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  1. Strange. Website still shows the above sailings so either that not up to date or Wave 105 radio station giving out wrong Information.
  2. and no 2400 or 0300 from Portsmouth and 0100 & 0400 from IOW tonight. Island cut off?
  3. adicat

    St Faith

    She is still snug in Southampton. Is she waiting for a dry dock? Guessing she won't be back in service until 3rd Feb week as that's when this temp timetable ends.
  4. adicat

    St Faith

    Let's hope VOW does not have one of her "turns" in the next few weeks. Would be P-F 1 x W. L-Y 2 x W
  5. Quite odd that Wight Elephant is doing a 1215 today. Odd because a quiet time for traffic yet this afternoon it will get busier and she is not on.
  6. Looks like Wight Light sits off Fishbourne from 0930 until just after 1000 then goes back in.
  7. Not sure any timetable should be relied on too much as seems not to last long before another is uploaded.
  8. Don't think at that time of day will be anything like that as full crew will go on at start of service and they already have hazardous sailing during night. I am certain it is a speed of loading situation as unlike 0620 they don't gain at Fishbourne that empty vessel or extra 10 minutes. VOW cannot go until Faith back due to height of vessels.
  9. Be silly to waste space if they have time to load them. Obviously no mezz will be used but it doesn't take much time to load under side ramp.
  10. Speed up the W class. Guess for booking purposes no cars but they will take them as long as they can fit them on side under ramp as no freight can go there.
  11. They seem to running more temporary timetables than actual nowadays. Seems like the main timetable is quite redundant. Mon-Fri are all the same so why bother putting in 7 columns. The asterix could be noted as particular days. This must be the fewest ever sailings in a day for some time. Does this mean Clare will also be away?
  12. The Weymouth traffic never retained anywhere else.
  13. Easy jet may fly there but a number of previous ones do not. The frequencies are less as well. Total tourism seems to be down, It depends when you take the figures from and build in all the other parameters like available beds, number of flights/crossing now from then, age demographic at the times...….
  14. I have to say the boom years were in 1980s and early 90s and those people were parents in their 30/40s with kids, The kids obviously went their own way to other destinations but the people who do not want to change where they go have kept going back. They are now in their 70s/80s and probably not being replaced as there are far more places to go now then an offshoot of Britain even though charming and I have loved my holidays there. I would not choose now for my main holiday and I was one of those kids in the 80s that went with my parents every year. Things change and that is what is happening here. Nothing to do with vessels and sailings as planes are not as well booked as when I use to go.
  15. Would they not be allowed to empty their belongings and take to hire car?
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