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  1. Hi Guys. Does anybody know which ships will be sailing for freight emergency only? Thanks. Ross.
  2. Well said captjack. That sounds like the answer rust from the anchor from being deployed. As you say the bow area where the ropes etc are this is where water drains away from these scuttles where the rust streaks are coming out of, it will wash off in a short time but surely they could of got on the key side and washed and brushed it off as she looks stunning at the moment.
  3. See your point about the crossing speed cvabishop. Sorry i must be thinking of the Queen Mary as she ran at high speeds but i guess only when she was going for the blue ribbon flag. Still its something you would defiantly want a vessel to have high speed to make up time on that sort of crossing at around 34knots.
  4. Hi Gareth. I agree mate. Let's keep it to the title U.K to New York cruise / ferry liner ferry, Which is what I wanted i don't what to go into politics on this. I guess to get a rough idea of the running costs it would be a good idea to see what the Queen Elizabeth 2 cost to run over there as she ran at high speed 30plus knots. I would hate to think how much it did cost !!!.
  5. Hi Trev. Well we may have different opinions but all i want is our country to do well with new idea's for the future and grab them before other countries get there. With regards to thinking out of the box this is something we need to do and certianly no dream its called keeping ahead of the game and not just following all the other sheep !! The idea of Europe holding together is long gone and that my friend is certainly a big fluffy dream which has floated away a long time go ! Anyway moving on from this ........ Do we have any good ship yards that could build a vessel like this ? 50 - 70,000 ton good for 30-34 knots ? I guess there are still a few on the Clyde but not many.
  6. She just needs a few extra fuel tanks fitted then he, he !!! Just put some BP tankers onboard Im afraid Pont Aven is not ideal for that crossing she is not a great sea ship to begin with plus her superstructure is far too forward and she would be destroyed at the front bow area in no time. Bretagne has the strength but not the speed !!! Only a new build could do this.
  7. Hi d2frs. Thanks for your comment, good to hear somebody else is thinking like me. Love the idea for the name of the ship RMS Brextanic Ha, ha. As you say its out of the box thinking and doesn't hurt expressing new idea's as we certainly need them for creating new jobs, revenue etc. Yes i understand people saying it will never work etc but till it ever gets tried no one can actually say its not going to work or it will 100% !! Yes there is no demand for it now as there is no other option given to people. Just like how Bf started off there was no demand till the ball actually got rolling !! Plus i cant say enough this idea is not to compete with what is already there as it cant its on a far too smaller scale but im sure it will appeal to alot of people if it did arise. I was not saying convert the QE2 i know this would be daft possibly impossible and certainly not cost effective!! I was just saying she is the only ship laying about which could do this sort of crossing in the time frame which is needed and could take the punishment from the Atlantic. A new build would be the only way to make this work plus having a new build done in the Uk would create so much work and hopefully start our ship building off again as we were the kings of ship building back in the old days. I know alot of people think it wont work but sometimes just think out of the box it is certainly possible. I know maybe portsmouth couldn't handle the trade but with only one ship to begin with i couldn't see it causing much disruption ? Plus RMS Brextanic would only call roughly every 10days if she does stop off at cherbourg too ! Not sure but portsmouth has the area to dredge / expand in the Bay area near whale island its massive so think of the potential there for work and jobs ? Again i know its all if and maybe but its not impossible is it ? I guess Southampton would be the most ideal place but im just trying to keep the potential to Portsmouth. The only real issue in Portsmouth is The harbour entrance as only 1 ship can come in at a time but im sure thats easy enough to deal with. Plus since Hms Queen Elizabeth has been delivered there has been lots of dredging done so this is all a positive thing too. Who knows what will happen in the future hey but let's think about it who thought we would be pulling out of the EU !! Anything can happen so lets try and think of all the possible positive things that can come out of this cruise / liner ferry service with RMS Brextanic I think having new ideas doesnt harm, but i agree this project will cost alot to fund even if big companies got involved and the only way to bridge the gap in the finances would be with government help if they could see the benifits too. Im sure Bf wouldn't be like they are today or even still going if it wasn't for their french government so credit to their goverment they actually support their companies which is something we need to start doing putting our country and UK people first for a change to benefit us all as a nation.
