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  1. Have they replaced many of the cameras that the Gilet Jaune er fixed, yet?
  2. Paully

    Hotel Kyriad

    Ah I was referring to the one in St Malo itself not the Richardais one...
  3. 5 sets of pastries???????...you know what this is going to start🤣😋
  4. Paully

    Hotel Kyriad

    Should be..we were there last month and it was fine..Bar prices are eyewatering though🙊..Just up the hill at the roundabout (walkable) is a decent Buffalo Grill, well used by the locals as well.
  5. Paully

    CF vs PA

    Am I mistaken or does or did the Cap Finistere also have a small `pond`??
  6. In relation to the date I quoted, the lovely lady I spoke to, went away to consult with a supervisor regarding the date and was supplied in all good faith. Of course there are many and varied reasons within the company and its systems why that might not be strictly adhere`d to but it will be on or about, which may be of help to others..
  7. Nothing to do with what you think. The border control issues are as a result of a Bi Lateral agreement, directly between the 2 Governments and as such are completely outside of any current issues, no matter how much some would like it not to be.
  8. To run aground once is unfortunate but to do it twice, in just over a year, begins to look careless..
  9. I`ve just had the pleasure of speaking to a very helpful member of BF call centre who have confirmed that the summer 2020 bookings will actually be released Tuesday 15th October for the French and Spanish services. We used one of their subsidiaries, Holiday France Direct, who give at least 20% discount on the Ferry fares which include the Spanish services as well.Can feel a trip on Cap Finistere coming up
  10. Very true Nick,but their passenger ops arn`t and its this aspect that reduces those profits. Holiday wise the Channel Islands are a declining market and have been for some time. I just can`t see why anyone wants to buy into it. If there was money in it, Macquarrie would have stayed.
  11. As I`ve said before, business wise I think they might be slightly bonkers getting involved with these Islands services. I don`t see them making big bucks, unless the States subsidise them,like Aurigny, which of course they may well be doing. One wonders where this 2nd Ro Pax might be coming from. To design, tender and build, as BF know, is not a quick or cheap route. So timings are academic at present until a 2nd vessel, if that is what they are going to do, enters service from somewhere. I can fully understand the Islanders anger at how things have so far panned out but its certainly not a market I`d want to get involved with.
  12. Chocolate Mouse....Oh I can see where this is going to end 😋
  13. You can`t.......they want you to be one of the first to know when the black death does arrive in the West Country or a new type of triangular Cornish Pasty comes to market.............whichever comes first obviously
  14. Still on the statute book, but there are now no Police left to enforce said statute. The dross know this and hence an explosion of Public Order offences.
  15. Don`t forget lunch in the Les Aber on the way back.....an nice treat at the end of the trip
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