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  1. Well if they were looking at a longer route and have a potential buyer such extensive alterations could make sense ... Would DFDS be interested in her as a long term solution for Roslare-Dunkirk? With extra accommodation could work for their longer term needs...
  2. Looks like it...I also wonder if they are looking at extending the accommodation block...?
  3. Will of course apply bell, book candle treatment to any one else who continues to divert from the topic...sorry Gareth
  4. Speaking as an infalable expert on matters of this kind, it is with out doubt Jam then cream...any other option is heretical, anathema etc,etc,etc...now off to find bell, book and candle...
  5. Sadly, I think you are both right, likely a few more years at Cean, probably followed by a major review of the business model and a trip to the beach for Normandy. I fear that fate could be even closer for Bretange...in the present circumstances is there a place for such a heavily passenger orientated route as Portsmouth-St Malo?
  6. I believe there is double deck loading at Pembroke and as far as I am aware double deck loading is available at Birkenhead, though not at Liverpool. That said I am not sure that expansion of the South Wales to Roslare routes would be fulfilling any demand in the foreseeable future, but could there be an option to revive a quality service between Merseyside and Dublin?
  7. Serena would certainly make sense...if this route establishes itself and starts taking passengers in numbers, summer I would guess, I imagine a couple of e-flexers would fit the bill...
  8. Could Seven Sisters be the third ship (presently laid up in Dunkirk), at least for the first three months or so?
  9. Don't know if this is the right place for this...sorry if it's discussed else where... but I notice, that according to the ferry site Cotentin finished on her present rout to Gdanya on 29 October 2020, does this mean that her charter is now complete and if so, is she likely to be returning to BF?
  10. With that in mind there would seem to be very little point in a continued relationship with the present FSG management/owners...as I said above, best to step away and then possibly try to forge a new relationship with the new owners (if that is still possible, given there appears to be no viable business to acquire ). If BF actually still want the vessel the best option would appear to be buying the hull from the receivers in due course and taking it elsewhere. The question is do they still need it and what sort of financing package could deliver it if they do?
  11. I think you have a point here...but how likely is it that the yard will be acquired by the potential buyer with an unfinished ship sitting on the pier with no prospective buyer? There would appear to be no real rout to an income stream at this yard, and a great big dead weight in the way of any future builds...they nee a deal and quickly!
  12. Many thanks. Makes sense. Could BF be looking at the possibility of new owners taking the yard over, then going back to see if they can get a better deal to complete the vessel at FSG, or alternatively buy the hull and take it for completion elsewhere? Or is it simply they no longer need the vessel given all that is going on...
  13. This is disappointing, if not entirely surprising . What are the financial implications for BF, what sort of deposit would they have had to put down? Could be somewhat difficult to recoup from a firm that is essentially bankrupt...
  14. Was on 18:00 from Fishbourne this evening-St Claire; very lightly loaded, only main car deck in use...very few passengers, very pleasant sailing!!
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