  8. Hi cvabishop. Thanks for that information much appreciated. Yes i would love to do this sailing but both ways as i hate flying. Being 6ft 4 i struggle on planes which i hated when i used to fly everywhere for work !! Find them like cattle trucks he, he !!! Like your idea about having time around New York. I certainly love this city its beautiful, when i saw the memorial for 9/11 a few years ago thats just mind blowing ! I Just wanted a trip on the QE2 both ways which i missed out on due to work in 2007 i was so gutted !! Oh well i guess the QM2 will have to do it for me now instead i guess, she is nothing like the old Queen Elizabeth 2 was, this grand lady was so elegant and beautiful. Just left in Dubai all alone !! Shame on us as a nation letting her go !!! Sorry gone a little off topic here !!
  9. Yes thats very true when you break the crossing down per person with the vehicle etc it is pretty reasonable. It used to cost me about £1100 with my landrover discovery and caravan from portsmouth to sandtander but now i dont have the caravan and have a campervan the cost is around £900. So not bad.
  10. Totally agree with some of your points above cvbishop. Like i said before this would not be a service trying to compete with what is already there it would just be another option people would have and that percentage of people who choose this, im certain would be enough to keep it going and make it grow like BF's has. But again its just a assumption it may work or may not but im sure there would be demand for it. Agree Trump does have some different thoughts and ideas but on a whole i like him. Not wanting to make this about Trump ofcourse we have already had all this but i just think trying to make more effort and bonds with America it cant be bad thing. Will have to have a look at the prices on the QM2 i think cvabishop. Lucky you though spending time onboard the Queen Elizabeth sooooo jealous about that. Is there actually a cruise ferry out there that could do this trip ? I doubt it. It would be a new build i think the only way the ship could be suitable !
  11. Thats a fair point but people can fly to france and Spain for peanuts but again millions of people still sail on BF paying out a small fortune compared to flights ! It comes down to personnel choice and shows that all people are different and will choose other options if they are available.
  12. Hi cvabishop. Yes mate i have worked pretty much all over the world being involved in liquid nitrogen pumping offshore. Worked alot in America, all of Europe, Africa, Dubai, Brunei, Australia, Vietnam etc. Have family in Australia and my half Brother lives in California near Long beach where the beautiful Queen Mary is, he used to live in Florida too. So been alot around America especially to see the Qeen Mary and certainly love their culture. I dont work away anymore im 32 now so getting older Lol and have a little girl of 3 1/2 now but love touring Europe and America. But never crossed the atlantic im afraid which i would love to do, such a shame i couldn't have done Southampton to New York on the gorgeous Qeen Elizabeth 2 only seen her on the key side but im not so keen on the Queen Mary 2 but she is still the best and only modern ocean liner we have today. So yes travelled alot and from speaking to alot of people in America especially around New York they would love a cruise / liner ferry service. They like us as a country / Nation and we should make this effort i think to bridge the gap. I guess you could always make a special ferry docking area in Southampton if space in portsmouth is crowded but surely when p&o were in Portsmouth it was even busier? Hope this makes you understand i love travelling cvaishop and certainly have been around not just stuck in sunny Norfolk all my life I know you have said you have sailed on QM2 im very jealous i must say. Lucky man, maybe i will oneday soon
  13. I think keeping close to America is a brilliant thing which we have done for 100's of years. We have been allies for a long time. Anyway...... I never said cutting off the Eu but just saying doing this would open more doors and trade deals plus tourism in our country and America. I undertand people's points i do, im not saying it will be better then whats already in place for shipping products etc or to even compete but its another option to consider which would be popular and create trade. We need options for Brexit. Its like people still have the option to fly but millions of people still sail on cruise ferries so the option for it is certainly there. I think Trump is a good man he speaks the truth and its not what people want to hear nowadays , we need to stick with him and his country considering how Europe are being with us right now its appalling how they treat us. Dont forget if it wasn't for the Uk and America Europe wouldnt exist but they never appreciate that. All our granddads fought the battles and most never returned like mine ! I understand having a vessel go at those speeds 30-34knots is expensive but its something which has been done for decades before and easily possible. Keeping the crossing time down to just 4 -5 days is something which would be a selling point. I understand