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  1. I 'd like to think this explains all. However, my experience of BF services over the last 13 years tells me that the French side is less formal but far more efficient in practice.
  2. I am currently on Armorique sailing to Plymouth with 26 pax, not cars, 26 passengers! One can now measure the dilemmas BF have faced for the resumption of services prior to the quarantine exemption. Fed up with waiting for some white smoke from Westminster regarding the quarantine rule I decided to bite the bullet and go back to UK. I will self isolate at home since my job allows to work from home. It is heartbreaking to see such a large ship travel virtually empty. It feels like one of those crossings from December, especially with this today's weather. I am glad to report that protection measures seem to work well for both the passengers and the crew. One thought occurred to me regarding the reduced capacity of the sailings, it is not just about maintaining safes distances between passengers but also to maintain these distances for the crew e.g. no shared cabins. The latter requirement must bring some serious restrictions on crew numbers. Otherwise the sailing is as pleasant as usual. I always travel with a cabin anyway so no changes there. My club plus cabin was immaculate and the crew genuinely happy to be back. Re customer services I have noticed an enormous gap between the UK and French services. No need to delve in the issues and attitudes we have seen on the UK side of the operations. In contrast the French side appeared far more accessible. For example I amended my booking yesterday morning and did not receive an amended ticket and no possibility to contact BF UK in a timely manner. I called BF desk in Roscoff and was sent a copy of my ticket without fuss before I could even put the phone down. I think BF need to have a serious look at their UK side of the operations whose handling of the crisis has been damaging in terms of image of the company. In another instance I needed to amend tickets booked on the Irish website and received the same efficient response as with the French side. Rant over.
  3. I was booked on a St Malo to Portsmouth crossing on 6/07 with a commodore cabin. I received an email informing me of the cancellation with refund voucher note. Fearing that alternative sailings would get full quickly I booked a new crossing straight away on Pont Aven crossing ex Roscoff on Sunday 5/07 with a commodore again
  4. I've given up waiting for the restart of the services and moved my france bound bookings to August. Opted for the chunnel instead next week with Flexiplus option, fully refundable... I nearly booked a Harwich Hook of Holland crossing but the extra mileage and border crossings outweighed what could have been a comfortable option Still hoping for a Roscoff Plymouth crossing on 5th July
  5. I may be wrong but the large number of cabins on Pont Aven makes her more suitable given the policy of compulsory cabins? Pont Aven on a triangular rota Portsmouth St Malo Cork? Armorique staying in Roscoff or replacing Normandie due again to higher cabin number? Bretagne on Portsmouth Cherbourg? Barfleur remaining laid up?
  6. Totally agree with you. I would much prefer to see ministers stay in their offices and do their job properly rather than parade around TV studios and exhibit their lack of grip on the situtation
  7. Indeed but it only lasted a few months in 2012.
  8. As far as I can remember Berth 5 is now too narrow for most current ships. Berth 6 does not have such a restriction since her dolphin had been modified to accomodate a wider berth even before the new one was built. Back in 2013 Berth 5 already saw very little use with calls from mostly the MV Nord Pas de Calais and the infamous Joline ( alive cattle transporter). One could instantly guess the Joline was in the port when greeted by hoards of activists at the roundabouts and at the top of the cliffs screaming...
  9. Gareth you are correct with the dates of the initial berth 6. However this berth was demolished and rebuilt according to a new design (similar to 8 & 9) in 2012/2013 by Rowecord Engineering Ltd. I had the privilege to be the Project Welding and QA manager for both Rowecord Engineering and then Dover Harbour Board. For the duration of the project we were based in the vacated shore side offices of Seafrance near berth 6. It was a complex project made even more complex with treacherous weather conditions and the dimensions of the bridges. Pre-fabrication activities took place in Newport (South Wales) and final assembly of the bridges took place on the defunct Hoverport. Bridges were then moved from the Hoverport to Berth 6 using a pair of floating cranes. One of the technical challenges of the Dover Strait berths is the variety of ships berthing there and the absence of ship ramps. https://www.dover-marina.com/features/ https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-multi-level-vehicle-loading-ramp-on-ferry-berth-no-6-at-the-ferry-125715045.html https://www.doverport.co.uk/about/news/port-welcomes-critical-covid-19-supply-chain-packa/13530/ On the last link, the DFDS ferry (can't see which one of the Cotes) is berthed on 6. You can see the difference in design between 5 & 6. I was then involved in the refurbishment of berth 2 & 7 as a consultant in 2014/2015. Berth 5 is no longer in use.
  10. When I worked on the construction of Berth 6 in Dover I got used to the noises made by each ship. Without looking one could recognize immediately the Pride of Burgundy and its particularly loud drone from the generators.
  11. Many places would be capable of doing so. Damen Brest for a start. The workmanship and engineering competences required are available in Brittany and around. Think of all subcontractors of the St Nazaire shipyards who have the experience of working on both cruise ships and LNG tankers... The current situation is a very complex one needless to say. But... Most posters here look at the situation through British tinted glasses ( with liberalism) and underestimate both the determination of a firm like BF and the French state (and regions of course) to keep things going as they are and protect the local economies.
  12. Signs of things to come? Emmanuel Macron is visiting a farm near Roscoff today. Guess who are the owners of the farm... Jean Marc Roué and his family.... BF been discussed too?
  13. Hi Jonno, do you know why the brochure have extracts of documents which seems to be related to cameras?
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