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  1. Well my sister was due back on Saturday on the 1320 from Fishbourne but has a text to say changed to 1300. They seem to not be going for 3 boat service next weekend now. Last night they had a backlog of traffic at Fishbourne 1900 as my Niece arrived just before 1900 on an off chance of getting on 1900 but got sent away due to backlog.
  2. Who takes the vessel to the scrap beach. Someone who is employed just for that job or a captain from the ladt company yo own the vessel. If the latter must be hard.
  3. Along with Coomodore Clipper & Ben My Chree these 2 were built for a Danish ferry company. One now in New Zealand and the one below having had another vehicle deck added is working for Stena. Condor could always do this to Clipper to increase capacity and keep hull length the same forJersey port.
  4. Her Sister still remains in the Solent and her name reused for one of Blue Funnels other vessels. Bit colder up there.
  5. adicat

    St Faith

    Perhaps the booking system should not accept family bookings, just a van and 1 or car and 1. I am sure the IOW police could if they wanted to stop cars coming off and turn them round again. It would be a few policeman at each of the 3 ports. People would then have wasted theirt money and if they knew this was going to happen wouldnt travel.The IOW got in a mess after Christmas because of people travelling there during the festive season and went from lowest rate over 100,000 to country's highest rate. There seem to be lots of guidelines but they all seem to be just that and not much rule enfor
  6. adicat

    St Faith

    I cannot understand why 2 vessels are running. There cannot be enough essential travel traffic for such and half term doesnt come into the equation as doesnt change essential travel. Clare must be able to cope with it. That or people travelling when they shouldn't.
  7. Left Falmouth, due back 1000 tomorrow.
  8. Sympathy from the public will probably be nil if holidays booked after a torrid 2020.
  9. I see sailings available to book until January 2022. A number of years ago I suggested to Wightlink a xx00. xx40. xx20 xx00. Time table for the car ferry and was told xx00 xx30 xx00 xx00 was what people wanted. I see this year they have finally succumbed yo the sensible 40 minute frequency which makes it more robust with a bit lf leeway if 1 vessel runs a little late it foesnt impact all.
  10. Oh well, at least Faith had a few days to blow away cobwebs. Now down to just 1 vessel being used so rest time again.
  11. Isle of Wight going to tier 3 boxing day and Hampshire Tier 4. New Forest has a reprieve though which is a bit daft as its like leaving a honey pot by a beehive. Have they not worked out human behaviour yet?
  12. I see the timetable has been reduced to just the 2 vessels in the lead up to Christmas.
  13. You do have to wonder if its worth them even bothering between now and Christmas to waste manpower on fixing them. St Clare was not very busy today at 12pm Gunwharf quiet and thats before tier 3 kicks in. Not sure I get why restaurants in tier 2 can serve food seated but when tier 3 that suddenly not allowed yet same covid safety protocols in force. Shops allowed to remain open but most have little covid structure yet restaurants do. Don't get the justification for that particular change. Why is next Thursday any more risky than this if following same protocols.
  14. Trains were due back Monday but failed again and now no power supply so buses all day. Maybe they won't make it back before the line closes for 3 months. St Clare Just put those ladt words in so its topical to the title 😅
  15. Isle of Wight heritage railway should take 1 as 8ts older than most theirs. Think transport museum London may be sfter one.
  16. Just touching on the trains: Rail magazine showed a picture of St Clare at Fishbourne, but the usual non checking of facts as they said arrived at Yarmouth. Also all the trains are now broken and its buses until at least 13th.
  17. Perhaps get the money back from shipyard, build the bridge, cheaper in long run. Have a passenger ferry.
  18. adicat

    St Faith

    But on 21st/22nd relatives staying over Christmas not supposed to travel if they are staying with replies as only 5 day rule. Should Wightlink/Red funnel take bookings for more than 5 days from 23rd? Not really their job but could question people and remind them of the rules.
  19. adicat

    St Faith

    That was put up some time ago probably even before first round of tiers came in. Now with most people in tier 2 or 3 and you can't get together until 23rd, then maybe she will get a run out 23rd, 24th and 27th.
  20. adicat

    St Faith

    well shes back, but is she needed until after festive season.
  21. Fastcats unable to cope with December day trippers following England tier announcements, larger vessels required for IOW!!! 😉
  22. Well with the new tier arrangements Wightlink probably only need the 3rd ferry on 23rd, 24th and 27th December as it stands. Unless you are from Cornwall or Isles of Scilly then you cannot mix indoors if not a bubble so if you plan on staying with people it won't be allowed until the 5 day Christmas window. Your tier rules where you live apparently follow you, not the area you move into.
  23. Wonder when they are booked to go as was surprised it was not overnight.
  24. Thanks for the posts and pictures. How come all the way to Sandown? Ryde St John's Road is depot and closer. Cant remember if sidings st Sandown or sheds.
  25. She seems to be having issues. Coming over backwards and then struggling to turn to come into gunwharf unless waiting for small boat but can't see from where I am.
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