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  1. A lot of assumptions/assertions taken from a picture here. Only saying that with an expert witness background in failure investigation of steel assemblies... I couldn't draw such conclusions from a couple of pictures.
  2. cutlery to replace the disposable plastic cutlery across the fleet?...
  3. The owners of BF, Sica St Pol, are building a large warehouse for their vegetable trading operations. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi93O-O2MrkAhUSUhoKHca9B-EQzPwBegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.letelegramme.fr%2Ffinistere%2Fsaint-pol-de-leon%2Fplateforme-sica-operationnelle-en-2021-15-03-2019-12232666.php&psig=AOvVaw1gllkQQi4FX3-HP0SmzDit&ust=1568357232111902&cshid=1568270823972
  4. We travelled back from France on last Thursday's St Malo-Ports crossing. Notices regarding issues with specific cards were displayed at each till. The cards in question were Barclays and Capital One credit cards. We paid with Monzo and HSBC cards without problems.
  5. Sorry to contradict you but the same family/design of engines does not mean same engines. So as far as I am concerned MSM does not have the same engines as PA. I believe the engines mounted on Arm and Cotentin are V12s rather than in-line like her sister Armorique. (see pictures in link below) http://www.marine-marchande.net/Reportages/Armorique/0-Armorique.htm According to MAK's documentation the MAK M43C in-line design has a maximum of 9 cylinders. https://www.cat.com/en_GB/products/new/power-systems/marine-power-systems/commercial-propulsion-engines/18547468.html
  6. I thought MSM had in-line 6Cyl engines rather than V12s
  7. If this fact that one engine is damaged beyond repair, BF must be anxious to find out what happened. I may be wrong but I was told that a total of 8 engines of this type are installed on 3 members of the fleet. 4No on PA, 2No on Arm and 2No on Cotentin.
  8. I have just done a return crossing on her and will try to write a report. Overall, mixed feelings but nothing negative other than the absence of music in the bar.
  9. I agree with you. I travelled on Stena Hollandica mid-february. Yes the cabins are excellent and good value but the rest of the ship is no different to Motorway services with below average (but still expensive) food offering. I had dinner in the Metropolitan and it was really underwhelming, pricey and noisy. With hindsight I should have opted for a bowl of Bitterballen and a pint in the bar. The experience onboard BF is far better except for the cabins of course. I will be using both Stena ships next week with a Rail & Sail fare for a business trip to Belgium. I am looking forward to good night sleeps onboard.
  10. Thanks Andy. I will use her for the first time around Easter. Very much looking forward to this trip between cherbourg and Dublin. I will report in due course
  11. I think I will opt for the a la Carte. I prefer quiet surroundings for my meals.
  12. So if I understand correctly, disembarkation will start an hour after the advertised arrival time?
  13. As usual with work, plan changes all the time. I will now be sailing from Hook of Holland to Harwich next week instead of sailing to Hull. I am booked on the Stena Hollandica overnighter. I would be grateful for any tips. My ticket says that boarding will start at 7pm. What time should I check in?
  14. Thansk for the advice. I will opt for the Rotterdam Hull option with a standard package. It includes a premier outside 2 berth cabin. The cabin prices are higher than with BF by quite a margin. For example, a 2 berth inside is £98.00 with P&O instead of £43.00 with BF.
  15. Thanks for your replies. My appointment in Manchester is set for 11am so this should give me plenty of time. I think I will opt for the Rotterdam option.
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