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  1. Nothing of the sort. It was a commercial transaction, the logic of it is another matter, but it was a contractual matter and a certain price was paid. When the contract ceased, so did the payment. State Aid is an altogether different beast. You`d need to ask the French about how it works though.
  2. Manchester has closed terminals 2 and 3 and although the airfield is still 24/7 it is restricting arrivals to the hours of 6am to 4pm and departures from 8am to 4pm..Not that there will be many of them.. Apparantly Bournemouth airport has over 瞿1 Billion of aircraft parked up on the airfield.
  3. I`ve replied back to them suggesting that all these details need to be promulgated on their website in a clear precise way, which would save them an avalanche of e mails to deal with. I also suggested that their management gave the appearance of poor leadership. I asked why all vouchers and amendments could not be extended for 2 years which would be a goodwill gesture to their customers, who they will need going forward, after the restrictions are lifted. I also suggested discounts on day cabins and in the on board eateries. I finished with reminding them the Tunnel might be far away but its still a competion threat to them.. Sadly I don`t expect any reply or change to what they are doing!!
  4. I have just had a reply to my e mail, from a while back, from BF..I`ve re produced it as best I can....Hope it helps ``I am writing to you after receiving your webform regarding booking ....... As it stands at the moment, your sailings in June and July are unaffected by the Coronavirus measures, so normal terms and conditions apply if you wanted to amend or cancel the booking. Under the Standard type ticket, if you were to cancel the booking before paying the full balance the deposit will be non refundable. If you cancel after paying the full balance, the deposit will be non refundable and the rest will come back to you as a travel voucher. This applies until you are within 14 days of the outward departure date, when the ticket will then be fully non refundable. Alternatively you can amend the dates to use the ticket at the later time. There are no limits to the amount of times you can amend, but the ticket needs to be used within 12 months of the original departure date. On the standard ticket, there are no amendment fees until you are within 14 days of the outward departure date. You can amend your booking via the website, and you are currently able to amend up to the end of October 2020, with the schedules for winter and into 2021 being released in July. For sailings in the next few weeks that have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus measures, we have been issuing travel vouchers that are valid for 2 years, to be used once things are a bit more certain Kind regards Gemma
  5. Not too much competion though Ed.....不 10:28 Domestic violence cases rise in France Katya Adler Europe Editor France is one of a number of countries, including the UK, warning of increased domestic violence as coronavirus keeps people in their homes. Cases went up by 32% in one week, in Paris by 36%, Secretary of State for Gender Equality Marl癡ne Schiappa said, The country plans to introduce an emergency warning system in chemists, supermarkets and online for victims of abuse. Article share tools
  6. But the harsh reality, for a lot of people, is that their jobs have gone. Many companies will not survive this onslaught. For those whose jobs remain they will have to spend time repairing shattered finances with the spectre of unemployment looming, where it was not before. To these people getting a refund is more important than the outlook for a foreign company who will be backed by state aid.
  7. Take care all of you and I hope it passes very soon..Do keep us informed how things are going..with every best wish to all who have any symptons and to those, so far, who have non..
  8. For which I am eternally grateful...Just waiting for the Fraulein to leave my food on the table in front of the computer............whilst I`m watching Netflix....yes deffo cabin fever 不
  9. Give us a break guys I`ve got cabin fever...not sure if it isnt terminal but its certainly advanced 不不
  10. We booked our gites, for this year, through the BF`s own Holiday France Direct company. Using them you get a 20% reduction in base fares. After much thought and no refunds, we have decided, in conjunction with our flexible hirers, to kick the can down the road to September and re book albeit using different routes but wondered if our discount would `follow us` or not..Asked BF over a week ago and still no reply..grrr. I then left a message on the answerphone at Holiday Direct over the weekend and got a call from a lovely lady just after 9am..Not only answering my queries but supplying the discount code again to assist the re book. The moral is, some parts of BF are working as well and as good as always. One suspects the bits with poor systems and management are close to collapse.
  11. A lovely and timely thought to all of us Chris..Thanks
  12. Frightening in these apocaleptic times when you fear that `Sole, Fasnet and Lundy` have been taken from us as well 不
  13. Would`nt bother..she`s an old tub..only a couple of years newer than the Bretagne 不不
  14. Then please don`t comment..As I said no politics..Thank you
  15. The first obstacle I can see is the travel insurance industry..Very soon the new question on the proposal will be `Have you ever received the NHS stay at home for 12 weeks letter?`..In the event of yes you won`t get cover or if you do it will cost more than the holiday itself. That would, in one fell swoop, seriously affect the cruise industry. Because they would also load the over 70`s to the same degree. They will wriggle out of Covid 19/pandemics or anything nasty that looks like it might cost them money, for everyone. Whilst on the subject of the rest of us, prices will rocket to cover their present losses. This terrible situation does mean reduced financial circumstances for a lot of people. The budgeting they did to include foreign holidays will be revised for some and abandoned for others. A disappointment for millions but a disaster for the holiday providers. So assuming you can make it, pack your bags, get a jolly and off you go...what do you find?..A lot of the bars/restaurants in say Spain will not survive. Many of the Brit bars were clinging on by their fingernails in the good times, they will be gone. A lot of mainland workers in the Canaries and Balearics may not return. It will take years to get things back and running as they were. Greece will fair better as they had a summer season only and are family backed and run. France never had such a tourist trade, a lot of it is year round and yet other parts are based on rural areas (Gites etc). France may be the first to benefit who knows.. As to the EHIC card I`ll make bold prediction that it actually continues going forward. That would be in everyone`s interest
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