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  1. crechbleiz

    Prices in France variations.

    Le Bar Chez Rollais is the oldest and probably the best wine bar in saint-Brieuc. It has been owned by the same family since 1912. A regular haunt for me and my brothers when we return home. Our great grand father would go there on market days back in the 1920s...
  2. The MP representing Northern Eupore is Mr Holroyd who is member of Macron's party. http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/deputes/fiche/OMC_PA721150#menubienvenue 11 MPs are representing expats
  3. Ed, French expats are divided in 11 consistuencies represented by 11 MPs. Polling stations are opened for each national election in various consulates and embassies. I believe the representation is the same as for French circonscriptions ie 1 MP for approx 150000 people http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/recherche-localisee/carte/FRANÇAIS ÉTABLIS HORS DE FRANCE
  4. crechbleiz

    Environmentally friendly???

    There must also be HFO storage in Plymouth since Armorique is refuelled there and we now know that she runs on HFO.
  5. crechbleiz

    Forum Content

    With great reluctance, I feel less and less inclined to contribute to this forum for various reasons. Reasons would be ranging from members assening dubious unverified facts to incorrect statements which when challenged are best of time ignored or downplayed even though the challenges may come from actual regular users who interact on a regular basis with BF staff. I have been a member of this forum for over 10 years and I feel the the forum has lost a lot in terms of content. I rest my case for now.
  6. crechbleiz

    Environmentally friendly???

    Jonno, can we please put this one to bed? Would you agree that stating that "rainwater has no pH" was not a correct statement? Neutral is 7 but not nothing. I won't bother arguing further.
  7. crechbleiz

    Environmentally friendly???

    Didn't say anything different. Neutral is pH=7, not 0. Your initial email was saying "rain has no pH" which is incorrect.
  8. crechbleiz

    Environmentally friendly???

    I m not gonna engage in a chemistry lesson here. I am fully aware of some of the facts you are quoting having studied chemistry for far too long. Acidic rain does exist and CO2 is not the main contributor. Was just pointing out that saying that rainwater has no pH is wrong. It is around 7 i.e. Neutral and can turn acidic when absorbing acidic gases. I am fully aware that Sox aren't sulphuric acid. However the latter is one of the products of Sox reacting in the atmosphere. UV radiations are one of the possible catalysts. I am glad that Colin was able to get confirmation from a BF engineer that HFO is used for the scrubber equipped vessels. Someone on this forum was adamant that they didn't need scrubbers since they were not using HFO
  9. crechbleiz

    Environmentally friendly???

    So acidic rain was a myth then? Rainwater has a pH like all aqueous solutions. Distilled water has a pH of 7. The rainwater pH can be lower than 7 i.e. acidic when it reacts with acid gases such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), producing sulphuric acid. The open loop scrubber is no different to what happens in the atmosphere with the major difference that scrubbers prevent the spread of this noxious gas, reduce a downfall of sulphuric acid on land (and sea). The effluent of an open loop system is not pure sulphuric acid but a very diluted acidic solution. From memory, it is possible to dilute 400L of gaseous sulphuric acid in a liter of water. A big advantage of the closed loop systems is that the acid can be recovered and reused in chemical processes such as fertilizer production. Re the price of fuel, it may not stay cheap with all the tensions around Iran.
  10. crechbleiz

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    On Epsilon riding storm Imogen... 😉
  11. crechbleiz

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    The ferry berth has got nothing to do with the naval base but with the Chamber of Commerce of Brest so the dockers in Brest could certainly go on strike if they wanted. By the way, the non-military staff in the naval base can go on strike and have done on many occasions. The last one was on 22nd March 2018. http://www.letelegramme.fr/finistere/brest/defense-appel-a-la-greve-ce-jeudi-22-03-2018-11896191.php The only reason I can see behind the diversion to Brest was to catch the picketers by surprise. It won't work twice.
  12. I'm not that daft... Can you categorically confirm it was her livery? Irish Ferries acquired Oscar Wilde in 2007 and all the pics from 2007 available on Marine Traffic show her with a blue hull and a white funnel i.e. her current livery. Were these white hull pics photoshopped?
  13. Off topic question : I am wondering why Oscar Wilde is so often represented in article photographs sporting a livery she never had (white Hull and green funnel). Why is that? Just lazy journalism?
  14. crechbleiz

    Environmentally friendly???

    Isn't the term Diesel referring to the type of engine combustion rather than the type of fuel? Ie. Diesel vs spark ignition engine. As far as I know, even when using recycled frying oil it would still be a diesel.