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  1. Nice appearance in a Bergerac repeat episode on drama this week in Portsmouth.
  2. I thought the idea was to have her come in and unload and then layby and then come back in and load. Otherwise she is likely to get only about 15 minutes to move 24 artic/trailers.
  3. I think BF should minimise their costs to UK government re the extra sailings. They should only seek to recoup money spent with no profit. The UK tax payer has paid loads on wasted MP time and other things 're Brexit. It's an unpresidented situation.
  4. They seem to be off to bad start as last week delays due to technical problems on a vessel. I wondered what would happen 're VOW when this happened. Clare is obviously not an issue if they continue to maintain the internal ramp.
  5. Sorry...cars. Trade cars is new ones for IOW get dropped off and driven on by staff and are unaccompanied. Portsmouth to Fishbourne no longer accept them. Only Lym-Yar. Therefore Red Kestrel could be used and therefore pinch all the trade.
  6. Seems to be enjoying Portchester as she been up here a while. Seems to take far longer than the much larger car ferry annual surveys.
  7. Gunwharf no longer take trade vehicles only Lymington so Red Kestrel could take 48 if need be.
  8. adicat

    St Faith

    She went up the harbour the other day after finishing at 1015 and then came back to hulk. Maybe ex Brittany Ferries skipper Bit chaotic yesterday as traffic was back passed the University in Cambridge Road and loads of people missing sailings. I guess checking in more cars over 3 sailings means people coming at same time rather than spread out more. Also St Faith is now a bit of a pig to load if you don't have the right mix of traffic due to the list. If you have enough freight you get 21 on mezz but if not only 16 allowed.
  9. adicat

    Wight sun

    Wonder why there and not whilst she was in Falmouth.
  10. adicat

    Wight sun

    Currently at Southampton and I guess paying her thing fees so why not free on the Hulk in Portsmouth?
  11. Yes I was going to add about disembarking at Portsmouth is an issue. Unless Wightlink get exit priority but all pedestrians crossing stop the flow as well.
  12. Her turn round time is more at Fishbourne as the problem is if lower deck finishes unloading first (normally does as top linkspan ramp takes an age to start lowering) then you cannot start to load lower deck as traffic from top deck has to cross over the load line for the lower deck. Portsmouth completely separate so issue does not arise.
  13. adicat

    Wight sun

    It will be seized up by June. I still fail to understand why 4 vessels are not running peak Saturday's when capacity is still lower than the past. Are they trying to force people away from weekends? Surely they need 480 spaces every 2 hours having had 568nearly 20 years ago.
  14. adicat

    Wight sun

    To act as a hulk as she has little future?
  15. I totally forgot the nt after does in my post of 12.30 Thursday. Doesn't make it look like a mass produced large lounge...….
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