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  1. Paully

    New Look Revealed

    That`s all very well but will they be taking dogs????
  2. Paully

    French road blockades

    Going to start carrying my gilet jaune on the dashboard in the future..Never know where is all going to kick off these days😂
  3. Paully

    French road blockades

    About 10b Euro so far, but he hasn't worked out how they are going to pay for it... Blinding makes TM look genius. On a serious note he's a busted flush from here on in. His attempts at reform, economic and otherwise, are gone forever. The other side of the coin though is another arrogant out of touch politician has been skewered..maybe some of the others might start to listen..
  4. If you find Britain so bad have you thought about spending all your time at your French house instead??
  5. Mind you in those days they just checked to make sure there was a reasonable likeness and it was in date. Today they all have to go through a computer to be checked which is what take the oodles of time. Same at the airports. Sadly
  6. Paully

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Just the Godawful M5 first😉...That`s the main thing that put us off using that route. shame as the Armorique does look like a great way to cross. But you`re braver than me Neil..Bon Chance
  7. Paully

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Reminds me of the story related to me by one of my old bosses, an ex RAF Jaguar pilot. Doing the conversion from the Hunters he was told their job was to deliver nuclear bombs over Russia. Quick calculation on the back of a fag packet told them the Jag didnt have the range to get back (days before inflight re fuelling).Then they were told `you wont be coming back`...
  8. Paully

    French road blockades

    I agree that the only way to unseat a Government is through the ballot box, never mob rule..If that works only a lunatic would ever want the job again. Certainly in France it would be impossible to rule. The problem, as I see it from UK, is that there is no unified leadership. No single goals (achievable or not), no specific persons to negotiate with. This is unprecedented within Europe in living memory. Interesting to see what Macron comes up with next week, but it needs to be good.
  9. Paully

    French road blockades

    There is quite a lot of `doctored` photos on `Gilet Jaunes` facebook site..most uncomplimentary and some distasteful tbh..But they did have a live You Tube feed this morning from a roadblock in Calais, which appeared civilised and even an interview with a senior Police Officer from Police National who was happy to talk to them..Not a heavy Police presence but didnt look at though it was needed..reassuring..
  10. Paully

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Going by recent comment, a very large Vac and Dust round the passenger accomodation would`nt go amiss apparantly.
  11. Paully

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    You doubt???????????🤔
  12. Paully

    New Look Revealed

    Just seen Pont Aven coming into Portsmouth, albeit via the harbour entrance webcam and HMS Warrior (in colour..sort of)..did look different obviously, it was dark and the cameras weren`t the best...but it did look good..There was too much reflection of light around the funnel so the logo could only be seen, partially.
  13. Paully

    Sister ships, definition..

    You`re right they were..They were previously Bulgarian owned and converted to the Ro Ro`s we knew, which did great service on the Dover Calais route
  14. Paully

    Cap Finistere 2 nighter

    Roasted or boiled do you reckon??
  15. Paully

    French road blockades

    For those who were familiar with a famous Normandy landmark, The Cow Roundabout in Rouen, there is bad news. Whilst the roundabout is still there the cows are no longer. They were set fire to in the recent protests and have burnt out.