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  1. adicat

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    When is VOW due in to Portsmouth. Also, why have they never invested in passenger separate loading at Portsmouth via a walkway onto an upper deck. Would speed things up as currently keep stopping loading because a footie wants to get on. I know its not a primary function of the route with the CATS but its safer in the long term and I am sure a lot more people would use it as a footie if there was a bus from Fishbourne to Newport/Ryde that picked up at the terminal.
  2. adicat

    Calais & Boulogne shut again Jan 25 2018

    Trawling destroys the seabed and this no doubt causes sonar issues with Dolphins and Whales. Must be other ways to fish more environmentally less destructive.
  3. adicat

    Condor future

    Probably another pension or investment bank. Seems nowadays the only people who want to own ferry companies if not the State.
  4. adicat

    Scoot Ferries - The End?

    I don't mind entrepreneurs trying these things as if not we would not ever get any new businesses. What I really feel uncomfortable with is people who are serial business starters with different ventures using other peoples money when they have failed previously due to lack of market research and fundamental principals of business investment and cash flow. I suppose if you buy into a company then its like any investment with risk, but not when money is taken for fares up front as this is not an investment, its an expectation based on advertising.
  5. adicat

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    If they had gone for the lesser rounded front and stayed more traditional it wouldn't look so odd, that's all. Ship design nowadays has lost all its graceful lines and attractive shapes. We all like nice looking buildings as a load of horrible ones makes the landscape look depressing. We don't want a future of terrible looking ships on the oceans.
  6. adicat

    Scoot Ferries - The End?

    probably won't take off
  7. adicat

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    With the cruise ship style front you expect to see a pointed bow not what looks like a wedge of cheese that someone has chopped the nose off (bad etiquette by the way)...
  8. adicat

    Newbuild Freight Ferry for Red Funnel

    Just hope for their sakes greed does not lead them to find passengers too cramped as more cars and people as less freight and feeling forced into premium lounge. Then they would loose their advantage to Wightlink re comfort.
  9. adicat

    Newbuild Freight Ferry for Red Funnel

    35 minute turnarounds as they have now are somewhat leisurely. Double decked loading should be able to do it in 20 minutes max. However, it is going to mess up a regular frequency as whenever she is slotted in the raptor gap will be bigger. Imagine (in 1140) out 1200R, (in 1225) out 1245R, (in 1310) out 1330R, (in1340) out 1400F, then back to first raptor who left at 1200, got to iow 1255, left 1315 and arrives back 1410 ready for 1430R. Basically they could do a 45 minute service with 3 in a row raptors and then slot in a freight as currently they waste 15 minutes per turnaround.
  10. adicat

    Wightlink car ferries

    Looks like they all just been sitting there for ages. Why are they not scrapping them.
  11. adicat

    Newbuild Freight Ferry for Red Funnel

    I thought the class system in this country was supposed to be a thing of the past. Looks like transport companies are going back 200 years.
  12. adicat

    Newbuild Freight Ferry for Red Funnel

    Good on Red Funnel for going British.
  13. adicat

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Its going back some 40 years where there were 2 large ferries and the 2 really outdated ferries that really had no place in the 1980s. Now we have VOW v Faith and Cecelia, A 2 class service, if your lucky and get on VOW then you will say what a wonderful crossing and vessel but if you end up on the others, you will think what a run down company. This is what happens when investment is so long in coming on a route. The huge error was investing so much in Lymington. There was no requirement for increased capacity, it was the age of the vessels that was an issue and should have been addressed years before. Certainly only 2 were required as hourly for such a parochial service would suffice. So wasted 33% of the investment on the 3rd vessel which could have gone towards a second new one for Portsmouth. I still do not understand why with St Clare they went back to a central bridge to a larger vessel with a bridge at 1 end.
  14. Well done to crew member. How did the person end up in the water though?
  15. adicat

    New cowes floating bridge

    They may have modified things, but for what vessel, certainly not number 6. Its basic engineering that is failing here. I just watched the video of it trying to dock and the chains are fundamentally wrong to allow it to slip outside the docking line buoys.