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  1. Sounds like they were expecting you........Fallen out with the neighbours????????????😂🤣😂
  2. Quelle suprise eh!!.....🤬
  3. Thanks for that, nice report,glad you had a good trip and enjoyed the Bretagne..Many of us still do warts and all..So they are still using deck 5 even with a half empty ship???? 😕..Although rumours of a replacement for the Bretagne keep surfacing, so far nothing definite has been announced so she should be available for your next trip...
  4. Paully

    Pont Aven - Problem?

    Marine Traffic showing her now mid channel at 23knots estimating Plymouth at 1300hrs.
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/no-deal-brexit-planning-winds-down-with-immediate-effect-sky-sources-11691005 IF this is true, then seems BF will be paid up and thanked for their efforts. What they do after that will remain a matter for BF it seems..
  6. It was a terrible tragedy that should never have happened...Poor souls..But begs the question though of why have they waited 25 years to go to court?? Something seems a bit odd.
  7. Wonder where exactly they are going to use her?
  8. I wonder if they will still need deck 5 on the Bretagne this summer 😁
  9. This year we have booked through Holiday France Direct, which as you know is part of BF..The property we have booked is usually very busy but this year, so far has just 2 bookings. So I did a very unscientific survey and spot checked a number of properties in popular areas. The result was pretty much the same. Sparse bookings with many more expensive ones already offering attractive discounts to entice you to book. A lot of the British owned properties also offering payment in Sterling not Euros, which must help. The problem for operators such as BF is knowing the unknown. Brexit is almost quantifiable, compared to the loss of interest in holidaying in France by many British. It doesnt have the same appeal it used to (perceived as expensive). Bulgaria is now the cheapest place in Europe apparently with guaranteed sun, and packages are reasonable. France is neither. After last years belting, and unusual summer, I wonder how many people are staying at home this summer.. Bf`s business is and always has been aimed at the holiday traveller market and that is their achilles heel. France has slipped out of fashion (at this time) Brexit is merely the coup de grace. As always its the French business people who will lose out and I feel for them. After all we seem to share the same opinion of Macron..Bon Chance
  10. A lot of the complaints re delays on leaving ports are actually down to Border Force, not Customs, and the inordinate amount of time they take to process people. Their staffing levels are little short of a scandal..
  11. That could be interesting 🤣..I remember well that in that era the mainstream tour operators, Horizon, Intasun etc had no compunction in featuring pictures of topless young ladies on the beach or by the pool......the Club 18-30 one was akin to something you`d find on the top shelf of a newsagents.................so I was told😄
  12. I fail to understand why Customs search people and vehicles on the way out..They are not security officers. At airports you only see customs, and very very rarely on the inbound...why?
  13. And the M5 as well🤣....Likewise we havent given it much thought either. The worst can happen is delays out of and back into the port, which we have already factored into our journey times. OK the bloody minded dockers can always throw a wobbler but so can the ATC and that affects most flights,one way or another. In the event we are delayed, we`ll chill, listen to music and put the air conditioning on.
  14. Yes but he does need to visit the peasants from time to time 🤣
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