there are issues with the cars regulations etc but that could be sorted easily enough. Having the wheel on the wrong side is no issue for me and thousands of other people too. Their trucks are lighter then ours anyway they dont pull a standard weight of 44tons which we do, its much less so thats no issue. But i understand this alll seems far fetched but is it really ? We are a island we need to adapt to new ideas for our future with brexit as i for one i know europe has never treated us as part of the Eu club and they are sure dam to make us fail if they can just to prove Brexit is a failure !!!! It wont fail its certainly the best thing thats happened to our counry. It will be hard to start with i dont deny that, that's why we need ideas like this to make us stand out as a country. We are a island so need to make deals all over the world with what ever new ideas that can work. Bf done it with just farmers over 40 years ago yes i know along time ago but there were options in place before them but they still made a impact its not massive but they have a certain market now which would be the same for this idea. Sometimes you Have to look beyond the single rail track and move off it. Im not being awkward but just want our country to try new ideas for our future. Ofcourse we still need to trade with EUROPE never said that but we just need new ideas. Plus if we could build cruise / liner ferries in our country think of all the work it would create we have the skills we just need to use the old ship yards again it is possible but people think we cant do it !! Just look at what we just built the HMS Queen Elizabeth. We are amazing ship builders lets make our country great again. Thanks for the comments though guys its really great to hear what people think. Ross.
  14. Hi solo. Yes i see your point about the freight but i never mentioned about having trucks on there maybe there could be a few but mostly containers i meant. But im sure there would be companies who would send trucks over there especially for special cargo and loads. But im sure truck companies over here would love to bring goods back over though so maybe them trucking in America would still be popular for uk trucks. It would certainly open up many new markets for trading though. I see your point about American motorhomes but thats the whole point its revenue to our contry and would be the same for America if we were to travel over there too with our motorhomes, cars, caravans etc. Its about opening up the continent like we did with Europe and im certain this would be a massive hit once it gets started. Its just the ship which is the issue. We need a minimum 50,000ton - 70,000 ton atlantic deep sea liner ship which can carry cars, trucks etc and is fast with a max speed of around 32-34knots. I know it seems like a dream but its certainly not impossible. We need something like this for our country and America to get closer and make our future stronger together.
  15. Hi Guys. Not sure where to put this as its a bit off topic!! Anyway here goes. I always think about it and cant really see why it would not be possible to have a cruisr Ferry service across the Atlantic to New York or a port in America! But a Uk company running it. We are well hopefully pulling out of EU so that should not effect us too much thankfully . But im sure they will try !!! We as a country need to look at new ideas and im sure i for one would love to drive off in America in my own landrover or my campervan and tour America . Instead of flying over there !! Yes i know it would need alot of investment and new laws for control etc but it must be possible. Plus all the freight too that would use it would be massive and im sure in time over a few decades it could end up something like Bf ? We need to keep close to America and this would help our trading massively. I dont know if there is any cruise ferries out there that could do this trip in 4-5 days ? I know Bretagne could handle her self in the rough seas but she doesnt have the speed to do it in 4-5 days ? Unless re engined like the Qe2 but that wont happen ofcourse. We could always buy back our beautiful Qe2 and turn her into a cruisr ferry !! If only !! Wont happen ofcourse. Only a new build something based on the Qe2 for sea keeping and speed but with the capacity obviously for cars, freight etc. I think this idea needs to be a UK one with UK investment. If only i was a billionaire i would love to try put this across just like Bf did all those years ago and now look at them. I know its on a bigger scale but with the right investors and a little government backing "dont hold your breath on goverment help" im certain this would be great for our country and show us as a true strong nation which we was once. I know funds are tight now but with investment and backing by large companies it could happen. Let me know you thoughts guys. I know its a long shot but you never know bf could always be interested he, he !! Doubt it though, i would prefer this to be a British idea I guess you could run it from portsmouth as everything is already there. Right lets see if im crazy or you think its a good idea. Thanks. Ross.
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