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  1. That I think might be the problem Ryan..Its CMV Mk2..Most of the seniors are ex CMV and the ship they are using is similar vintage to the last lot presently on the beach and they were in a dire state by all accounts. I`m not sure the actual state of the market in crusing right now. Seems a very big gamble..
  2. Interesting observation. Although I wonder if the influence of BF might have had a part to play in that. They would surely want `their` vessel in and out of St Malo especially in view of the requirement for crew change and accomodation as well as reputational reliability.
  3. One report I`ve seen today says that France and Spain are unlikely to be on a green list until late June or into July..For what its worth.. Don`t know if anyone else has picked up on the fact that anything building supplies/fencing/garden/new windows/kitchens etc are maxed out on supply. I`m told builders merchants are now rationing supplies such is the mega demand. People are doing up their homes like never before. Every tradesman I speak to confirms the same story. I just wonder how much money is actually left to spend on foreign going holidays. I honestly don`t think the demand w
  4. From what I can see on the site the Portsmouth sailings are being operated by the Commodore Clipper rather than the fast craft. They also appear to intend now some inter Island routes https://www.condorferries.co.uk/ferry-routes-ports/ferries-to-guernsey/jersey-to-guernsey-ferry In fairness I think their plans are still a work in progress so changes may yet still occur.
  5. Very good question..I have heard that the cruise ships presently off our coasts have a regular regime of running the taps and flushing the toilets to prevent these problems. I`m sure that BF will be only too aware of this problem and hopefully deal with it in the same way. Boring job though, but the exercise would be useful😁
  6. Just as many problems with their 787 but not as well publicisied, albeit for the same reason as well.
  7. Tui had one of their Max 10`s grounded for many months on the pan at Tenerife..next to the sea🙄..Finally got the OK to bring it home and its been in the hanger at Birmingham for ages having all sorts of `Bodywork` repairs, as a result. Ryanair and Jet2 have been regularly flying theirs during the `Hiatus` from all their bases. But all sorts of snags will show up, its inevitable, causing jets to go`Tech` down the line. Adding mega misery delays as well as all the other hassle as well as the various Air traffic controllers going on strike..You pays your money as they say. Get your car serv
  8. Well ok, if its not them then it looks like someone else, but it doesnt feature in their published plans for the future so its reasonable to assume its been sold, seeing as it was up for sale.
  9. I Heard from Tony Weaver that she`s been sold to Seajets of Greece
  10. Condor timetables are out and the Voyager is doing Poole to St Malo 4 times a week, with a call in at Jersey and a voyage time of 6hrs 20mins..Liberation seems to be handling the Guernsey route with Portsmouth CI exclusively via the Clipper..Nothing calling at Cherbourg. The very popular front seats with their panoramic views have unsuprisingly been changed to the `Horizon Lounge` with High speed wifi, exclusive bar and the aforementioned views but for £10.95 a seat. I think the previous BF club offering has been renamed to the premium Select. It has steward service, free tea and coffee,
  11. Commodore Goodwill is alongside in St Helier having arrived during the night but was due out at 7am, so disruption to the freight traffic, as its still there. However HMS Severn and HMS Tamar are now in position off the harbour monitoring the French boats.
  12. I suspect we will have to wait until Condor issue their timetables, unless we get an informed leak, as to what will happen when and where with the fastcraft. A lot will depend on the sort of `interline` agreement BF & Condor have but I would imagine its Condor who will issue the fares and sailings first.
  13. Additional services between Portsmouth and Cherbourg using the Salamanca, with some better timings and prices cheaper than Poole Cherbourg..At the moment.
  14. At the risk of needing a tin hat😁 its interesting that the Hull is going to be available for long term charter. Now whilst there may be a number of suitors for it, might one of them be BF?.. Realistically the only way they are going to obtain new, suitable, tonnage is by going further down the leasing route. Or is it probable that given their previous history with the vessel that their interest might not be appreciated?.. As always time will tell.
  15. Are you sure?..you might want to have a read of this then https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/27/uk-officials-in-talks-with-eu-over-reopening-travel-routes
  16. Yes mine`s via Sun Alliance and exactly the same as LV...They are happy to send the `Green Card` out by e mail and other than thats its exactly the same as before Brexit.
  17. They won`t have a craft to operate Weymouth either..Tony Weaver says its presently up for sale in Poole for £7.5M with Sea Jets of Greece reported to be the future buyers. Condor will be Poole only.
  18. Indeed Right round the Isle of Wight😂😂😂
  19. Firstly welcome to the forum Huricane..I do agree that the Liberation would be the ideal vessel for the St Malo run. Unlike the now Voyager, she`s better equipped for the longer run with more facilities and private lounges, which provide another income stream in the season, and which BF have introduced to the Barfleur. It also remains to be seen if there is going to be an `interline` facility ie BF one way and Condor the other. I`m sure at some point in time they`ll enlighten their potential customers.
  20. I would think they will both be testing the viability of routes and vessels over both this season and next. If it works it will continue, if it doesnt it won`t, but I can see it working for both companies. The routes and timings may well be tweaked as well. There is also the possibility of what happens to Condor Rapide, which has been for sale for some time. That may well end up being sold.
  21. Just found an interesting story from 5 days ago in the Guernsey Press..Below..Its states that Condor have said they intend to use Nex/Voyager on a Poole to St Malo via the Islands route. Make of that what you will. But its another interesting option. https://guernseypress.com/news/2021/04/23/new-addition-condor-voyager-could-be-in-service-by-summer/
  22. Thanks Chris..Obviously next stop is the `body shop` for the new stickers..I wonder where that will be?..
  23. Well onwards an upwards the Nex/Condor Voyager is off the lift and back alongside the main quay..All spruced up and probably somewhere to go very shortly on the next big adventure..........got to be better than rotting in Le Havre
  24. Be patient, sounds like it may happen.....Oh yes, on the other hand though☹️
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