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  1. Why don't they sort normal boarding out first. Sounds like more chaos and delays getting into terminal and correct lanes. Everyone wants to grab your money. Airlines do this and everyone books it so you waste your money. I wish they would focus their attention on customer service rather than gimicks. Next it will be superior seating on board for a few more quid. Expensive enough as it is. Go on first and pay for it only to end up on a mezz. So basically expensive way to get your coffee first.
  2. The only issue I have had over the years with Jersey buses is the fact that it all starts and finishes at the bus station. If you want to go from a point on a coast round to the next one which is served by a different service number you have to go back to St Helier and out again.
  3. Monopolies and merger comes to mind as it would be only BF at Poole and Portsmouth. Dangerous for the port's.
  4. Just 15/20 minutes from terminal. Roman and Norman history. Eng. Heritage site. Historic church with tea room annex. Cosmos and pub in Castle Street.
  5. adicat

    Wight sun

    She should be easy to turn round. Berthing seems another matter.
  6. All gone a bit wrong today. Service status says on time but VOW still in IOW but should be in Portsmouth. Wight Sun running late in front of her. Queues down the road at Gunwharf. I would advise people to allow extra 30 minutes at busy times. The new check in system did not work for long before not being used but with the extra traffic arriving with larger ferries they need to work something out.
  7. Surprised they sticking to the "maintenance" timetable and why on a Thursday do they do an 0830 and then 1215 and other days 0915 and 1215?
  8. Wow everyday a school day.
  9. Good question. If working all day and night on P-F how often did that boat refuel. 10 return crossings a day 80 miles 7 days 560 miles. She has to refuel as they would not risk a tanker on board surely.
  10. They had better bring in Wight Sun before school holidays. In 6 hours St Clare can do about 240 car spaces without mezz in the 2 return crossings. Wight Sun 195 as 3 return crossings so not a lot of difference at the moment now festival over and not at Summer holidays. I don't think it will work very well in the Summer holidays all this faffing around moving her out the way then back in.
  11. Just wondered what Wightlink are doing as they seem to be happy running the reduced service. No sign of St Clare going anywhere and yet again temporary timetable issue continues.
  12. adicat

    Wight sun

    Think Monday 3 vessels on L-Y as 40 minute intervals with each vessel getting 1 hour between each departure from the opposite side. Guess people go over staggering their journey and they come back in a fairly smaller time at once
  13. adicat

    Wight sun

    Wight Sun seems to be on all the time yet she is Portsmouth cover. Looks like they don't want Sky working too much. Thougjt Sun would be coming to Portsmouth just in case for festival reserve just in case Clare plays up.
  14. Marine Traffic still shows old name.
  15. Saw them yesterday and looked up company name to find mexico is destination.
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