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  1. Thanks Andy. I will use her for the first time around Easter. Very much looking forward to this trip between cherbourg and Dublin. I will report in due course
  2. I think I will opt for the a la Carte. I prefer quiet surroundings for my meals.
  3. So if I understand correctly, disembarkation will start an hour after the advertised arrival time?
  4. As usual with work, plan changes all the time. I will now be sailing from Hook of Holland to Harwich next week instead of sailing to Hull. I am booked on the Stena Hollandica overnighter. I would be grateful for any tips. My ticket says that boarding will start at 7pm. What time should I check in?
  5. Thansk for the advice. I will opt for the Rotterdam Hull option with a standard package. It includes a premier outside 2 berth cabin. The cabin prices are higher than with BF by quite a margin. For example, a 2 berth inside is £98.00 with P&O instead of £43.00 with BF.
  6. Thanks for your replies. My appointment in Manchester is set for 11am so this should give me plenty of time. I think I will opt for the Rotterdam option.
  7. I am travelling to the Antwerp area via Dover-Dunkirk for work next week. This will be followed by another work related visit near Manchester. I thought I could cut the driving time by using one of P&Os routes to Hull. I have never been on any of these crossings and I would like some tips. Which is the best option? Sailing from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge? What time boarding starts? Is it worth opting for the packages advertised on the website? Thanks
  8. I was Armorique crossing to Caen last night with a club plus cabin on deck 9. It was quite bouncy at times with a few items falling off the table (and inside the fridge) but the crossing was much calmer once sheltered by the Cotentin peninsula. Had to go for this crossing because of the lack of alternatives but the very early arrival on the Sunday morning was not a pleasant experience
  9. One off call in Roscoff by W. B. Yeats ?
  10. Interesting pic. I can't remember the name of this type of rudder. I read about it a couple of years ago and I remember it has been developed to increase efficiency by eliminating the turbulences behind the hub of the propeller.
  11. I booked a Cherbourg Dublin return for mid April. I only booked a 2 berth outside cabin each way. The total cost exceeds 420 euros. I hope it will be as enjoyable as sailing with Oscar Wilde. No signs of Roscoff Rosslare sailings yet in the booking engine. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up with the current timetable all year round. If not they may schedule a few sailings to Roscoff to save time.
  12. A few pics of Pont Aven taken today from Alet.
  13. Thanks for the tip. She uses Tanganil and it works quite well. The alternative was to travel Portsmouth to St Malo on the 9hrs day crossing but it can be a long excruciating trip for those suffering from sea sickness
  14. Booked on Ply-Ros 23/12 overnighter with a club plus cabin. Hopefully it won't be to rough. I have got very good sea legs but my girlfriend gets seasick fairly rapidly.
  15. Nice pics. No disrespect but, could you please at least make a point of spelling Armorique correctly? As a born and bred Breton, it makes cringe to see "Armourique".... As if her name wasn't displayed in big enough letters on her side!
  16. Most welded joints are now checked using ultrasonic testing. Radiographic examination is still used but rarely nowadays. As one of the contributors to execution standard comitees for structural steelwork standards, I could bore you to death with the acceptance criteria and examination techniques for such welds
  17. Versatility and the extra top speed sometimes required to make up for lost time. I was on her once when she left Roscoff 1 hour late and still arrived almost on time in Plymouth.
  18. The gendarmerie was ordered to remove the blockade and it has been successful https://www.ouest-france.fr/bretagne/saint-malo-35400/gilets-jaunes-le-port-de-saint-malo-debloque-par-les-forces-de-l-ordre-6113474 Hopefully we may see reasonable protesters stopping their actions after yesterday's announcements
  19. crechbleiz

    New Look Revealed

    I'm too young to remember or have seen it but I quite like the original logo they had on Armorique the first. I don't know when this logo was dropped. https://www.faktaomfartyg.se/armorique_1972_b_5.htm
  20. crechbleiz

    New Look Revealed

    How much more will we pay on our tickets to fund the marketing research? "Warm and lyrical typeface"... I would have preferred money invested in "warm and comfortable" pillows!
  21. Le Bar Chez Rollais is the oldest and probably the best wine bar in saint-Brieuc. It has been owned by the same family since 1912. A regular haunt for me and my brothers when we return home. Our great grand father would go there on market days back in the 1920s...
  22. The MP representing Northern Eupore is Mr Holroyd who is member of Macron's party. http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/deputes/fiche/OMC_PA721150#menubienvenue 11 MPs are representing expats
  23. Ed, French expats are divided in 11 consistuencies represented by 11 MPs. Polling stations are opened for each national election in various consulates and embassies. I believe the representation is the same as for French circonscriptions ie 1 MP for approx 150000 people http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/recherche-localisee/carte/FRANÇAIS ÉTABLIS HORS DE FRANCE
  24. There must also be HFO storage in Plymouth since Armorique is refuelled there and we now know that she runs on HFO.
  25. With great reluctance, I feel less and less inclined to contribute to this forum for various reasons. Reasons would be ranging from members assening dubious unverified facts to incorrect statements which when challenged are best of time ignored or downplayed even though the challenges may come from actual regular users who interact on a regular basis with BF staff. I have been a member of this forum for over 10 years and I feel the the forum has lost a lot in terms of content. I rest my case for now.
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