on all vessels instead of forcing passengers to buy plastic bottles. I used the bamboo cutlery the other day on the Normandie and it was great.
  3. Yes it is great to see her looking so good and still working. Yes I have lots of happy memories of trips on her too. I noticed when I was in Ouistreham tourist office the other day -which has also had a refurb - they had some lovely postcards which were of a painting of her in the port by Jean Marc Mouchel,
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All. 🎅
  5. also piracy relates to the high seas and they were in British territorial waters I think when the incident occured.
  6. I was surprised by that, surely they should be charged with piracy?
  7. I was at Ouistreham a few weeks ago in the afternoon on my way back to the UK and a large group were on the beach and then they walked back to the port when the ship came in. This is the first time I have seen them on the beach in such large numbers and I did feel nervous walking back to the ferry along the path at the same time.
  8. Another factor to consider here is the suitability of the Etretat for dogs in cars. There were no pet-free cabins available on the Etretat and it was 25 degrees on deck 3 at 5pm last night. It was necessary to leave all windows and tailgate open but a visit mid crossing showed it had only dropped to 23 and dog was still panting so was a real worry . Of course by time aware of this too late too leave ship but would recommend avoiding leaving dogs in cars on this ship.
  9. I thought it was 120 hours before arrival in the UK according to BF advice. Happily our dog is now going to leave from le Havre today so should be within the limt.
  10. yes my other half is booked on it with out dog and i am worried now about getting them home within the time frame of the tapeworm treatment - dog owners will know what i am talking about,
  11. They've just cancelled the Monts 1400 sailing.
  12. This is the link to BBC report https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-45257005/migrant-crisis-i-climb-into-lorries-three-times-a-day
  13. I have been travelling through Ouistreham regulaly over past few years and have noticed an increase in the numbers congregating on the edge of town in the last few months. I noticed last week that some of the areas where they gather have now been fenced off but they are still there on the perimeter. As has been said, lorries rather than cars are more at risk but I find large groups of men on the streets (there are no women or children) intimidating, wherever they are from. I did not see them on the beach but I know the locals are worried about the impact on tourism. I live not far from Portsmouth and in the past local teenagers have often gone over for day trips but are avoiding it now as they are worried now about being in the town in the evening. If there is a perceived problem it will affect tourism regardless of whether the tourists are actually safe or not, which is a shame, as Ouistreham is such aa lovely town which is well worth a stop en route to other areas of France. https://actu.fr/normandie/ouistreham_14488/migrants-ouistreham-ville-serait-boudee-par-touristes-commerces-se-disent-menaces_16777526.html
  14. and they often have child friendly exhibitions upstairs, next to the costa coffee plus great views of the ships .
  15. Great , thanks for the deckplan. I do remember the cafe and restaurant being on one level, but couldn't recall how lower decks were configured. I agree at the time she was a great advance on what went before.
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