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  1. Just wondering when they use the PIP do the cars get randomly security checks or not. Is it a case that it's the port that means checks or is it destination. As normally going to IOW no checks but same risks for any ferry really. Why do cross Channel ferry customers get car checks compared to IOW.
  2. Seems last Saturday and Thursday Gishbourbe linkspan playing up again.
  3. She's currently sat in Portsmouth not loading as 1100. All sailings been moved by exactly 60 minutes. Not sure why.
  4. Why do you need to know the nationality anyway? Really only need an X on the rear of the car either on the left or the right showing which hand drive the vehicle is.
  5. On a slight aside, certain country car number plates identify them as you get use to their layout. I was wondering how Guernsey managed to bag just numbers. Also they can have different colours for background. Silver letters on black. Hire cars have to have H on yellow background so other road users are aware that this driver may not know the little differences of road rules in Guernsey.
  6. Let's see if it stays. Guess government realised we are not "Great" anymore so now UK. However, with all the independence agendas we may just end up being just E. That's been had, so we would then need LB. "Little Britain"
  7. I've posted twice to this thread but both times it's not there. Confused!
  8. That was my thoughts. Always seems to be the inevitable when fleet at minimum. I wondered why they had not brought in the 3rd W but looked and saw it was not there and so scanned to Falmouth. The broken down one was out and about yesterday morning testing.
  9. Commodore Clipper alongside Wight Light in Falmouth at the moment.
  10. I see they are manually checking people in. That's gonna be time consuming on such a busy weekend. Seems Wightlink are the only ones to escape any issues for Festival goers.
  11. That's good news for them and festival goers. Wonder if they rebooked loads and have more space to get more over.
  12. Just had an email/Esholt from Boss of Hovertravel. Looks like the festival curse has hit them again. 1 hover out of service for next 2 weeks. These companies are losing quite a lot of income and customer Goodwill by cutting back and having nothing in reserve. If they had more competition, they would go to the wall as people would go elsewhere.
  13. Plying a good trade then. 🤪
  14. Glad no serious injuries which is the main thing. Red Funnel need to make some changes as it looks like as mention above the lorry was forced too close, but then it shouldn't be able to get that close if a sharp turn needed. Wightlink a number of years ago put a caravan in a lane that meant the car had to make a sharper turn than normal to get round onto the linkspan and it took out a car in the next lane with the back of the caravan.
  15. I wasn't going to put this in Solent forum but couldn't find open house chatter. It would seem that since I'm in this section I may as well base it on the IOW but it goes for UK in general and not sure if further afield We have booked 3 holidays in UK this year and all seem to start the week on Friday and end on Friday. This gives a Fri-Mon weekend option, a Mon-Fri midweek option or the whole 7 days option. I notice with Wightlink on P-F the 3rd vessel finishes after arriving 1555. Therefore I guess Saturdays are not as popular anymore. We hear IOW really booked up as people staying in uk for hols a lot more, so is this down to the "cottages.com"style bookings or people preferred options. Is it happening in France and Spain so much. Guess hotels still happy to do whenever but if renting a property the owner wants to maximise occupancy.
  16. Well not really about the development of the new terminal, more like the destruction of some new and old elements. Something seems to have badly misjudged the entrance to Gunwharf terminal as a huge chunk of the listed (very much so now)wall has been knocked over which in turn seems to have destroyed the new chrome railings in that rather odd closed off little triangular area. Any one know the word on the street?
  17. At the moment Libby is in St Peter Port, Musketeer is also there and Clipper is just heading in. Not sure why clipper has taken from 0949 to 1930 to do a 6 hour trip. She would normally be arriving in Jersey now.
  18. Maybe they will update Clipper to the same extra deck as SV as well to increase capacity if needed. Who operates Musketeer.
  19. VOW back as 2200hrs sailing tonight. Not sure of repairs undertaken as to weather full fix or just a temporary fix.
  20. Nothing mentioned on website about special timetable when I looked earlier in week.
  21. People have waited so long to get away after a horrendous period and now they get faced with delays and cancellation/retimed crossing. Again not a lot seems to be being done from a customer service point of view. If they had sorted out a W last time by retraining then it could be brought in th8s time. No forward thinking just too bad.
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