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  1. Insurance is one of those things you think you don’t need, until the day comes that you do....
  2. Departure this afternoon from a “social distance”😉
  3. We went around to Ringaskiddy on Saturday to see her off. It was incredible to how empty she looked. In a normal year first sailing in July would be sold out. We saw practically nobody out on deck as she departed. 10 minutes early departing, highly unusual for her to leave early in July!
  4. Another small bit of normality returns!
  5. We were due to holiday in Brittany for Easter. We had booked our accommodation with Eurocamp. Without having to contact them we were contacted by email to say they were canceling the booking due to the current health crisis. They offered a voucher for 120% of our booking valid until December 2021 or a full refund. We opted for the refund and it was lodged back to our account within 2 days. Contrast this with the two Ferry companies were using for the trip. Our outbound sailing is still running with Irish Ferries for essential travel and as such will they only offer a voucher if we cancel
  6. For me this is just another example in a long list of poor customer service over the last couple of years. 1. Last year when they had problems with the Pont, they left it up to Irish customers to chase them for solutions. 2. Changing my sailings from Cork to Rosslare just two days after taking a booking knowing full well the sailing wasn't going to run as sold. 3. I have two return trips booked with BF this year. One in April and one in May , Both are paid in full at this stage. Who knows the hoops I am going to have to jump through to get my money refunded.
  7. It’s the inbound that has been switched. We have all accommodation and golf paid for so canceling is not an option. Also arriving into Rosslare now means a two two and a half hour drive home instead of a 5 minute drive. Our original arrival time of 8am into cork meant I would have made it into work. Now I need to take an extra day off. These are the knock on effects of the decision. We made the decision to take this trip based on the fact that we could depart Cork on the Saturday and arrive back into Cork on the following Wednesday morning. There are no other viable alterna
  8. On a serious note, I genuinely did only book my crossing on Monday. It’s annoying me that they took the booking in the knowledge it was not going to happen.
  9. Books trip on Monday, Rumours on Tuesday, moved to Rosslare on Wednesday. No matter how much I try and avoid using Rosslare I keep winding up back there!!😂😂
  10. On my way into work tonight. Wonder how much longer I’ll get this view!!😜😜
  11. I live five minutes from Ringaskiddy and two hours from Rosslare! So the above statement is correct!😂😂
  12. And I thought last year was just a distant memory!
  13. As someone who has a booking made for Roscoff-Cork on Kerry in May, I’m left wondering whether it will now go ahead into Cork or a different port, or at all? Surely all these rumours are going to make customers think twice about making a booking, which isn’t going to help matters at all.
  14. @BobtheBunker have you played the links in Granville. Is it worth 75€
  15. Your in luck, we are playing Des Ormes on the Sunday we arrive, we were going to play St Malo on the Monday but that’s proving a bit pricy! So we are looking at maybe playing the Links course in Granville on the Monday. And we are booked to play Val André on the Tuesday morning on the way back to Roscoff. Interesting that Val André require a handicap certificate, not an issue as all three of us have one, but have never come across that before. One thing I’ve learned in planning this trip is that green-fees in France are not cheap! Even very average courses are pricy.
  16. We have settled on the following three, 1. Domaine des Ormes 2. St Malo 3. Pléneuf Val André Heading over in May with two friends (also heading to des Ormes for Easter with the family so might sneak a game!) so looking forward to it.
  17. Stayed in Des Ormes last year with my wife so never made it onto the golf course. Is it any good?
  18. I have this on on the list. Also golf des ormes. Just need one more
  19. Planning a golf trip in June. Any golfers have any recommendations for courses in northern Brittany.
  20. Seems a better layout then Connemara. If I remember correctly the self service on Kerry is the bar on Connemara. The bar on Kerry is the sleeping lounge on Connemara.
  21. I have very vague memories of these ferries, I am told I was on this crossing but I don’t remember it at all!
  22. Looking through old family holiday photos with my parents and came across this. Thought I might share!
  23. Agreed. Not a huge difference between the Pont Aven and Connemara price wise from Cork to France. However it does give us additional sailings during the week as opposed to just the one on a Saturday.
  24. 😂😂Apologies for the profanity!
  25. I take issue with this, you pay quite a lot for the cabin. The least you can expect is to have the pleasure of it for the crossing. If they need to start cleaning it that early, well then as stated that’s a manpower issue. We paid €410 for our Commodore cabin coming home from France this year. We were getting asked to vacate it 40 mins before docking. Thats taking the perfume as far as I’m concerned.
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