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  1. Not casting aspersions, please don't think so, but if you are over 60 or registered disabled or anyone with a student card or anyone that is, don't book on line..Ring DFDS call centre and you get 20% off the crossing..only available by phone
  2. But can we spend in Pounds petetre??
  3. Yup that damn dog race has taken its toll...did manage to get some prices on the St Malo route though and they did look ok but after getting the prices the system crashed....blinding
  4. We will of course require a blow by blow account of this interesting encounter......
  5. 1am to 5am...it will be an extended and comprehensive training package
  6. If it was Flybe they would definitely have had a human at the gate to check the size of your hand luggage and see how many £50 ' fines' they could levy...
  7. A lot will depend on the prices they are going to charge...mess that up, and BF appear capable of that these days, then Tesco vouchers and the tunnel, not to mention Dieppe routes will start to eat their lunch.. Wednesday will be watched closely by many
  8. Been cancelled their all on Brexit cargo shuttles
  9. Us neither, but I`m told there are those who would pay a premium for such opportunities😂
  10. As I recall, last year and maybe the year before, when this momentous event occurs, the booking website crashed for about 2 days under the weight of clicks and enquiries. I hope BF are poised ready for the onslaught!!
  11. Not suprised on cruise ships though, they are like floating care homes..
  12. Often seems an exciting ride with these guys..running aground in the harbour and sinking the vicars yacht, banging into another one on the way over and now losing the anchor...The other lot seem to have a penchant for cancellations in between exploding engines 🤣😂 Makes BF crossings seem very tame indeed..........thankfully
  13. Having second thoughts maybe??
  14. Its all designed to tease Gareth😂....you`ll just have to be patient
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