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  1. Looks like after she last discharged in Roscoff, the cleaners weren`t needed as she sailed straight to Brest and no one has bothered since then..Certainly worth a mega complaint. Makes you wonder what state the rest of the ship is in.
  2. Baked to perfection to satisfy the whims of Perfidious Albion😂
  3. Paully


    Yes but the sharks are circling
  4. Paully


    wow...thats more than my return crossing with club cabins and car on the Bretagne next week......hope the dolphins perform on the day!!
  5. Just dropping the Brest pilot and underway bound Roscoff
  6. All because the passengers like their bread rolls fresh 🤣
  7. Whilst they can and will test it enroute, it cannot sail, especially as a passenger carrying vessel, without the express permission of the French Marine Surveyor. It all hinges on official approval I`m afraid.
  8. Re the steering gear, if it had been an old cargo ship it would have been tested whilst alongside. The owners would never have paid for sea trials.. Depends on the views of the Marine Surveyor, if they are happy without sea trials then she`s good to go.
  9. Probably not, but the slow loading can`t be solved due to design. Neither can the vehicle decks, which were adequate for the size of cars in the 1980`s but today`s vehicles have expanded. So no change there. Latest reports are that the cabins have had a good clean, lets hope so but reminders of another era are in the bathrooms. The washbasins have built in ashtrays🤣..Where the Bretagne does excel, is in reliability, an excellent sea boat, one of the best restaurants in the fleet and dare I say a sort of homely feel. Bretagne like the Barfleur and the Normandie were built by owners who presented plans to the shipyard and asked the price. Now they tell the yard the price and then look at the plans. Maybe that`s why those stalwarts are still popular.
  10. Thanks for that very sad update Ed...The circumstances were all the more tragic in that they died, volunteering, to save the lives of others, as do our much loved and respected RNLI. On the finance front, maybe worth another e mail to Christophe Mathieu suggesting a more formal collecting scheme on board BF ships. It would no doubt be well supported by passengers.
  11. Odd time for a Med Ferry to have a re fit don`t you think and Brest is a long way from Genoa
  12. The difference being that the Azzura has a full compliment of engines😂
  13. Glad to hear it got there safely...The trouble with fast craft is they are ok on flat calm seas but in `weather` they display similar sea going characteristics to the WW2 landing craft. Anyway I see the Mont sailing due at 14.15 has been put back to an unspecified departure due to a `technical fault`. Eta for Ouistreham will apparantly be given on board..........once its fixed and set off I presume.
  14. Have a read of this story. Mr Fretlow, as he was known in Yorkshire, was the last German trooper standing at Monte Cassino, having been left to die during his colleagues retreat. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/from-germany-to-yorkshire-via-the-luftwaffe-1969398.html When he died, I was in the funeral trade, and it was my great privilege to be part of the team that shouldered his coffin into Church, his medals were on the coffin and he was taken through a guard of honour from the Royal British Legion. Bob Fretlow lived a richer life than most. RIP
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