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  1. Commodore class to reserved seat! Some drop down....
  2. Here we go again, back to worrying about whether or not we will be sailing on the 1 June🙄🙄Awful feeling I have Landbridge in my future!!
  3. Agreed, still unsure as to what happens if she’s not back in service!
  4. That’s my local! It’s Very nice you’ll be very comfortable. 5 mins to the port.
  5. We have used IF for the last few years because they were quite a bit cheaper(despite the fact I live 5 minutes from Ringaskiddy). Just my luck that we book BF with Deluxe cabins out and back for this years trip, so yes an arm and a leg, and the Pont Aven breaks down!
  6. Not for the money I paid over for the Pont Aven!😄
  7. We are booked Cork/Roscoff on departing June 1st, a sailing that is fully booked. Out of curiosity, given that the Armorique could not take a full Pont Aven load, what would be done? Hopefully just a hypothetical question!
  8. Good to see a bit of variety in Cork!
  9. First trip to France using Brittany Ferries for a few years! Looking forward to it. Hopefully will be on the Pont Aven.
  10. Think I was taking photos at the same spot Des!
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