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  1. Look on the bright side..if you want to drive anywhere else outside of the EU you've already got what you will most probably need..
  2. Paully

    New deposit price on bookings?

    Don't see the fuss myself..book with any other ferry company and its pay in full up front and that's that..BF are still the best even at 25%.. I suspect it's the holidays side of the business that's down and that may well be down to changing tastes as much as anything else.
  3. Paully

    SAILING UPDATES: 2019 Latest News

    Yes I know its Ouistreham..left it too late to edit
  4. Paully

    SAILING UPDATES: 2019 Latest News

    Didnt realise that Border Force had the contract in Ouisterham as well 🤣
  5. Paully

    Sponsored Ferries

    I know Red Funnel tried it with Ikea........I still haven`t recovered 😂
  6. I`ve voted without a problem and now see the voting reulsts so far..If you havent already done so, maybe log out of the site and try logging back in to clear whatever is causing the trouble?
  7. Paully

    Canine Cabin Companions

    I'm warming to that long drive down the Peninsula!!..does the Barfleur exclude them as well?
  8. Paully

    Canine Cabin Companions

    Well said Neil, it's time they were confined to the tunnel or left in kennels..and I had dogs for many many years as well..but bringing them into the ships accomodation is not acceptable, just selfish..what if the next pax was a child with allergies or worse happened.
  9. Paully

    Navy to convert ferries to warships

    Gonna have to try one of these fast craft in the not too distant future..
  10. Paully

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    Wouldn`t appeal to me either..Here`s some little pearls from the FT : https://www.ft.com/stream/b386a6e7-2e83-434f-91cb-8ca809ce26d3 Still, if you are desperate, any port in a storm
  11. Paully

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    Our Grandkids loved them 🤣
  12. Paully

    Government charter

    Certainly........Seabourne haven`t a pot to do the proverbial in. Common sense tells you that they are a shell company. Arklow are an established shipping company, with a variety of vessels, a good reputation within the industry and no doubt an ability to obtain other vessels as and when available. Now if you are going to back an entity such as Seabourne business wise, then you are going to be in pretty deep are you not? However for whatever reasons and I think wise ones they have pulled out and thats that. Whatever their motive it isn`t now going to happen, so its put to bed. I presume that your line of questioning was because you thought I was impuning the name of an Irish company, which I most certainly was not, as you do seem to be sensitive to such issues in the past. Best wishes
  13. Paully

    Government charter

    Or this one http://www.asl.ie/about-us/
  14. Paully

    Government charter

    Yes funny that...seems Seaborne was in reality Arklow Shipping with both side complicit in hiding the fact...yes very mysterious Indeed.
  15. Paully

    General disquiet about a drop in standards.

    Sounds familiar 🤣..first time we took the Paulette's to France they were 7 and we shoehorned into an inside 4 berth, on the Duchesse Anne, just above the engine room..😀😵