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  1. I praised the new double loading and building as was needed. When people in service industries advertise something and then quite often it is not available you don't go back. However, there is not a lot of choice in respect of travel to IOW so it's lump it. Railways and buses are suppose to be privatised but there are only about 4 bus and rail companies so no choice for most. Therefore i expect top of their game else they are getting away with it with no recourse.
  2. Not negative, facts of situations. Look at the amount of new temporary timetables this Winter with less sailings than originally advertised. 2 boats every 150 minutes. Cancellations due to staff shortages. Vessels pulled at the last minute. Downstairs cafe area being used but lack of seating and broken dirty seats that are like temporary venue seats bolted together. They spent loads on upgrading yet leave spacious upstairs closed. It's much more suited than downstairs and so downstairs should be closed in Winter as it adds negatively to the passenger experience having to stand and drink your coffee. These are not things that cannot he solved fairly easily but will have major positive affect.
  3. Try telling that to the disabled passengers who are treated very badly in the most part when it comes to travel. I have been on stations where they have been left off the train as not spotted and so no ramp and missed train.
  4. Too many staff cuts over the years does not help companies. Train companies are being slated as to why they have failed disabled passengers when they had 10 years notice that rules changing yet trains not complying still running. Basically not enough staff to carry out requirements. Seems to be getting worse. When will companies learn. Never I expect.
  5. She is on her way to Southampton eta 0300
  6. That answers why I looked in both Dunkirk and Falmouth and could n9t see her on Marine Traffic.
  7. I would have thought 1 crew finishing and another starting so could deal with vessels separately. Off topic all of Hovertravel, SWR and Wightlink advertise offers on the radio at a time all are not having the best of time so you would think a bit of a waste of advertising. Hovertravel suspended 're weather, SWR had all the cancellation due to derailment and Wightlink weather and other issues.
  8. 2200 P-F and 2300 F-P cancelled according to Status tonight.
  9. Clare just negoriatingthe Dover-Calais ferries on her way back.
  10. Reserve vessel on standby.
  11. adicat

    Windy Sunday

    Don't cancel that post as she is on and probably will stay on The status page on Wightlink website a bit hit and miss.
  12. Not good. One has just got back from Portchester after annual maintenance.
  13. Heard Clare will have to run on 3 engines. Not sure but Faith deck may not be usable at present not Wight lights.
  14. Fairy back on run but they are staying with the poor temporary timetable. Full load ready at 0745 but not loading until 0815 then over Fishbourne the Faith will move out the way for VOW. Why not go back to hourly as 0900 then 1100 otherwise today.
  15. It's crazy. What's going on. Never seen it so bad in my 52 years.
  16. And as the great Mr Tommy Cooper would say ""just like that " the 1000 is wiped off the timetable.
  17. They don't have that many ships to manage now do they? You may have a point with recent events though. The crew difference between Vow and the others must be quite different especially WL and Vow. Status shows 1000 Portsmouth as on time. If it's WL she is still at Fishbourne 0940. So if not St Faith coming in to take over then they are avoiding updating it. The freight companies must be getting fed up as drivers wasting time hanging around st terminals instead of driving. Risks not getting all their schedule of deliveries done.
  18. Looking at the Mark e Traffic it looks like another temporary timetable binned today. Hourly service but Wight Light struggling along with Faith on hulk. Are They not capable of working out when their vessels will be available. 0907 and VOW left Portsmouthbut WL not yet arrived IOW. Why advertise a timetable if St Faith off. She was working Saturday.
  19. Needs to as only going at 6.3kn at the moment. You could row faster.
  20. Red Funnel have a great opportunity to add another raptor with the current 3 and Kestrel for a 30 minute service and become the premier service to IOW. Wightlink must have used a lot of customer loyalty up.recently.
  21. Soon a 1 ship service will be all they need if they annoy enough people. Lorry drivers wasting time each way when they may have another job on.
  22. Not really a surprise bases on the current performance reliability ....a 1 ship service today. Wight Light not working at the moment. 2 hourly.
  23. That's good. Wonder if radio. managed to correct the bulletin later on.
  24. Strange. Website still shows the above sailings so either that not up to date or Wave 105 radio station giving out wrong Information.
  25. and no 2400 or 0300 from Portsmouth and 0100 & 0400 from IOW tonight. Island cut off?
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