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  1. VOW would seem to be having troubles as the last couple if days she has been steadily losing time.
  2. Not the same as the point raised above as they have my sympathy, but I got tired of the directors of self employed businesses moaning. People who had paid dividends instead of salary to themselves to avoid tax only to then get stuffed by the furlough. Why should tax payer bail out people who have not paid tax. You cannot have it both ways.
  3. The whole Covid policies are so political. Westminster should be in control of the whole United Kingdom or it becomes a farce. You get Scotland 4 days behind England 3 cm different on distance, and 2 less people in a group. Then Wales say slightly different then N I. Channel Islands should come under Westminster and all be the same. Its a war against a virus do surely the same should apply for tackling it. No wonder people get confused. Not saying Westminster get it right all the time but we need consistent approach.
  4. I would have thought say an 0600 0700 and 0800 from PH and 0630 0730 and 0830 from Ryde, then 1700, 1800 and 1900 from PH and 1730 1830 1930 from Ryde would have been a start now that people can go for day trips and travel. Got to start somewhen.
  5. adicat

    Ship models

    Can't be that bad then. 😁 As a Portsmouth based person Caedmon. Cuthreds bridge too complicated as it has a tappered rim round the top. I am lazy.
  6. adicat

    Ship models

    oh dear another scrap wood effort awaiting prows and fittings and paint.
  7. adicat

    Ship models

    Had some scrap wood and when I get fed up with the sun as South facing garden, I pop to garage to do a little messing about. Very crude and needs decking out and funnel painted red lower half, but recognisable.
  8. adicat

    St Faith

    Looks like they have gone for size 're 2nd vessel and not height.
  9. adicat

    St Faith

    Probably because Clare cannot do high lorries.
  10. adicat

    St Faith

    I would be surprised if she was on 2020 return to service at all. Cannot see demand being more than for an hourly service at best for the rest of the year.
  11. Watching VOW trundle back and forth on a weekend, can't help thinking that an 0700 1000 1300 1600 1900 2200 would do from Portsmouth Sunday 0700 1100 1500 1900 2300. Can't be worth doing much more.
  12. Hope our members and their families staying safe and well during this historically difficult time in all our lives.
  13. I notice South Today start at 1830 has erased VOW from the shot down between Still and West/Spice island towards Spinnaker Tower. Wonder if someone thought it was advertising.
  14. Did they remove seats?
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