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  1. This is what happens when, out of touch and self interest first politicians, ignore the people who elect them.Frustrations boil over. That`s why the Jilet Jaune movement got so much traction and made Politicos take notice. This might be a localised event or it might be the start of a wider movement. But certainly these people feel they have nothing to lose and want to do something. In that respect, whether or not, they delay the Roscoff ferry doesnt matter...They have attracted publicity and that will, no doubt, be their first aim..
  2. Paully

    St Malo Restaurants

    Many thanks for that, not sure though..we will be there around the 12th July, so might be better staying at the Kyriad on the InterMarche roundabout towards the City Centre..
  3. Paully

    St Malo Restaurants

    Colin..is the road around the Kyriad in and out of La Richardais still a roadworks no go zone..fancying a night before the ferry down that area but not if they still have diversions in place..Thanks
  4. And that`s what he came back from skiing for.......seriously?????...I see what you mean about being out of touch..He`s just thrown down the gauntlet to every anarchist in France. Not the first politician to think on `Race Day` you open a cupboard and march out another 1000 cops, but he`s going to set up a squad to arrest them before they actually do anything wrong??..you couldn`t make this stuff up...Wonder how much its going to cost to ensure the Prefect goes quietly?? Thanks for the update anyway
  5. With, no doubt, all radio traffic between Air France and the tower conducted in French not English.....
  6. Interesting arguments..The French were once described to me, by a Frenchman, as bloody minded nationalists.....The lot of them..Quite some truth in that. But if you think we`ll have nothing to do with them and go elsewhere, Spain Portugal etc, to escape their strike mentality I really would urge you to be aware...think French Air Traffic controllers..Now this lazy lot of sods don`t like work at the best of times but when the sun is shining and its busy above them, its time for a bit of Le Greve.. We were caught up in one of their shambles a couple of years ago, the reason we boycotted French Holidays last year (small protest but made us feel better). We had to sit, for many hours in a very hot plane on the ground in the Canaries waiting for a slot to come free..The French making it worse by hinting we would only be given 10mins notice for take off..In reality they had no intention of doing so, but it added to someones misery. I got chance to speak to a very angry Captain on our return to UK (no I didnt kiss the soil but was sorely tempted). The French ATC basically refused to talk to the flight crew ignoring all requests for shortcuts and assistance..He was never so glad to be handed over to UK ATC.. In many ways you can`t escape them you just have to hope it all goes well, no matter where you are bound..
  7. Here is the EU Cross Border enforcement directive explained by the RAC...It throws up more anomolies than it solves...Have a read: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/what-is-the-eu-cross-border-enforcement-directive/
  8. What would be interesting is, if having received a rather elderly traffic offence fine (known as the offence becoming stale in UK procedures), you wrote back to the issuing authority and stated that due to the time lapse you intended to plead not guilty. You would require a state appointed interpreter for such hearing and ask them to provide, in writing, that if their case is not proved then they will reimburse all reasonable travel costs... I`d put money on you not hearing from them again..
  9. I`m not sure this guy is capable of sorting anything out...........
  10. Sounds about right for the mob..let it go quiet, try to lull the authorities into a false sense of security, then hit them again without warning. It continues to tie up large numbers of Police, at huge cost creating shortages elsewhere..Only so many cops to go round.
  11. This is always the danger, with, what is in effect mob rule..It gets out of hand. I have no doubt that some of these protesters are genuine disgruntled people who have supported the cause since the beginning, but the centre core are anarchists (both right and left) who want maximum publicity for their violence. That`s why its concentrated in Paris now. certainly the Government needs to make some concessions, but more importantly be seen to make those concessions. I think by the summer things will have settled down in the vast majority of rural France without the roadblocks etc. The anarchists will continue until their energy runs out, which it will eventually. It does remain to be seen, though, how much damage they will have done to confidence in France and in particular its holiday product.
  12. Very useful device Jonno, thanks I`ll get one..Could savev a load of grief..My previous Citroen was easily changeable from MPH to KMS on a digital display. My Present Hyundai, although a better car, sadly isnt as versatile.
  13. The EU directive is interesting and of course fundamentally flawed, at the same time. It is slanted, firmly, in the direction of the state, to assist in efforts to collect fines (revenue) and insists on pretty much everyone joining in. At the same time, seemingly ensuring, that there is little or no redress by the accused, very little facility to challenge the assertions of the state and most certainly the directive is devoid of time limits in order to process both notices to the accused, so they may prepare a defence if they so wish, as well as the offences themselves. How, as in Nottingham`s case, can you defend yourself so long after the event, when possible evidence has been lost. The time delay I would suggest is no accident. DVLA will send them the details very quickly. (They`ll actually send you anybody`s details, in reality, as long as you wonga up to them first).. For the EU,an organisation, that is ostensibly, hot on Human Rights....this is a rather large gaping hole. Coming back to the directive.I`m assuming that the French are not following it to the letter (as usual).If they were, then the 4 pages questionaire, which ends with the comment "This letter does not lead to legal consequences" must be the first communication from them. It is a valid attempt to ascertain who was the driver and/or owner at the time of the offence.The Directive template clearly states that any fine/imposition/appeal rights will be communicated later. As far as I can see you are committing no offence by failing to supply your details to a foreign state. I suspect, as in Nottingham`s case they merely assumed the owner was the driver, or close enough, time date place of offence, loosely provided and of course including the address to pay up to. Non? And they wonder why the Gilet Jaune happened eh??
  14. Paully

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Hope they`ve washed the curtains and got the fluff off the floors 🤣🤣
  15. Ditto and likewise
  16. The latest `What you need` is detailed below and was updated as recently as yesterday.. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prepare-to-drive-in-the-eu-after-brexit This however could and more than likely will change between now and Easter...but this is how it stands today 😂
  17. You`d be hard put to find a Nat West branch these days, let alone a manager 😂
  18. Alexis will be turning in his grave at the antics of these latter day buffoons..Not fit to tie his shoe laces..
  19. Listen, at my age, if all that`s changed is the colour of my Avatar..........that`s what I call very good news🤣
  20. Cant find anything at the moment...I`ve been trying to use the booking site and it brings up the initial pages, lets you partly enter what you want then simply stops working..At best its a bit clunky, but seems to be part of BF`s updating everything just for the sake of it mentality. The DFDS Newhaven Dieppe site was working very fast by comparison.
  21. Not much point in replacing them at the moment I would have thought, as that might cause the simmering resentment to surface again and wreck them as soon as new ones have been installed..The costs in both real lives and financial are very high, but trust in the political process is at an all time low. The solution can perhaps only occur after the passage of time.
  22. Yes but it has the legs and will be a bit noisier, but on the plus side not as many passengers, no noisy kids, no one kicking the back of your seat and you might even get the hostie to yourself😂😍
  23. I can`t get my head round someone rather having a case of,probably cheap,wine rather than the experience he did have.........many years ago, thanks to a crew connection, I got to the bridge of the Pride of Bruges for departure from Zeebrugge. That memory has lingered a lot longer than a case of wine would.
  24. Paully

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Hope they clean them better than they did Cabin Boy`s recent experience
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