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  1. To follow up my original post starting this topic. In fairness to Brittany Ferries, I have now finally managed to Contact them and they have replied to each mail and issued credit note refunds valid for 2 years for both my bookings so I am no longer out of pocket to the tune of £850.00. I consider this to be very fair, certainly given the very difficult situation they find themselves in. This restores my faith in a company I first started using in 1992. I found that an email to customer services actually produces results from their office in Millbay Plymouth.
  2. Does anyone know the current position in this. I tried to cancel a Flexi ticket today for June. They are meant to be refundable. The system told me the £646.00 was not refundable. So I have not cancelled, but movement restrictions to a second home will not allow me to travel. Then I tried to amend a £409 Standard ticket for September. They are meant to be amendable. As soon as I entered my new crossings, the system refused, each time I got a message “Limit A, Limit À has been reached please chose an alternative,” I got the same message for all 4 alternatives I tried. However, I was able to easily book the same alternatives as a new bookings. Had to cancel instead of amending and lost £204.65 and the new alternative cost £295.00 Understandably, we are not able to contact anyone by telephone. I tried the Contact Form option. On all 6 occasions I got a message “The form has become outdated. Save work and reload the page.” Was unable to submit any contact form. Does anyone know the current position in regard to changing / amending bookings and how to contact someone at Brittany Ferries.
  3. We sailed from Ouistreham Port, in Caen, on Sunday 21/10/18. when we arrived in the town the evening before, we were surrounded by Migrant youths trying to get us to stop.  There was a Shellfish Festival going on in the Centre so it was quite busy. We managed to get through and find the Aire to stay on for the night. We walked out into the town and could see the locals lined up watching the Migrants trying to climb aboard Lorries which were sailing that night. There were a few Police trying to stop them but they were allowed just to go back and sit on the wall and Try their luck on the next Lorry that came along. 

    During the night 2.30am, we were awoken by the shaking of the van, they were trying to open the Lockers underneath the van and also trying to remove our bikes from the back.  This happened again at 4.30am, we didn’t dare open the door and it was very frightening.

    We went in to queue at the Port at 6.30am in the dark.  No Motorhomes were being checked.  We could see that Lorries were being stopped and given a half hearted check over by a young female security person, with a very small torch.

    When  we were leaving the Port at Portsmouth we were asked if we were confident that it was just the two of us aboard our van!!!

    Apparently they climb out of the Lorries in the garage and try to Board Motorhomes for  an easier ride into the Country! 




  4. We crossed over from Ouistreham a couple of weeks ago on our way to Ireland. We caught the night sailing from Ouistreham. We had a meal in a port restaurant (Le Roulis) situated where the traffic slows down for lights, sharp curves and a roundabout on the entrance to the ferry terminal. As each heavy lorry approached, it was pursued by 25+ male African youths, running in the middle of the road, forcing open the rear doors of the trailer unit and climbing aboard. They were in turn pursued by a Gendarmerie car, lights and sirens on. Some lorry drivers increased their speed, sounded their horns and attempted to outrun the youths. Several lorries continued at a fast pace with their rear doors swinging open, highly dangerous. This spectacle continued throughout our meal. Someone will get killed. Talked with a local couple who said they have moved on from Calais and are destroying Ouistreham. The Africans seem to be camping in the woods on the outside of the town. The police presence is immense, from the entry to the town to the port. There is now a large mobile scaffolding tower where security staff scan the roofs of the high vehicles. We were both quite frightened, it was unpleasant. I think we will need to book St Malo for trips home from now on. As ever, the service on the Mont St Michel was superb, despite a problem with lowering the ramp on arrival, but we were kept informed.
  5. It was in operation when I came back last Friday on the Normandie.
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