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  1. You re either a lady or a gentleman and which is decided by your chromosomes...Its as straightforward as that.
  2. It's shared with the country of destination, in this case France but it's primarily an anti terrorist measure. Certainly all our details will be checked by the British and the host countries to see if you are on any of the 'at risk' registers..If you aren't, as all of us here, it's nfa.... otherwise it's a useful tool to track those who need to be tracked.
  3. The freight schedules still show Normandie operating a full service through the winter. Its probable though, as in previous years, that Normandie will operate as a freight only service (with much reduced crew and costs) the Mont only carrying passengers.
  4. Sounds like its overworked and in need of a refit
  5. Having spoken to two different owners today, both stuck by them as the UK team were excellent in their support for owners, did a lot of the work for them and the 20% discount was a decent incentive to book with them.. One at least is with other platforms, that has been mentioned, but they were almost always more expensive to use, lacked the support the BF firm offered and none could offer the discount that made BF actually affordable in peak season.. Also the excellent staff, certainly from my experience, have all lost their jobs as I understand...
  6. As many of you may know this is a BF based holiday cottage/gite agency, operating out of Poole. They link owners in France and Spain with clients and offer (and have done for years) a useful 20% discount on the passenger and car ferry tariffs on all routes. Sadly I have just heard from an owner, we are booked with in Normandy next year, that BF have decided to close this part of their business for good at the end of December. All bookings discounts will be honoured for 2022 and all bookings made before 31st December, for next year, will attract the 20% discount. The real sadness is for hundreds of holiday home owners who did all their letting through HFD and Brittany Ferries and now have to find alternative ways to market their properties.They have been given very little notice which is a rather shameful way of treating people who have been loyal to them over many years. The bottom line is obviously now all to Brittany Ferries and they seem to be systematically stripping discounted travel away, despite the business it brought in. I wonder how much more life the CV has left in it?...By the looks of this not very much.
  7. Looks like whatever it was may have been fixed. Amorique came off the berth after lunch and has been `sea testing` and is now at the St Malo anchorage.
  8. So did we Ian, I know exactly what you mean 😁
  9. Does`nt look good. In fairness to BF they are merely the charterers and accepted delivery on initial arrival in Europe. The design, ordering and accepting of delivery finish was all the responsibility of Stena RoRo, who are actually still the owners. That said I`m sure BF will be drawing up a snagging list that will have to be put right under the terms of the charter agreement.
  10. Still got ours, tucked away somewhere, taken on the Bretagne..Yes the kids loved it as well
  11. We have had opportunities to travel to both France and Spain this year but have done neither. In the latter case, Spain, the cancellation of the flights was out of our hands and the French one is just too full of hoops to be bothered. We went, instead, in June to the Isle of Wight and whilst the weather was mixed we thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact so much so we are returning there for 2 weeks on Monday. Both times we will have used the Red Funnel services, which we like. An hour of interesting places, sights and vessels whilst on passage. They even have a Commodore class lounge called Signature. The Island is often said to be 20 years behind the mainland, or north Island as the locals call it. Its climate is that of Normandy/Brittany. Lots of lush green agricultural land giving a good supply of fresh Island produce, readily available. Lovely beaches and `Kiss me quick` resorts for those that want it and much quieter places for those that don`t. Good walks over the hills inland. We have rented cottages this trip. OK not that cheap but still affordable. Islands roads are slow, narrow and winding with traffic that mostly drives to the conditions. As I get older I get less tolerant with nonsense, forms, lies and fools. A holiday is what you make it and we are both satisfied it ticks more boxes than it doesnt. Oh and I really don`t miss France either.
  12. This one should work...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6qPQ4fs84g
  13. We are going back shortly for our second visit of the year to the Island and this time using one of the cottage letting agents..One cottage is completely flexible but the other isnt available until the Sunday..Some are still Sat to Sat but others are very flexible, so cleaner availability may well be the key. We are using Red Funnel to Cowes, as before so its the usual `Ferry Roulette` with very small car parks 😁. That said we havent missed France and the huge amount of extra driving it would entail and as you get older it gets less appealing, not to mention the hoops that I can`t be bothered to jump through. The I o W is a very good replacement. Just need more reliable ferries.
  14. Ok what happens to people who only have the paperwork, no app nothing scanable?..A lot of French will be in that position.
  15. Doesnt paper work just as well everywhere?..I can imagine many people in France, for instance, don`t have smartphones if one at all and like here there is no requirement to own one.Then surely a glance at the paper will suffice?
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