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  1. Indeed Gareth and many will agree with you, but these days they need to follow the biggest growth of the Dinero...Rosslare might give them more bang for their bucks, as they say..
  2. If he gets the bill for the PA`s new engine, he`ll wish it was 😂
  3. I`ve still got my Carrefour `Jeton` acquired back in the 90`s in Eastern France. Still works, I used it Yesterday in our local Lidl and Tesco..😁
  4. Aah now you know where it ended up......Burnt beyond use I`m afraid 😁
  5. Hope they`ve still got the stencil to repair the `Ferries` bit
  6. Good moaning....we are sending up the farters to shoot down the bummers when we shall have good nose of the British earman😂
  7. Goodness me..you managed to get a dig in about the Bretagne..I thought you were losing your touch
  8. The term BF use actually is mini..cruise..As do P & O North Sea and others before them. It is to differentiate between what they offer and what is offered on a full cruise that includes full board and entertainment and doesnt carry cars..Although you may well get whale watching enroute to wherever.
  9. Forgive me if this has been coveredbefore but would the Cap Finistere fit onto the St Malo route..or is she unsuitable?
  10. I think Jonno said, on another thread, that the port of Le Havre, contribute to Somanor therefore BF are obliged to continue with the route unless economically unsustainable. Ditto the route to Cherbourg. What happens and how it operates after the arrival of Honfleur remains interesting points of conjecture. I think it will be operated in the short to medium term, by the Normandie, but as a full BF route and dropping the `Economie` brand. Plus of course it does serve to keep anyone else out and in the process provides protection for the lucrative Caen route..
  11. Perhaps it might be easier if they could give their employers a list of dates when they would attend for work
  12. I wonder where the night Master is working now
  13. Dunno..sounds a bit like Nodwads dog did though. One more wrong question and that Bulgarian fella could have been in trouble😂
  14. Every sympathy Nodwad..I know this has been covered before but its worth repeating. This kind of `tokenism` brings security into disrepute. The vehicles to be checked are picked at random and if you ask at check in they will tell you if you have been `selected`..This is just comedy gold..We were on the `invite` list last year and its just as you describe. Looking at the quality of the operatives makes you realise this is not real security. Just gesture stuff. Car full of stuff enroute for SC holiday..First stupid question..Do you have any knives with you..Answer was NO..ask me one on sport?..stumped..The really worrying thing is that no non UK registered vehicles get stopped.I did get them to admit that as well. Its a Saga lottery and not BF`s fault, although they supply the car details to port security (??). What they need to do is target, there are enough criminals in and out of the port, but pensioners are an easier target. Just do what you have to, and not an inch more. Such is life in modern Britain
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