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  1. Oops. Auto correct but could be the case. 😂
  2. Shame about the for as like a mill pond today.
  3. Wightlink seem to go through a spate of problems together. Libido and are now becoming a more regular issue.
  4. Sounds like the railway excuse. They only have 3 vessels to crew, how are there not enough?
  5. Ruined the illusion for me!!!
  6. Did they find anything mechanical I wonder or with modern technology was it software issue?
  7. They had to leave the Royal Mail artic off it's booked 1400 today as too much list on St Faith. Ironically it was the usual 1300 booked Asda high artic that caused most of the list. Had 4 coaches and a rigid on the port side but even the deck and under could not correct it enough for postie.
  8. Well Wight Sun not moved and dailings camcelled plus smaller vessel on as VOW still out of service. Either very little traffic or strange decision not to bring a W class down.
  9. I can't see Faith being curtailed totally before Xmas unless VOW needs to go away and they do her whilst they are repairing. Means Faith PSC must be valid till at least early Jan.
  10. No temp timetable up yet as they would post 6.20 if a W was coming over and not a 6.30.
  11. Faith running a late 8am from Portsmouth by the looks of it. Should think only die hards going over today as weather awful. VOW even if fixed would not be risked for a first run out in these winds I would think.
  12. I don't understand why Wigjt Light has not been brought to Portsmouth. With VOW out could the crew not go to Lymington and bring her down. Every little helps.
  13. Need a Yarmouth vessel. Faith as freight and then triple Clare.
  14. Yes 99.8% of services ran with 97% on time for last month. Very much improved indeed. 😁
  15. I was just looking at VOW today and thought if mezz decks like the St Class were ever muted, She seems high enough and could add 60 cars to the mix. Could set them back from the bow so weighted slightly to the back to help with keeping bow high. Mezz decks engineering are 30 years better off experience wise from St Faith. If and when "Albert of Wight" is ordered, I wonder what the improvements will be, I have named the vessel as such as there will probably only be a couple running the route with Clare so a couple it is
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