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  1. And she's probably going to be out of service again. They dont seem to have much luck with piers. Obviously we will have to wait to see iif mechanical issue or human error. Hopefully no one too badly injured.
  2. Red funnel having a bad day. 1 vessel at the moment. Osprey failed inspection apparently and Eagle has a fault.
  3. Try wearing mask with glasses and then moving around getting heartrate and breathing up. Useless, can't see a damn thing and you are forever touching your face to sort the mask out. Visors which do go below your chin do not soak up droplets so no chance like mask of contaminating yourself, you can see the persons face as well which is far more normal.
  4. My norm is not to wear the mask. It is a face covering so therefore I wear one of those plastic "welder style" shields so its solid, doesn't hold moisture that seeps through and people can see my stunningly good looking face 😂
  5. I guess with schools due back in 2 weeks time in England, parents have to think that if they go away and then a quarantine is imposed on their return, will they he fined for keeping their children out of school for 2 weeks. Especially after 6 months of no school for most. Is it responsible to take children away from now on?
  6. Here we go again! The weekly stampede is on, this time Croatia. With Germany reporting a high rat of cases from people returning from Croatia according to daily bbc snippets, why do we want people to return without quarantine again giving them time to get back so they don't have to. Surely our government sees what is happening elsewhere.
  7. Without a vaccine there are I guess just 2 strategies, suppression or herd immunity hoping you don't get it again once you have antibodies. Keep doing lockdowns is a bit like King Cnut and the tide, eventually you have to admit defeat or you let it run its course and hope that the final outcome is not too damaging.
  8. If it were just a virus that made you feel ill and weak for a few weeks then went away then no problems with carry on. However, its doing some very random stuff to a lot of random people albeit mostly the elderly and those with other medical conditions it seems to cause more problems with. I don't know if I get it whether I will be A-Dont know I had it. B-Ill for a few weeks then fine C-Ill but then have long term lung issues and stamina issues. (Keep it clean). D-Be on ventilator and doomed. I am not prepared to gamble with those odds.
  9. The Fishbourne Linkspan does seem to be a Friday afternoon job.
  10. We are still in early stages of coping with this, so if we can get our own house in order before going to other countries, then next year a better system for track and trace and testing whoever wants testing can be in place. Lets just write this year off for foreign holidays. We have had a great Summer so far (not looking out window as he types). I am sure we could cope with 1 UK holiday instead. Patience is the name of the game. They will know more by next Spring.
  11. No holiday is essential travel. We want rid of this virus. Its not about quarantine etc as there is always a risk somewhere. Its about travelling abroad when the world is not coping with a pandemic. Surely that answers the question.
  12. Make it immediate then people don't change their actions ie rush back but any ship or plane already enroute before announced can offload as they had left the zone before it was officially a quarantine zone.
  13. During Winter its the freight that keeps companies like BF going. If a company keeps its reserves instead of dishing them all out to the shareholders who quite often are a very few large holding share holders then they can survive. Too many companies seem to be run on debt so go to the wall very quickly when there is a stoppage in trade. A lot of these restaurant chains for instance seem to have collapsed in months as they have nothing in the pot for a rainy day. Many chains are owned by one company hence why so many restaurants seem to currently in administration. Now for the discussion
  14. Noticed that with Faith today, no deck. Guess she has smaller space on board so limits people.
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