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  1. We miss Bretagne, hope she returns to service next year !?!
  2. I'm talking about Galicia which BF has right now and Salamanca which they will have soon. They are just cheap ships, BF has certainly dropped their level of class with these vessels.
  3. The days of Brittany Ferries having classy individual vessels is slowly slipping away. I have no idea what BF are thinking with these new vessels I think they look soo cheap and outdated all ready!! I hope they reflect the price as you certainly won't have the class or functions/entertainment onboard!! These vessels should be branded as BF Economy!! Awful ships!! Oh dear have no more to say I'm disappointed with BF!
  4. Hi Guys. Does anyone have any more updated pictures of the vessel's laid up? Or any more info of work carried out. Thanks. Ross.
  5. Lovely photos. 👍 Brittany ferries in there prime here, sorry to say they have lost the plot today, they are not even close to the ferry company they were back in the early 90's 😢.
  6. Yea love walking out on Bretagne's Bow, can't believe she is the only vessel in the fleet which is possible to do this. Its such a lovely place to be. Gorgeous bow she has.
  7. I meant how the vessels all had their own signature on the livery, yes of course the main part of the livery was the same it's just they all had something a little different with lines and stripes which made every vessel have their own unique identity.
  8. Shame why BF done the fleet all in one livery it just doesn't work in my opinion. But it's cheaper to maintain paint etc so suits the BF experience of today I guess!! In there eyes Less is more! Even the handrails are left today no staining or varnishing!! The 90's was the best for BF for everything shame those days are gone.
  9. Yea that's just rust streaks as you say is nothing much but Normandie always suffers heavy rust around her Bow door area and on the sides too. Nothing major but it always comes through not long after every recent refit!! Probably just paint over the rust!! It's not her age as many other vessels older then her don't suffer this. Bretagne always seems to hold old out pretty well with any major rust really she always looks pretty good even after a year or more after refit. Poor Normandie has rust a few weeks after refit coming through!! Suppose depending on the ship yard at the end of the day doing the painting.
  10. Yea Normandie certainly needs a refit and paint up but to be honest she always seems to rust pretty badly bless her, around the bow area and stern area! Must be bad prep work on the rusty areas not cleaning it off properly or she just suffers from design issues where the rust gets trapped in and its hard to remove as I say she always rusts again quickly after refit could also be steel quality? Who knows. But Yea Barfleur looking good so is Bretagne too they have had it easy over the covid-19 issue's. Just would be nice to anyone in France who lives near where they are Moored if we could have some pictures. Certainly miss Bretagne, was the first time in my life I only managed to sail on her once last year!!! Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys. Hope every one is keeping well. Anyone got any updates of the vessels laid up with what if any work is being done to them and any recent pictures of them. Seems all is quiet lately. Thanks. Ross.
  12. Dam that's some serious rust streaks!!! Looks terrible! Hope they have sorted it since!
  13. I'm certain Bretagne would of just brushed it off like a bit of spray, LOL. We all know Pont Aven has such a bad design bow and forward super structure. Pretty poor really as she was supposed to be designed for the Bay Of Biscay!!! Say no more where she was built!!!!!
  14. Seeing some of the vessels in their old livery they look so much more classy in this. The new lively still looks rubbish. It just doesn't suit the company too much boring white. Great photos though, thanks.
  15. The Era when BF were at their best. Beautiful, painted and varnished hand rails that's a thing of the past now they just don't bother anymore on all of the fleet ! Bretagne looking beautiful as always, still such a stunning vessel today. Miss her old livery soo much. Thanks for these lovely pictures, really appreciate it. Makes me remember the good old days.
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