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  1. We will be there waiting for her!!
  2. shar^k


    Other then the balcony, is there a difference between a Commodore cabin and a Deluxe cabin on the Pont Aven?
  3. Brittany Ferries organized a landbridge route for us. We were put on the Irish Ferries sailing from Rosslare to Pembroke at 08:45 Saturday morning and then Brittany Ferries sailing from Plymouth to Roscoff at 10pm Saturday night. We arrived in France at 8am Sunday, which was only an hour later then we originally should have. However in order to get to Rosslare on time we had to leave Cork at 4am which made the whole trip an extra 12 hours long. I will say though I enjoyed the trip, when I was younger we always went to France via the landbridge option as my mother did not
  4. As someone sitting in France after a much longer then normal trip to get here, who is due to return home on that sailing, I very much hope they do!!😂😂
  5. As we are no longer traveling direct from Cork to France our new route has us visiting Plymouth for the first time. The journey from Pembroke to Plymouth has our arrival in Plymouth at about 6pm for a 10pm sailing. I would appreciate if somebody could answer a few questions. 1. Can I park at the Ferry Terminal(standard car with roof box).? 2. If I can, is there a family friendly restaurant within walking distance for dinner? 3. If I can’t any recommendations? 4. Does any anyone know what time loading would usually start? Have a Liverpool FC mad boy who is worried he won’t
  6. We have been re-routed Rosslare-Pembroke and Plymouth-Roscoff this Saturday instead of Cork-Roscoff. Our ticket still has the return leg as Roscoff-Cork on the Pont Aven June 14. I wonder if that will stay the same!
  7. Yeh. Looks like we are going Rosslare to Pembroke on IF and then Portsmouth to St Malo with Bf
  8. BF have confirmed on Twitter that the June 1st sailing from Cork to Roscoff is canceled.
  9. No space left on Friday or Sundays IF sailing.
  10. I received this last night at 10:15pm, ”Because of a technical issue of Pont Aven, the Roscoff-Cork sailing of May 31st and Cork-Roscoff sailing of June 1st are in doubt, but are not at this point cancelled. If you choose to make alternative travel arrangements this weekend, we will honour a refund of your booking. We will have a clear idea early next week, and if the sailing is cancelled, all affected customers will be contacted by SMS and email. We will at that point strive to assist all customers make their onward travel plans.” There is no way to contact the Irish end of Brittany
  11. I just noticed that as well, seems we won’t be going on holiday next Saturday😡😡
  12. Yes that was me on Twitter asking them about the crossing.
  13. What date were you to travel, we are due out on June 1st
  14. Just logged manage my booking to be greeted by this, not good😡😡
  15. There was lots of cabins available on the Irish Ferries crossing from Dublin to Cherbourg on June 2nd when I checked yesterday. Today the website shows none whatsoever, I wonder has someone block booked them all as a contingency plan🤔🤔
  16. It’s the not knowing that’s driving me mad, at the moment BF are saying they hope the 1st June sailing from Cork is due to go ahead as normal when they are clearly unsure. I am on nights in work all next week up to 4am Saturday morning(day of sailing) so I need to know what the plan is. Its not really good enough. Irish BF customers do not have the same range of alternatives as our English counterparts to get to France.
  17. “We’re Hoping” does not exactly inspire confidence!
  18. I got the same reply to an email I sent them. However Port of Corks website is still showing Armorique as the expected vessel this weekend.
  19. I got the same reply to an email I sent them. However Port of Corks website is still showing Armorique as the expected vessel this weekend.
  20. Looks good. Always had a pleasant trip on the Oscar Wilde
  21. This is what I haven’t been able to get an answer to, what happens to the passengers who can’t be accommodated. Do you get a refund and sort yourself out, transferred to a land-bridge option, transferred to IF out of Dublin. Nobody seems to know.
  22. Fingers crossed. Have deluxe cabins booked out and back so I was really looking forward to sailing on the Pont
  23. 1st June! Getting closer. Would love to know what the alternative to the Pont Aven is if the Armorique can’t accommodate the full sailing on the 1st June. I like to be able to plan ahead.
  24. No Pont Aven in Cork this weekend according to Port of Cork website, Armorique is the expected vessel according to their website!
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