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  1. article in the news today that a new vessel will enter service in 2014. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/transport/portsmouth-harbour-passengers-to-get-new-gosport-ferry-by-2014-1-3795696
  2. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV thanks for clearing that up. why is there another linkspan and marshalling lanes just to the right of the LD berth (north i think)
  3. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV oh. so what bearth is LD using in LH now? because i think they have double deck linkspans, or were they there originally for other ferries?
  4. Re: The OLAU-twins for SNAV i always thought they were double deck loaders. hwever i cant see where the top deck is.. it looks huge in comparrison to say the Duc or Quib
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