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  1. Best hope its not the Wednesday they have it staffed with someone who only speaks Mandarin😁
  2. Maybe thats the one operating Southampton to Le Havre then 😁
  3. Be a tight squeeze and you`ll have to bring her ashore from Le Havre..roads from St Malo and Caen..are too tight🤣
  4. If its any consolation the CMV ships were all in a pretty poor state, according to their latest surveys. The Columbus was running with 2 generators permanently out of action due to age/repair and others had very thin hulls. Although they had spent millions on them it wasn`t enough. I think a lot of the time they were held together by a willing crew. Even without Covid a lot of these iconic but elderly ships would have ended up in the scrappers. The Queen Mary, probably the most iconic of all has, rightly, been preserved for decades, but now it looks like the money is running out..I shudder to
  5. Maybe its because its a Stena design and what they wanted after negotiations with the yard. The Lessors, in this case BF, had to pretty much accept it as it was, albeit with some furnishings differences to suit them personally.
  6. Long been rumoured that was true over many years..The responsibility always rests with the Master..The pilot walks away..sadly
  7. What I was doing was quoting what a Government Minister was saying thats all. It sounded to me as though he was hinting that France , on their own, might have special measures or restrictions imposed on them. Its a destination that affects most on here.
  8. A clue might have come from the Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, being interviewed on Marr this morning. He suggested that it was possible (likely you may think) that some sort of travel restriction will be placed to and from France. He mentioned there specifically. I wouldn`t be suprised.
  9. That, many may take to be rather arrogant. You appear not to believe in Democracy, when it doesn`t fit your particular narrative. However inconvenient the truth, those regimes opposed to democracy rarely last. The democratic will survives.
  10. Funny that, one of your fellow countrymen, in a previous post 12 hours ago, had a diametrically different view to you of whats happening in Ireland..Still I suppose twill all come out eventually.
  11. I get the impression that there is a personal antagonism, against this company, by some people. As has been said above, by Shipping Forecast, "Vaccine Politics, the pinnacle of achievement for our worthy leaders"...Indeed
  12. Whilst skirting the politics of this, I, like many others on here, are comfortable to well heeled crusties. We have solid reliable incomes. True they were paid for and earned. No question of that. But my heart goes out to the younger generation, who are missing out on education, life experiences, job opportunities or career progression. Instead suffering mental health and despair. I also think of those older generations, but younger than me, who had senior roles they had worked all their lives for (Debenhams and BA 747 flight crews for example) now made redundant in their 50`s with no hop
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