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  1. Man after my own heart... Keep passing by though
  2. Do you mean you used to keep missing the ferry?🤣...Nice to see you again by the way
  3. There is a guy on Facebook purportedly selling various fixtures and fittings from the Marco Polo, recenly beached at Alang. I`m not going to link it as I`m not certain of its provenance. But if you google shipping author Peter Knego, he has bought lots of ships bits and pieces and has them containerd to his home on the West of the USA..He has some interesting pictures. He has been doing it for years though.
  4. Jet2 have started something very similar for their all package holiday tours. The problem BF are going to have is just how welcome visitors will feel going to France. That is out of their hands. So at the moment, probably not.
  5. May I ask why..we have rented from both
  6. I`m at a loss to understand why the Welsh Government would get involved. Yes the reduction of traffic will cause a reduction in port charges but thats all. These lorries roll off at Holyhead and by and large don`t stop until they arrive at the final channel exit port. The lorries are full of diesel, their drivers rested and fed on the ferry. The plus for the UK has to be a goodly reduction of HGV`s on UK roads. Sadly I don`t think this situation will improve as the landbridge will always be more attractive to hauliers already on wafer thin margins. Just the Covid requirements by the Fr
  7. Now confirmed the Magellan is presently enroute to Alang for scrap. Rumours are that the Columbus will follow shortly.
  8. Very fond memories of the Duc having travelled on her a number of times. Yes she had a rather odd layout inside, as has been said but BF gave her a charm all of her own and we liked her. Got the kids (as they were then) up to the bridge which I remember as being rather cramped compared to the Bretagne. Nevertheless she was a well built ship who served a number of owners and a diverse number of passengers, with safety and reliability all her long service. Fondly remembered.
  9. Seems the Treasury are reluctant to `chip in`,maybe they sense different operators are waiting for their chance
  10. Change may come sooner than we thought. Reports this morning indicate that Eurostar is close to collapse. It has cut services and is asking the Treasury to bail it out..Odd because we sold our share to the French in 2015 and in fairness they have already pumped in e200m but it seems to be a money pit. Changing it to a drive through might be its best option, and for everything else there are the ferries 😁
  11. Oh jolly hockey sticks🙈..that should see the end of tourism especially as they won`t be able to give any sort of end date, not with EU vaccinations taking so long. Some may be able to hang on but many sadly will not. BF planning must have gone from weekly to daily.
  12. No idea Colin, you may be right. I was quoting exactly what Irish Customs themselves said. They have as a result extended non enforcement of the rules but were very critical of hauliers.
  13. Yes I agree strange that it wasn`t included in the December accord..However I believe it is being addressed..The UK and Spain are presently in talks re the border/food etc regarding Gibraltar, as they are going to be part of Schengen. They presently have a ferry doing the run between Algerciras and Gib to get round the food problem. Both the EU and the Government of Gibraltar are interested parties to the talks which are due to last 4-6 months. It is within this context that agreement will be reached, on all sorts of things as well, which due to EU involvement will resolve the food import prob
  14. Which seems to be mainly the fault of the hauliers for not having bothered to sort out the new required paperwork despite plenty of time to do so......That was according to Irish Customs as quoted in RTE News a few days ago. Quite believeable I have to say..Once it all settles down I suspect Irish Ferries prediction may still be correct. Be interesting to see the level of the more expensive direct services in say 6 months time...
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