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  1. Can anyone advise please on any recent arrivals at Ouistreham and the time taken to clear passport checks. I`ve been reading some horror stories of 45 mins delay earlier this year. St Malo clears you in about 10 mins, with a visual check only of passports. If you were to arrive on the 3pm, on a Monday mid June,say, would you get to the Caen ring road before the tea time armageddon? Thanks in advance
  2. Paully

    Medevac on Pont Aven

    MT showing rescue Helo, from Lee on Solent, still overhead the Pont Aven, speed still 20knots
  3. Funnily enough the Plymouth Roscoff outbound next year is reasonably priced..Looking at the maps, seems there is dual carriageway most of the way to Nantes as well. BUT coming from the North of England Plymouth is the horror factor in the trip..Not just getting there but finding the port once you have, is quite enough to send me to Portsmouth or Poole.
  4. I saw her berth alongside the Bretagne in June and a friend of mine was on her..It was a similar load to yours in September.
  5. Does make you wonder if their thinking is one of `Keeping the opposition out`?..If they used the Normandie as lower cost bait to freight operators they would be in danger of diluting their established route to Caen and a bit out of the way for a lot of holiday traffic. The Etretat is not an offering Gourvennec was aiming for but is sufficent for that purpose. Normandie can be switched to cover Caen routes, using her at a lower speed, with less work she`ll last longer and allows a Visintini to be returned to the dealer. Who knows whats in their minds but just my thoughts
  6. I agree with Jonno, almost certainly they will reduce capacity and with it the number of crew required, as they presently do with Barfleur. It will be interesting, if they do, so see how far they cut capacity/crew.
  7. How many of them do you reckon you could get in it at once???
  8. Pick ups near Leeds by any chance Jonno??🙏
  9. About same as the arrival date of the Honfleur 🤣
  10. Slightly off topic but still Le Havre..can anyone tell me what are the departure roads like out of the port of Le Havre before connecting with the A13 autoroute...Good/nightmare/just busy/poor??...Dont fancy the steep ramp plus salt water car wash of the Etretat at any price BUT if Normandie comes on the route in the near future it might come into my reckoning..Thanks
  11. Yet another sad story of seamen being treated badly by useless, greedy owners. Russian crews desperate for work are simply taken advantage of and sent off in unseaworthy rustbuckets, like this. A year ago another Russian bulker, the Kuzma Minin, ran aground off Falmouth and was subsequently detained. Charities supported the crew after the owners abandoned them and the Russian Embassy repatted the crew. Turned out the ship didnt even have enough fuel to get it to the next port of call and only potatoes for the crew to eat!!.. I`d put money on this one playing out exactly the same...sadly
  12. Hmm..so far we have a ship that if it gets finished and into service, its cabins might have been assembled and finished with a big hammer. Even in such event, it might not be safe to leave it and venture into the public areas for fear of maurauding `St Trinians` of varying nationalities, whooping and hollering...The Nex is beginning to look like a safe bet, even if it does lurch and return your breakfast to you 🤣
  13. This company, part of Brittany Ferries is well into its booking season for cottages/gites etc..It offers 20% discount on passenger and car fares, on all routes including Spanish ones, but on checking this morning they are offering 25% off..Don`t know for how long, but if anyone is in the market for such a holiday, might be worth a look for you.
  14. Well obviously yes, but I would have thought they would have primarily an overview of how things were going. I was meaning the continuity of checks in every part of the construction.
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