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  1. shar^k

    Short Break

    Definitely putting Fort La Latte on the list!
  2. shar^k

    Short Break

    Myself and Mrs. Shar^k have booked a short break to France in September. Out of Cork on the Pont on the 14 returning to Cork on the 17 on the Connemara. Main purpose is she would like to visit Mont Saint Michel again. So we are saying there the first night and Roscoff for the second night. Is there any other place worth visiting between Roscoff and Mont Saint Michel?
  3. Enjoy your trip Geezer
  4. Great comparison, I always enjoyed traveling to France on the OW. Always found her to be a very pleasant trip, interesting to hear that some of the crew miss her. Also interesting that they could end up back in Rosslare!
  5. Crew were in good form. No problems on that front. That being said it was a much quieter sailing then I imagine was originally booked so it probably wasn’t the hardest shift they will put in this year. It was probably only half full I reckon. The same sailing last year was almost full. It would seem a lot of people were not taking the chance that she would be back and arranged alternatives. I did notice a number of the crew deep in conversation like they hadn’t been talking for a while. And some other crew were being trained and shown muster stations during the crossing, new starts I presume.
  6. Well the Pont got us home safe and sound, and on time! Couple of things I noticed, 1. She is starting to look a little shabby in places, we had a Commodore class cabin on the return leg and it certainly wasn’t a clean as it could have been(shower was particularly grimy) Other areas on board look a little worn out. 2. Round bread rolls! 3. Looking off the back of the ship there is certainly more wash from one side of the ship. Is it possible that given one side of the ship is producing more power a small bit of rudder on the opposite side is necessary in order to maintain a straight course? Could this have caused the rudder issue? 4. Docking into Ringaskiddy was watched very carefully at the rear by the cork pilot(see pic). This is something I have never seen before and it took a few minutes back and forward before she was properly lined up. 5. All things considered it was an enjoyable trip, and two new ferries travelled on!
  7. Looking forward to my free drink!😉😉
  8. Yep. I upgraded the cabin to Commodore yesterday.
  9. We will be there waiting for her!!
  10. shar^k


    Other then the balcony, is there a difference between a Commodore cabin and a Deluxe cabin on the Pont Aven?
  11. Brittany Ferries organized a landbridge route for us. We were put on the Irish Ferries sailing from Rosslare to Pembroke at 08:45 Saturday morning and then Brittany Ferries sailing from Plymouth to Roscoff at 10pm Saturday night. We arrived in France at 8am Sunday, which was only an hour later then we originally should have. However in order to get to Rosslare on time we had to leave Cork at 4am which made the whole trip an extra 12 hours long. I will say though I enjoyed the trip, when I was younger we always went to France via the landbridge option as my mother did not enjoy long ferry trips. It was also nice to sail on the Armorique having seen it in Cork just a couple of weeks ago. I just hope we get to take the direct route home!!
  12. As someone sitting in France after a much longer then normal trip to get here, who is due to return home on that sailing, I very much hope they do!!😂😂
  13. As we are no longer traveling direct from Cork to France our new route has us visiting Plymouth for the first time. The journey from Pembroke to Plymouth has our arrival in Plymouth at about 6pm for a 10pm sailing. I would appreciate if somebody could answer a few questions. 1. Can I park at the Ferry Terminal(standard car with roof box).? 2. If I can, is there a family friendly restaurant within walking distance for dinner? 3. If I can’t any recommendations? 4. Does any anyone know what time loading would usually start? Have a Liverpool FC mad boy who is worried he won’t get to see the match! Thanks in advance
  14. We have been re-routed Rosslare-Pembroke and Plymouth-Roscoff this Saturday instead of Cork-Roscoff. Our ticket still has the return leg as Roscoff-Cork on the Pont Aven June 14. I wonder if that will stay the same!
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