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  1. To follow up my original post starting this topic. In fairness to Brittany Ferries, I have now finally managed to Contact them and they have replied to each mail and issued credit note refunds valid for 2 years for both my bookings so I am no longer out of pocket to the tune of £850.00. I consider this to be very fair, certainly given the very difficult situation they find themselves in. This restores my faith in a company I first started using in 1992. I found that an email to customer services actually produces results from their office in Millbay Plymouth.
  2. Does anyone know the current position in this. I tried to cancel a Flexi ticket today for June. They are meant to be refundable. The system told me the £646.00 was not refundable. So I have not cancelled, but movement restrictions to a second home will not allow me to travel. Then I tried to amend a £409 Standard ticket for September. They are meant to be amendable. As soon as I entered my new crossings, the system refused, each time I got a message “Limit A, Limit À has been reached please chose an alternative,” I got the same message for all 4 alternatives I tried. However, I was a
  3. We crossed over from Ouistreham a couple of weeks ago on our way to Ireland. We caught the night sailing from Ouistreham. We had a meal in a port restaurant (Le Roulis) situated where the traffic slows down for lights, sharp curves and a roundabout on the entrance to the ferry terminal. As each heavy lorry approached, it was pursued by 25+ male African youths, running in the middle of the road, forcing open the rear doors of the trailer unit and climbing aboard. They were in turn pursued by a Gendarmerie car, lights and sirens on. Some lorry drivers increased their speed, sounded their horns
  4. It was in operation when I came back last Friday on the Normandie.
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