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  1. I think BF said that foot passengers actually cost them money to transport. Clearly it does for all of them. Maintaining the infrastructure required is a cost too far these days. If it doesnt pay it goes. Hopefully when sanity returns to the world they will have a re think.
  2. Any port in a storm Chef.....any port🤣
  3. Imagine that in a force 9...it would act like a sail..
  4. Strange Ian I thought you had a few digs at them in the past for this same reason..it was tongue in cheek humour nothing more than that...I'll leave it there at this time
  5. Or perhaps send a free set to all those who didnt get their money back and or got left behind in Spain as a PR goodwill gesture?.
  6. Par Avion.......or good old fashioned Air Mail
  7. I personally will mourn the passing of the pride twins.Ive sailed on them many times and have a great fondness for them..as I did Norland and Norstar before them.. However the writing has been on the wall for a long time for these ships..The requirements of 'locking in and out' at Hull made replacement difficult. Whilst freight on this route has been buoyant and will without doubt continue with cheaper to operate freighters. The Achilles heel for the twins was the hotel dept..for most of the year it had to sell loss making short breaks and tribute bands nights to bring some cash in.
  8. Whats it like in rough weather?
  9. You really dont want to know 😂🤣
  10. Oh for goodness sake..I get hacked off with people who take offence at everything these days..in some circles it appears De riguer...they need to get over themselves and grow up
  11. They certainly did..Hull was the worst, which is where they have/had a main base. To say they were amateurish would be an understatement especially when confronted with the law, so they tended to be aggressive. Managers refused to come out of their offices. What was worse was they only ever stopped UK registered cars. Often there were some rough looking European reg vehicles with very dodgy looking occupants who were given free passage. All designed to intimidate
  12. P&O used to reckon duty free was a licence to print money on their short sea route..whilst the customs allowances are rather well down on what we can repatriate at present, as I read it the wine and beer allowance can be duty paid in the EU or completely duty free.. Might be worth BF's while enlarging the onboard shops whilst their all laid up..Barfleur indeed could have a new lease of life
  13. He did try to tell you🤣
  14. Plus Ouisterham is very close to the main arterial motorways seamlessly connecting various parts of Europe, whereas Cherbourg is a long haul up and down the Cotentin Peninsula which adds not only to the truck fuel but also to the drivers hours.
  15. What I should have added is that the majority of visits to the EU from the UK are by air. Therefore the loss to the Treasury by returnees with the actual capacity to bring quantities of beer and wine back will be small in the grand scheme of things. When they get round to crunching the numbers the cost of deterence and revenue raising will far outweigh the benefits. As Chris says the 90`s beer runners are extinct. Tobacco prices in Europe virtually mirror the UK now. I can`t see it being worth the effort.
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