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  1. I take issue with this, you pay quite a lot for the cabin. The least you can expect is to have the pleasure of it for the crossing. If they need to start cleaning it that early, well then as stated that’s a manpower issue. We paid €410 for our Commodore cabin coming home from France this year. We were getting asked to vacate it 40 mins before docking. Thats taking the perfume as far as I’m concerned.
  2. I should probably add that we did complain onboard and initially they offered to change out the bedding. As they were in the process of doing this more staining was found under the bedding on the duvets underneath. At this point we asked to be moved a different cabin, which was done for us eventually. I suppose my frustrations are two-fold, I have used BF for years and never had problems like I’ve had this year, it is my belief that standards are slipping and corners are being cut. Secondly, the response to my complaint was quite generic, in which I was told a refund o
  3. By way of an update to this, my complaint was to do with “red staining” we found on all the bed clothes on all beds in our cabin. See the pictures added below which will make it clear as to what the staining was. The reply I got to my complaint was quite a generic reply received on the 24 September with which by way of an apology, the cost of the cabin would be refunded within 3-4 days. No mention was made as to how the staining could have been missed. I really don’t think the complaint was taken seriously enough and to date I still have not been refunded. I would be inter
  4. Got the generic reply this morning posted by BZH29!
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, I’ll give it another couple of days. I guess I just thought that given the nature of my complaint I would have at least received an acknowledgment email.
  6. I emailed BF customer service on Wednesday morning with a quite serious complaint regarding our trip home from Roscoff-Cork on Connemara Tuesday night. So far no reply, how long should I wait before emailing again? I won’t post any details here yet before I get a response from them.
  7. This impression is not helped by customers heading into the Brittany Ferries office in cork on Friday morning to query what they could do about their canceled crossing only to find the office closed for “staff training”. It should be noted they did the same during the Pont Avens problems.
  8. We were talking to passengers on the Pont on Saturday who had been “accommodated” (and compensated for the drive down through France) due to Friday’s canceled crossing to Santander, the common assumption was that there was no technical issue just not enough passengers to make the trip worthwhile. I’ve heard of Ryanair canceling flights for this reason, would a ferry company do this??
  9. It’s funny you should say that, my wife suggested that might be the real reason!
  10. Docked in Roscoff this morning on Pont Aven, 30 min delay disembarking due to “problems opening the bow door”. Not the first time she’s had this problem either!
  11. Also why cancel Spanish crossings but not the two French midweek?
  12. Heading out to France today on the Pont,and due to return on the Connemara Tuesday. What are the chances my second trip to France this year has another cancelled crossing!
  13. shar^k

    Hotel Kyriad

    Centre-Plage is the one I have booked.
  14. shar^k

    Hotel Kyriad

    Booked here for September trip. Hope it’s still good!
  15. Glad you enjoyed your trip after all the worrying in the buildup! Always found the Pont to be a bit “uncomfortable” in less then perfect seas!
  16. There is a cafe across the road from the port in Ringakiddy called Perry Street. They do great food I’m sure they would organize a packed lunch for you as well!
  17. shar^k

    Short Break

    Definitely putting Fort La Latte on the list!
  18. shar^k

    Short Break

    Myself and Mrs. Shar^k have booked a short break to France in September. Out of Cork on the Pont on the 14 returning to Cork on the 17 on the Connemara. Main purpose is she would like to visit Mont Saint Michel again. So we are saying there the first night and Roscoff for the second night. Is there any other place worth visiting between Roscoff and Mont Saint Michel?
  19. Great comparison, I always enjoyed traveling to France on the OW. Always found her to be a very pleasant trip, interesting to hear that some of the crew miss her. Also interesting that they could end up back in Rosslare!
  20. Crew were in good form. No problems on that front. That being said it was a much quieter sailing then I imagine was originally booked so it probably wasn’t the hardest shift they will put in this year. It was probably only half full I reckon. The same sailing last year was almost full. It would seem a lot of people were not taking the chance that she would be back and arranged alternatives. I did notice a number of the crew deep in conversation like they hadn’t been talking for a while. And some other crew were being trained and shown muster stations during the crossing, n
  21. Well the Pont got us home safe and sound, and on time! Couple of things I noticed, 1. She is starting to look a little shabby in places, we had a Commodore class cabin on the return leg and it certainly wasn’t a clean as it could have been(shower was particularly grimy) Other areas on board look a little worn out. 2. Round bread rolls! 3. Looking off the back of the ship there is certainly more wash from one side of the ship. Is it possible that given one side of the ship is producing more power a small bit of rudder on the opposite side is necessary in order to maintain
  22. Looking forward to my free drink!😉😉
  23. Yep. I upgraded the cabin to Commodore yesterday.
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