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  1. I don't think everyone was moved to August. At least I wasn't. 3 months were added last year to mine, bringing the renewal date to 31st December 2020. Duly renewed my membership and now received the extra 3 months. I'm now covered until end of March 2022.
  2. Is it Fromentine? Ferry to Yeu?
  3. I have opted for Chartreuse Verte. 55% ABV and 130 plants. Hoping one of them is effective... 😉
  4. Sounds indeed like the rivalry between Haute and Basse Normandie is not dead yet despite the reunification...
  5. If I may say, many here look at these possible new crossings from a British business rational. Us Bretons operate with a different "business software" where the will can prevail sometimes over the apparent bottom line. Brittany Ferries who started over 40 years ago are a testimony to this way of thinking. If the regional council of Brittany really wants supplementary crossings from Roscoff or St Malo to Ireland, they will make it happen irrespective of the merits of other ports further East. They will even have the blessing of the ports and seafarers unions.
  6. Barcelona is only one possible location in an otherwise large country. What about Madrid? Just over 1300km from Roscoff, Cherbourg or Le Havre. From Calais: 1550km Murcia, virtually located in the world largest green house (the plastic sea): more or less 1700km from these 3 ports. Calais: approx. 1900km This means that a lorry leaving Spain will have a shorter distance to Roscoff, even shorter to St-Malo, and a rather shorter crossing time to Ireland. This a positive for fresh products. The absence of tolls between Nantes and Roscoff/St-Malo/Cherbourg is also a plus when compare
  7. Indeed. And the Breton veggies to Ireland...
  8. Her reduced service speed is one of the issues in my opinion. Been on her so many times and I noticed every time they need to put the foot down when delayed then PA behaves differently and feels more stable and less shaky.
  9. So true. Even Jean Le Cam said it after getting some butter from the frigate which collected Kevin Escoffier from his ship off the Kerguelen
  10. I find that hard to believe unless you drive well above the legal speed limit. I do very regularly the trip between Roscoff and the west suburb of Saint-Brieuc (2k from from the N12) and I have never managed to do it in less than an hour. This is even with adopting a dynamic style of driving to say it wisely (just in case some police forces are reading this thread...). Reaching Rennes from St-Brieuc's Airport located by the N12 takes another hour.
  11. Not frequently used and argotic but funny: ça klaxonne
  12. I understood that but the urban area is the relevant level in terms of economic activity.
  13. A lot of assumptions in your posts I'm afraid. One thing though, Le Havre is not the most populated urban area in Seine Maritime, Rouen is the most populated one according to the INSEE (French equivalent of ONS) with almost 490,000 inhabitants . So following this logic we would have a BF service to Rouen....
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