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  1. Well said Paully. And not to forget the extra weekly Roscoff Cork rotation with Armorique. Can't see what an extra longer round trip from Rosslare to Le Havre would bring to the equation. If anything I think it would make more sense for this extra trip to be Roscoff or Cherbourg bound in terms of time keeping.
  2. Her reduced service speed is one of the issues in my opinion. Been on her so many times and I noticed every time they need to put the foot down when delayed then PA behaves differently and feels more stable and less shaky.
  3. So true. Even Jean Le Cam said it after getting some butter from the frigate which collected Kevin Escoffier from his ship off the Kerguelen
  4. I find that hard to believe unless you drive well above the legal speed limit. I do very regularly the trip between Roscoff and the west suburb of Saint-Brieuc (2k from from the N12) and I have never managed to do it in less than an hour. This is even with adopting a dynamic style of driving to say it wisely (just in case some police forces are reading this thread...). Reaching Rennes from St-Brieuc's Airport located by the N12 takes another hour.
  5. Not frequently used and argotic but funny: ça klaxonne
  6. In my opinion the absence of compulsory ID cards in the UK, unlike in all EU countries, is part of the attraction for the migrants.
  7. I understood that but the urban area is the relevant level in terms of economic activity.
  8. A lot of assumptions in your posts I'm afraid. One thing though, Le Havre is not the most populated urban area in Seine Maritime, Rouen is the most populated one according to the INSEE (French equivalent of ONS) with almost 490,000 inhabitants . So following this logic we would have a BF service to Rouen....
  9. I 'd like to think this explains all. However, my experience of BF services over the last 13 years tells me that the French side is less formal but far more efficient in practice.
  10. I am currently on Armorique sailing to Plymouth with 26 pax, not cars, 26 passengers! One can now measure the dilemmas BF have faced for the resumption of services prior to the quarantine exemption. Fed up with waiting for some white smoke from Westminster regarding the quarantine rule I decided to bite the bullet and go back to UK. I will self isolate at home since my job allows to work from home. It is heartbreaking to see such a large ship travel virtually empty. It feels like one of those crossings from December, especially with this today's weather. I am glad to report th
  11. I was booked on a St Malo to Portsmouth crossing on 6/07 with a commodore cabin. I received an email informing me of the cancellation with refund voucher note. Fearing that alternative sailings would get full quickly I booked a new crossing straight away on Pont Aven crossing ex Roscoff on Sunday 5/07 with a commodore again
  12. I've given up waiting for the restart of the services and moved my france bound bookings to August. Opted for the chunnel instead next week with Flexiplus option, fully refundable... I nearly booked a Harwich Hook of Holland crossing but the extra mileage and border crossings outweighed what could have been a comfortable option Still hoping for a Roscoff Plymouth crossing on 5th July
  13. I may be wrong but the large number of cabins on Pont Aven makes her more suitable given the policy of compulsory cabins? Pont Aven on a triangular rota Portsmouth St Malo Cork? Armorique staying in Roscoff or replacing Normandie due again to higher cabin number? Bretagne on Portsmouth Cherbourg? Barfleur remaining laid up?
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