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  1. I think it remains free only for French and EU citizens. I am a French citizen but I no longer have my sécurité sociale in France. As a result I had to pay for the test last week. Only 19 euros though.
  2. I would recommend Crédit Mutuel. Easy to deal with and it is the only bank in France owned by its clients.
  3. I thought it was odd you didn't come out of the woodwork earlier...
  4. Maybe he was a priest looking for his next supply of communion wine...
  5. The plates are white at the back of the car and with a totally different numbering system. You'd have to be a really lousy cop not to notice the difference.
  6. I think the French police and gendarmes won't really bother. They can see the car is right hand drive and not irish. They already turn a blind eye to cymru and écosse stickers. I shall ask a friend who is an officer in the gendarmerie what are the directives given on this matter.
  7. If you live Wales you can only use the government run scheme for your day 2 test. It's not a cheap one though.
  8. Indeed, many Mirages still in service. Planes could have flown from the Bases of Tours or Rochefort.
  9. I managed to squeeze in a boat tour of the shipyard and old city at sunset. Very interesting and only 13 euros. https://www.galar.org/en/sunset-cruise/
  10. In Wales we are obliged to use the government scheme run by CTM. The cost is now £68. I used the service three times and so far the tests and the results all came in a timely manner. Off topic, I have started to use Breathe Assured for the fit to fly tests which are done from home under the supervision of a nurse via teams or zoom. The cost is £45 per test and is reduced if you bulk buy. The test time is flexible and with plenty of slots available. It did not occur to me before that it could be valid for returning flights too. Nurse confirmed that it was the case. I shall try this option next time I am in France since finding a suitable appointment in a pharmacy has become difficult in France. https://breatheassured.com/
  11. Thanks to an inspection visit in Gdansk I was able to take a pic of Nova Star being loaded of her crossing to Nynäshamn. The linkspan is located close the Westerplatte which saw the very first battle of the Second World War in 1939. A very moving and humbling site to visit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westerplatte
  12. I renewed my membership in August 2020 and got 6 months added automatically (exp March 2022)
  13. I was on the same sailing with my daughter. It felt so good to be onboard again after a year... The crossing was uneventful but good. And having a club plus cabin and breakfast served in the cabin was also a bonus. Just had to tell off someone who was wandering around the bar without a mask despite being warned once by the staff. Border checks were very swift for us with our french passports. The officer only checked my vaccination certificate, no questions asked about contents of car.
  14. Hope you are having a good time despite the weather. The Dordogne also takes its spring there
  15. Given the current situation and as a regular of this route, I am grateful to have at least this ship sailing which actually has more comfortable cabins than the Bretagne. I sailed Thursday night from Portsmouth on Armorique and yes I missed the à la carte restaurant but every bit of the crossing was enjoyable. Including the dinner in the self service. I had a pork stew with mushrooms and a cherry clafoutis, all washed down with a half bottle of Chateau Noaillac. Could do worse than that I think.
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