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  1. I was just thinking you have mixed with people on a train. Then you get off and mix with others from another carriage when you are on the bus.
  2. Strange to stop fast cat as train connection. Hover would be one to cut. Commuters will have to get the Hoverbus as well.
  3. Looks like the advertised stay in your car sailings have gone as St Clare not running. VOW is on her own. Not surprising as traffic must be virtually nil over the weekend.
  4. Surprised if it were the upper unless she has 'decommissioned the internal ramp. This is 3rd or 4th issue with Fishbourne. 3 technical issues just in the past 5 days causing delays and cancellations.
  5. Clare coming back in 2 hours early. Think because resolved tech issue and VOW 30 minutes late now.
  6. Things are still not go in well. Faith put earlier this week and a 1 vessel service at present as Clare out. Faith on hulk.
  7. adicat

    St Faith

    I am not sure if they really need the're extra sailings anyway as seem to cope with the 2 larger vessels.
  8. adicat

    St Faith

    Which vessel runs the 2200 as their must be a switch at some point? If Faith does both the 2200 and midnight she is 20 hours a day which for an old girl of 30 is more than Clare would if she just did 0245 until 2045. Compared to Faith 0545 until 0145.
  9. I have always found it interesting that ferries like Clare has higher bulwark 9ne end when she does not turn round, so less protection coming back to Portsmouth in a way.
  10. Ben My Cheer would be a cheap replacement for Goodwill if IOMSPC would be willing to sell. Sister of Clipper.
  11. Retired...i wish. 🙁 Don't live on Portsmouth Island so First only.
  12. Oh and VAR. Has to be ditched in its current form 🤯
  13. Sorry, disagree. My town has First Bus only. You only get 2 in cities and usually outside the city the buses go different ways so no choice. You say regular travellers know it's not ideal. They must be getting fed up. The choice to open the lower cafe is a management one based on £. Not traveller comfort. They have self service machines downstairs so that decision is very strange to me. Cancellations/late alterations are far too many, worst I have known. Not hiring a vessel to cover cats refit so hourly during those months, great for daily commuter who find the vessels miss the trains and vice versa so suddenly day lengthened by over an hour and a half. No real show of helping customer there. 4 different style vessels, some not suited to the route and less sailings. Should all this be praised. The whole lot must be inconvenient to say the least to regulars. A lot of people have commented on here about lack of customer focus. Perhaps some of us expect to get what is advertised and marketed, not just words from sales dept. Avanti West Coast railway who took over from Virgin. Apparently loads of complaints where trains rebranded on a monopoly when that spend does not assist customers. Seat reservations giving 2 different coaches for a booking for 2. Locally, South West trains the stagecoach franchise ditched and we got a first group/mtr (remember them, they run the buses as well, what a choice) and now they could end up having to pull out. Great decision to award them the deal! When should someone be praised, for delivering what they advertise. No, that's what they should be doing. Going the extra mile is where praise comes in. Putting up with sub standard service from any corporation in unacceptable. A train I use to get home for 3 years from work was on time just once in that time. Choice, car or train that is always late. Do you think that is acceptable for regular travellers? The nature of running such companies is complaints will always outnumber praise. I don't think I expect gold plated service, but do expect what a company advertises to us as they spend enough on it me thinks.
  14. I praised the new double loading and building as was needed. When people in service industries advertise something and then quite often it is not available you don't go back. However, there is not a lot of choice in respect of travel to IOW so it's lump it. Railways and buses are suppose to be privatised but there are only about 4 bus and rail companies so no choice for most. Therefore i expect top of their game else they are getting away with it with no recourse.
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