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  1. adicat

    Wight sun

    It will be seized up by June. I still fail to understand why 4 vessels are not running peak Saturday's when capacity is still lower than the past. Are they trying to force people away from weekends? Surely they need 480 spaces every 2 hours having had 568nearly 20 years ago.
  2. adicat

    Wight sun

    To act as a hulk as she has little future?
  3. I totally forgot the nt after does in my post of 12.30 Thursday. Doesn't make it look like a mass produced large lounge...….
  4. On her right now. Bit bumpy against wind and waves today but still doing 12kts. Coming back very smooth. Love the layout which because of the different styles does make it look a huge mass produced lounge area.
  5. Last Thursday was very windy but the Hovercraft were operating. This was with a SW wind but the tide was rising. Come the afternoon I heard services were suspended but the wind had dropped quite a bit. I guess that with tide against wind there is enough counter action to allow the dash from Gilkicker to Ryde but when the tide turns and wind is with tide that becomes too much of a risk even if the wind is less than earlier.
  6. adicat

    St Faith

    Not using suction berth. Strange as converted.
  7. adicat

    Wight sun

    Wight Sun looking shabby.
  8. For such simple array of traffic it would be a waste of money starting from scratch on a design as really there is not a lot different you can do with a RoRo.
  9. She will probably go in unload and then layby before going in to reload as only really get about 20 minutes by the time moved from layby to berth and then clearing away to not delay incoming vessel.
  10. Also means you need a vastly larger marshalling area at each end for trailers that sometimes get left for a number of days. Wightlink did not have space once the new second level of the car terminal built.
  11. Wightlink stopped that practice so guess they lost a lot of business to Red Funnel.
  12. 12 passengers so no buddies allowed with lorry drivers.
  13. adicat

    Wight sun

    Frustrated as want to go on VOW but when I have been free she has been off the run.
  14. Guess not much fitting out inside as only a handful of drivers and maybe buddies for refreshments.
  15. With the specification book you can start on the new build for us all
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