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  1. I was looking at this...looks a bit odd!
  2. Many thanks Andy...hope you had a great day!
  3. Does anyone have any idea what the structure sitting outside the shipbuilding hall at the moment is? And does anyone know what they are building next, will it be the second IF vessel?
  4. Engines would appear to be running; exuast rising from funnel at the moment & Port navigation light on. So engines and electrics seem to be working, can they move her...
  5. And she's back from her seatrial, alongside in Flenburg.
  6. Fair point Gareth, when it's this late anyway another couple of days isn't going to make much difference; as for the additional expense, fair point too! The cost over runs on this must now be very significant, let alone the lost revenues for IF.
  7. Sorry, I put this in the Irish Ferries thread a few moments ago by mistake, mixed up my threads... there appears, according to 'Ferry Site' to be only a 7m difference in length between WBY and Honfleur. It seems to me that they build from the back and push up the slope...though that in itself could be an optical illusion. What ever the case, it is an amazing process! Again, sorry about messing up my threads!
  8. According to 'Ferry Site' there is only a difference of 7m in length. It looks to me like they build from the back and push up the slope; though that itself could be an optical illusion. Do you think they will bring WBY through the Kiel Canal? Again according to what I can find she would fit through, though not sure about the draft of the vessel.
  9. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-invests-in-two-new-cruise-ferries-for-long-haul-spanish-routes/ This is the press release from BF with regards to the two Chinese built ships. As for a replacement of the Bretagne, we'll only time will tell, but 3 new ships in 3 years will take some absorbing. My bet would be on the Pont to St Malo.
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