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  1. I was on the same sailing with my daughter. It felt so good to be onboard again after a year... The crossing was uneventful but good. And having a club plus cabin and breakfast served in the cabin was also a bonus. Just had to tell off someone who was wandering around the bar without a mask despite being warned once by the staff. Border checks were very swift for us with our french passports. The officer only checked my vaccination certificate, no questions asked about contents of car.
  2. Hope you are having a good time despite the weather. The Dordogne also takes its spring there
  3. Given the current situation and as a regular of this route, I am grateful to have at least this ship sailing which actually has more comfortable cabins than the Bretagne. I sailed Thursday night from Portsmouth on Armorique and yes I missed the à la carte restaurant but every bit of the crossing was enjoyable. Including the dinner in the self service. I had a pork stew with mushrooms and a cherry clafoutis, all washed down with a half bottle of Chateau Noaillac. Could do worse than that I think.
  4. True but it is still ultimately French taxes and subsidies. Wait until the unions and the French government start to make noise about it especially when Macron and Le Maire are pushing for a repatriation in Europe of many activities. I'm pretty sure there are a few shipyards around Europe now gagging for work.
  5. That's true but I disagree with the fact that tax payers money will be used to build outside Europe where workers rights and environmental rules are lower. (my personal opinion)
  6. ouaf ouaf! Combien ce ptit chien dans la vitrine? Have we all gone barking mad? Must be the canicular days...
  7. Confirmed now to not be the case. France stays Amber.
  8. There is a physical explanation for this. I'm over simplifying but in essence the charging of the battery is similar to the filling of a multi storey car park on a busy Saturday. When the battery is below 80% it is like an empty car park where cars find a free space rapidly. As it fills up, it takes longer to find one. When the battery is reaching its full capacity, the current runs through the battery but charging is inefficient and the battery overheats. Therefore the charging current is decreased to protect the battery.
  9. If not very hungry but very thirsty then I recommend Le Vignoble in Royal William Yard https://levignoble.co.uk/locations Or the Plymouth Gin Distillery refectory bar But one's needs a driver then...
  10. Based on the fact that Gendarmes and Policiers will check the insurance certificate I would ignore that and recommend having a green card. It would be difficult to explain you no longer need it. It's mandatory in France for French cars and a sticker must be affixed to the windscreen. One needs to remember that, unlike in the UK, in many countries on the continent police forces do not need a reason to stop you and will check such things including tyre wear and breathalyse you at the same time. By the way, only two things are true in the Daily Mail... The price and the date 😉
  11. You nailed it. We need to change our habits. The MX-30 is such a good looking car.
  12. I don't have the fees on top of my head but in France you may be able to opt for a 3 phase supply (triphasé) . A wall box output can then be greatly increased.
  13. This is a urban myth pushed by some media and the fossil fuel industry lobby. The production of fuels is hardly a green industry... Most current BEVs have a lower carbon footprint over their whole life cycle than their ICE counterparts. Yes, the production of the BEV emits more carbon but in the long run the ICE vehicle carbon emissions overtakes the BEV by a considerable marging. This is becoming particularly true i a country like the UK where the share of renewables is increasing. To my knowledge, only a few organisations have made an honest assessment. One of them is the Swiss equivalent of the AA, the TCS, who have made this assessment most marketed models. https://www.tcs.ch/fr/tests-conseils/conseils/achat-vente-vehicule/recherche-auto-comparaison.php
  14. I mentioned my own case in an earlier post. My partner is using her VW Scirocco in a similar pattern to yours. An EV would definitely be better option and I took that excuse to visit car dealers to try a few EVs. I am planning to to visit VW to try the ID3. The Peugeot e208 is attractive but feels cramped in the back. Her near sister the Corsa e is a better option in my opinion with its lower price. Interesting second hand alternatives are the Kia eNiro (spacious and zingy), or even the e-Golf if you don't need long range.
  15. Ed, Personally I would go the Kona. I think you will be impressed with the range and power. Much bigger inside also
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