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  1. Yes I agree the cost of the testing is now prohibitive plus the additional stress if the result does not arrive in time - as happened in the case of a contributer recently - and risk of a false positive delaying return...it does not make for a relaxing or affordable holiday. It also begs the question of why bother with the vaccination programme if it is not sufficient. The testing industry is no doubt highly profitable but I found this comment below on a local PCR test site, which suggests that the vaccination is or should be more persuasive. I hoped the vaccine progamme would help the trave
  2. I was told by my vet that lots of vets don't want to do them now because it is such a headache. I've also seen prices of over £100 being advertised online. That is of course without the costs of vaccination, pet fares etc, and treatments before return so sadly it seems the days of taking our pets on holidays with us are over unless we are quite wealthy. 😢
  3. I receive the same form every year and always tick the first box 'aucune de...' as I have no tv on the property of any kind, the lovely French sunset offers me sufficient entertaintment. Otherwise I will be charged a hefty supplement for tv use . I always keep copies of the letter I send back and certificate of posting as a few years ago they charged me anyway and it took me several months and letters before they accepted that I had returned the form to that effect.
  4. or maybe like the rest of us she was desperate for a change of scene.🙂
  5. Yes I also have lots of good memories of travelling on the Duc. I recall spending lots of time on the outdoor deck as well as in the restaurant. Sad to see her go especially as she looked quite good in her later life and I think she could have gone on a bit longer if covid had not intervened. Expect we will see lots more ships being scrapped prematurely now. Definitely the end of an era. 😒
  6. Merry Christmas to all and let's hope we will soon be able to travel again.
  7. The problem for pet owners is that the cost of taking a pet to France has increased as vets will obviously charge for the consultation, where I live it's about £40 or £50 consultation fee and extra for completing forms, plus doing the rabies antibody test adds to the cost and they already need a consultation in France before they return. So it means it is only worth taking a pet if you are staying a long time - you also need to add in cost of adding pet to ticket too. Also it does mean spontaneous visits with pet in tow are no longer possible and there may be cases of family emergencies etc
  8. I understand that but they could be offered as last minute offers with limited availability so when it is clear the space is unsold, it would be better to fill it just as airlines used to offer standby flights.
  9. It is a shame that there are no 24 hour offers which if for cars only and not footies would not impose additional costs and presumably the onboard spend would be welcomed. I would be willing to do quarantine after a 24 hour visit if it meant I could stock up with French goodies and deal with any matters I needed to attend in France and we always spend a lot on board. Now we are out of season the 24 hour trippers would not be taking cabins away from holidaymakers.
  10. I note that they are saying they will not accept footies either for some time, which is a shame. We're sorry but we can only accept bookings for foot passengers for travel from 23rd March 2021.
  11. Also with FCO advising against nonessential travel to France and all the insurance implications, a French trip looks increasingly dfficult regardless of quarantine rules or availability of crossings. My Club voyage membership is due for renewal on Monday but doubt if I will be able to use it for some time.
  12. Yes I had the same problem the week before last. I received a text the morning of the crossing to say that it had been put back to 3 30 but had to check in at original time. We asked at check in whether the 90 minutes was 90 mins before 2.45 or 3.30 but was told it was 90 minutes before 2.45. We then spent ages in the queue in boiling heat and did not board till 3 so we were pretty fed up. The cafe in the terminal was closed so we just had to stand by the car for a long time. Coming back on Wednesday though on 2pm crosssing from Caen was great, I was late checking in about 1 and went stra
  13. One thing that has changed is the extended check in time, plus on Caen route last week ships were leaving later than expected so the time in the queue in the hot sun was very long and uncomfortable. I was glad I had not taken a dog with us as it would have been very dangerous in that heat.
  14. This is the reference for the October deadline . I would of course be delighted if it was lifted earlier as I am suffering from cabin fever and can't wait to get to France again. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/death-of-schengen-france-introduces-seven-month-long-border-controls-amid-coronavirus/
  15. Also Macron has said he wants the borders closed until the end of October, so if non-French nationals can't enter France will this affect date of resumption of service?😤
  16. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
  17. What about the water in the iced water machine on the Mont - although this was out of action last week?
  18. I hope she can encourage BF to introduce the provision of 'tap' water on all vessels instead of forcing passengers to buy plastic bottles. I used the bamboo cutlery the other day on the Normandie and it was great.
  19. Yes it is great to see her looking so good and still working. Yes I have lots of happy memories of trips on her too. I noticed when I was in Ouistreham tourist office the other day -which has also had a refurb - they had some lovely postcards which were of a painting of her in the port by Jean Marc Mouchel,
  20. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All. 🎅
  21. I was at Ouistreham a few weeks ago in the afternoon on my way back to the UK and a large group were on the beach and then they walked back to the port when the ship came in. This is the first time I have seen them on the beach in such large numbers and I did feel nervous walking back to the ferry along the path at the same time.
  22. Another factor to consider here is the suitability of the Etretat for dogs in cars. There were no pet-free cabins available on the Etretat and it was 25 degrees on deck 3 at 5pm last night. It was necessary to leave all windows and tailgate open but a visit mid crossing showed it had only dropped to 23 and dog was still panting so was a real worry . Of course by time aware of this too late too leave ship but would recommend avoiding leaving dogs in cars on this ship.
  23. I thought it was 120 hours before arrival in the UK according to BF advice. Happily our dog is now going to leave from le Havre today so should be within the limt.
  24. yes my other half is booked on it with out dog and i am worried now about getting them home within the time frame of the tapeworm treatment - dog owners will know what i am talking about,
  25. They've just cancelled the Monts 1400 sailing.
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