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  1. Now, now....is that a hint of sarcasm Millsy ! You know one needs to justify ones existence.
  2. Was it to pick up a copy of the Plymouth Herald ?
  3. Super job. Well done indeed. A really good looking site... a credit to you.
  4. Many thanks for such wonderful photographs effonine. Superb.
  5. Kernevez Git

    The new world

    Perhaps this topic could be moved from Brittany Ferries forums to General discussions.
  6. Kernevez Git

    The new world

    Oh... goodness me.. is there a moderator in the house ?
  7. I am bitterly disappointed by the leave campaign. The remain campaign talk about how workers rights are protected within the EU, any idea what the french workers think about their rights being protected when they compete with a country without a minimum wage... that being Germany. Anyway, lets just hope that whatever the outcome the Brits accept it get on with it.
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