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  1. shar^k

    Golf in Brittany

    @BobtheBunker have you played the links in Granville. Is it worth 75€
  2. shar^k

    Golf in Brittany

    Your in luck, we are playing Des Ormes on the Sunday we arrive, we were going to play St Malo on the Monday but that’s proving a bit pricy! So we are looking at maybe playing the Links course in Granville on the Monday. And we are booked to play Val André on the Tuesday morning on the way back to Roscoff. Interesting that Val André require a handicap certificate, not an issue as all three of us have one, but have never come across that before. One thing I’ve learned in planning this trip is that green-fees in France are not cheap! Even very average courses are pricy.
  3. shar^k

    Golf in Brittany

    We have settled on the following three, 1. Domaine des Ormes 2. St Malo 3. Pléneuf Val André Heading over in May with two friends (also heading to des Ormes for Easter with the family so might sneak a game!) so looking forward to it.
  4. shar^k

    Golf in Brittany

    Stayed in Des Ormes last year with my wife so never made it onto the golf course. Is it any good?
  5. shar^k

    Golf in Brittany

    I have this on on the list. Also golf des ormes. Just need one more
  6. shar^k

    Golf in Brittany

    Planning a golf trip in June. Any golfers have any recommendations for courses in northern Brittany.
  7. Seems a better layout then Connemara. If I remember correctly the self service on Kerry is the bar on Connemara. The bar on Kerry is the sleeping lounge on Connemara.
  8. I’ve wondered about this chain for years, finally tried the one in Morlaix this year. Won’t be going back! Absolutely awful burger and chips!! Avranches is a great place to stop though, very close to Mont St Michel aswell which is well worth a visit.
  9. I have very vague memories of these ferries, I am told I was on this crossing but I don’t remember it at all!
  10. Looking through old family holiday photos with my parents and came across this. Thought I might share!
  11. Agreed. Not a huge difference between the Pont Aven and Connemara price wise from Cork to France. However it does give us additional sailings during the week as opposed to just the one on a Saturday.
  12. 😂😂Apologies for the profanity!
  13. I take issue with this, you pay quite a lot for the cabin. The least you can expect is to have the pleasure of it for the crossing. If they need to start cleaning it that early, well then as stated that’s a manpower issue. We paid €410 for our Commodore cabin coming home from France this year. We were getting asked to vacate it 40 mins before docking. Thats taking the perfume as far as I’m concerned.
  14. I should probably add that we did complain onboard and initially they offered to change out the bedding. As they were in the process of doing this more staining was found under the bedding on the duvets underneath. At this point we asked to be moved a different cabin, which was done for us eventually. I suppose my frustrations are two-fold, I have used BF for years and never had problems like I’ve had this year, it is my belief that standards are slipping and corners are being cut. Secondly, the response to my complaint was quite generic, in which I was told a refund of the cost of the cabin would be made to my card, and to date this has not been done despite stating it would be done in 3-4 days. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy!!
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