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  1. So she is operational of a sort. Maybe going to a dry dock?
  2. The design of the vessels could be award winning....or the worst design of a simple ro-ro for sheltered waters. Apart from looking huge but only taking 65 cars, the loading is so messy and time consuming. Maybe they need to leave Lymington and find another landing on the mainland and use the 3 vessels. Only been on them twice and they were not nice layout.
  3. Also impressive is Graces bakery All Day Breakfast sandwich at Camber cafe, may be £4 but actually unlike others thus is filled right to back of triangle. Wightlink have a good super there. 😁
  4. A few issues have arisen with the new check in system. Firstly only 1 booth is used. On arrival if there are vehicles checking in as freight you cannot see the writing on the ground that says cars go left. You can only see the left lane that says Drop Off Lane. This means cars follow freight by mistake. Also if an artic checks in they tend to keep as far right as possible so they can swing into lanes 14-16. However, cars checking in are coming from the left and can assume artic is going to exit the terminal as the lane says exit. If the artic driver is unaware of cars to the left and the cars unaware the lorry is not going out but swinging left you end up with what happened the other day...Crunch!. Luckily it was not serious but could have been. There needs to be a big rethink. Perhaps the toilet block should have been knocked down and straighter check in lanes used. It's lack of space again that causes these problems. Crossing over different styles of traffic is always going to carry a risk.
  5. Looks like an own goal! Messes up the deck 9fficers loading forcing him to take the PB first. This does not make for the best fit and so card that ate boomed being left off as space wasted. Coffee vouchers being given out like confetti so gain £10 lose £5/£10 In coffee sales and bad customer experience. Can't see it lasting.
  6. Looks like Faith will replace the other one eventually. Some of their vessels lookas really old. Almost as old as Fishbourne and Camber Queen would have been.
  7. Do we know if any vessels have been retired from Delcomar fleet when the acquired each former Saint into their set up or is it extension of operations requirement. Guess they carry more than the older vessels. Some look quite old that they have.
  8. On Monday with St Clare 1200 P-F cancelled, there was 1 car for 1230 priority boarding. The £10 was worth it for this, as they got on first before the delayed 1200 cars were boarded. So their gain meant 1 car booked on 1200 (which would have been the last car on had priority not got on) would be pushed back to 1300. It was a large bit of paper in windscreen saying 1230 Priority Boarding so could have caused a few complaints from 1200 passengers. So does PB mean guaranteed booking as well.
  9. Canabalising a W class already 😮
  10. For the sake of a few tall lorries they lost 21 car spaces on St Faith that could have helped.
  11. Off the run. 1200 Today cancelled due to generator issues apparently.
  12. Not really about the thread but did not want to start a new one for this, so will twist it to fit. There seems less people boarding as looked at tomorrow's availability and normally you would get nothing until the evening during Summer holidays Saturday. Only 4 sailings full. Even 1000 still has space. Return wise only 2 sailings fully booked. Mondays seems busier than Saturdays.
  13. Nothing wrong with vessel. Thought she was well laid out and spacious. Loading they seem to put 2 arctics at angles at the stern which to me wastes a lot of capacity. Artics should be loaded straight. Need to speed up berthing and also let bottom deck off first as fewer vehicles.
  14. Back down harbour so nice quick repair.
  15. Big Investment in what seems to becoming a bit of a lame duck of a route. Could have spent more elsewhere but guess that's hindsight for you. Shame really as quite a quaint route and by far most relaxing.
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