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  1. If you had been looking round comments sections/social media etc you would have seen Q fatigue had set in quite some time before the Blackford/Kinnock/Cummins debacle. Its called human nature. We live in a society that will knuckle down for a period of time in an emergency but sooner or later it wears off. If it had been awful typical UK weather things would be different. But that, I submit, is the causation factor not the folly of the few. That I`m sure is the reason Macron has eased back on conditions in France, he`s recognised the human fraility and how the spirit reacts. We all have to accept that life is a gamble, we cut back on the risks of course but we have to surf in the direction it takes us. Oh yes I can recommend turning the UK TV News off..It allows the blood pressure to return to normal readings..As I said cut the risks to health. Keep safe everyone every day..
  2. Blinding arn`t they...Just when you think there isn`t anymore clangers to drop, they find one..This scheme was, grudgingly, allowing them to build some kudos, must have been working because they have withdrawn it with 2 days notice. It probably just dawned on them that next year they would be carrying large numbers of pax on credit notes, their previous contributions having already been spaffed. Social media should be interesting next week.
  3. So that`s what Bretagnes replacement is going to look like.......Luverly Jubberley..
  4. The 1 metre rule is the recommendation of the WHO and in reality is close to the distance a lot of people were apart post Covid anyway. The French have realised that if they persist much longer with Queues and lockdown their economy would retreat to the Fred Flintstone age. They are allowing relaxation hotels/bars etc only in the green areas, which is most of France. We`ll be by Fred`s side by August but still miles apart and Queing for everything, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Anyway seriously planning our French Holiday for late August now. If BF adopt their native rules for the carriage of passengers then business might be better than they could have hoped for. A better experience for the Pax as well, still maintaining sensibility without rigidity and people getting on with life and accepting that itself is a risk.
  5. These quizes always remind me of the old Max Bygraves joke, said in a Cockney twang.........Q. Where will you find the Andes..A on the end of your wristies...🤣😂
  6. Don`t know about the football club but they`ve certainly been sponsoring one of the local companies!!
  7. Marella have positioned the Discovery up from Capetown now. Is due to call at Las Palmas on the 24th for bunkers, stores and water then presumably make for Southampton as well..Hamburg and Rotterdam are getting full of cruise ships as well..
  8. What are you mytherying on about......Its quite clear..use good judgement and common sense. Thats what the man said and meant.. Unfortunately some people, these days, have to be led by the nose and informed Janet and John style. So I accept for those people it might need some explanation. For the rest of us it didnt.
  9. Be fair Ed...their last one was err March, so they are well overdue to rattle cages..They have needs and urges 😂🤣
  10. It certainly will be, but I can see the terminals and transfer coaches not fitting the requirements needed for safe passenger handling....at this moment in time. That said, I`m sure they will restore these options as soon as its safe to do so.
  11. From what I read, may well be wrong but the Government did give them cash for running the Freight routes at the start of this virus issue, but I read in a Telegraph article (behind a paywall) that they were holding out on the rescue cash itself due to DP World not meeting the criteria
  12. As I understand it Gareth the Government did decline the Sheiks begging bowl, held out as he handed out £270 M in dividends..
  13. I buy mine through a pharmacy, all it seems to do is blow hotter and hotter area all over your lower face until you have to move it to let some cooler fresher air in. A friend of mine finds they steam his glasses up and has to take them off in the supermarket for him to read any labels..as you say Jonno..
  14. Men..washing machines...hot cycles........what are you talking about??????????
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