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  1. I can see a big difference between PA and MV Columbia i.e. the aft ramp or more importantly the absence of a ramp on MV columbia which allows the transfer beams to run all the way from the deck edge to above the enginee room. In the case of PA the aft ramp would have to be either removed or spanned over with long transfer beams from a barge. I would imagine a engine replacement scenario would have been envisaged at design stage with a set protocol e.g. open side hole and transfer beams resting on purposedly strengthened deck structures at these locations.

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  2. On 11/01/2020 at 13:10, Nick Hyde said:

    I would have thought Inishmore by a wide margin.

    Stena Europe all the way for me. Made the point of using both of them on my last round trip to Ireland for work. Atmosphere on Stena Europe is better. Isle of Inishmore is not in a good state and in urgent need of TLC. The best description of the car deck floor plates would be "crusty" never seen such a poor state on a UK ferry, not even on Dover-Calais... Food on Stena Europe Stena + lounge is much better than IF. In my opinion, IF is an inferior product when compared to both BF and Stena. Next april I will be travelling Cherbourg-Dublin on WB Yeats (by necessicity) and back Cork-Roscoff on PA (by choice).

  3. 40 minutes ago, shar^k said:

    I have this on on the list. Also golf des ormes. Just need one more

    Then I would recommend Golf de St Samson near Perros Guirec. Never played there but the surrounding area, the Pink Granite Coast, is a must see in Côtes d'Armor. 


    Much further afield, there a few nice ones around Nantes. When I studied at the École Polytechnique Nantes we taught golf and we went to Nantes Erdre and L'île d'Or in La Varenne. The latter is on an Island in the Loire River. Pretty amazing place 



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  4. 3 hours ago, shar^k said:

    Planning a golf trip in June. Any golfers have any recommendations for courses in northern Brittany. 

    Golf de Pléneuf Val André on the North Coast is a must for its stunning views. Neighbouring clubs in Sables d'or and les Ajoncs d'or are worth a try. 

  5. 6 hours ago, jonno said:

    Fair bit of cavitation damage on her twin rudders, I'm surprised they're not stainless steel coated with sacrificial carbon steel over the top also there's a good deal of blade corrosion, you can see how the zinc has leeched out (the red). This is either caused by more galvanic corrosion or electrolysis... makes me wonder if the scrubber washwater discharged from the keel is effecting the sea water electrolytes speeding up the process. I'd like a closer look at those blades to see if any peeling has occurred.

    If she was dry docked last year for similar work this is more damage than I'd expect.

    A lot of assumptions/assertions taken from a picture here. Only saying that with an expert witness background in failure investigation of steel assemblies...

    I couldn't draw such conclusions from a couple of pictures. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, straightfeed said:

    Yesterdays (11th Sept) Roscoff- Plymouth crossing with a number of armed Gendarmerie Maritime on board plus increased security at check in.

    Also noticed a huge steel structure going up south of St Pol. Either a lorry processing station or maybe the biggest Le Clerc in the world going up!


    The owners of BF, Sica St Pol, are building a large warehouse for their vegetable trading operations. 


  7. 4 hours ago, jonno said:

    They're all the same engine, M43's, regardless of the head configuration.


    Stena Baltica has 2 of the 12 cylinder inline variant of the M43 and is ran on MGO, there's a strong indication that Stena are looking to power her on biofuel.

    Yes I think the issue has been scrubber related, all three have the same bespoke system designed by LAB.

    Sorry to contradict you but the same family/design of engines does not mean same engines. So as far as I am concerned MSM does not have the same engines as PA.

    I believe the engines mounted on Arm and Cotentin are V12s rather than in-line like her sister Armorique. (see pictures in link below)


    According to MAK's documentation the MAK M43C in-line design has a maximum of 9 cylinders.


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  8. 12 minutes ago, jonno said:

    Let's see if MSM has the same 24hr  bug... I'm wondering whether those looking have found the cause of PA's fire and it only takes a day to replace the faulty part(s).

    The Arm' only has 2 of the MAK engines, MSM has the same 4 as PA.

    I thought MSM had in-line 6Cyl engines rather than V12s

  9. 4 hours ago, neilcvx said:

    Is anyone whose traveled on Yeats been unhappy? Or is it folk on here assuming that, she looks a bit dull to me but I would rather have a cabin like the one on her than a club one on the old lady of the BF fleet.

    I have just done a return crossing on her and will try to write a report. Overall, mixed feelings but nothing negative other than the absence of music in the bar. 

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  10. 22 minutes ago, jonno said:

    I'd have to disagree, the food is very average, passenger space is very limited and sleep is 'grab it while you can'. They're basically 8 deck freight carriers and the only aspect which separates them from a Visentini is the cabins.

    I doubt we'll see another carrier competing on the western channel, most importantly they don't have the ships but over the years they've all had the chance to put their hands in their pockets to match BF's quality and service level, they simply won't do it.

    Neither Stena, P&O or DFDS would spend anywhere near BF's €200m on a short sea RoPax, IF won't even spend that on their flagship.

    Stena don't have anything to match MSM nor do DFDS. Armorique is only a year older than the Harwich Stena's and she's far more stylish.


    I agree with you. I travelled on Stena Hollandica mid-february. Yes the cabins are excellent and good value but the rest of the ship is no different to Motorway services with below average (but still expensive) food offering. I had dinner in the Metropolitan and it was really underwhelming, pricey and noisy. With hindsight I should have opted for a bowl of Bitterballen and a pint in the bar.

    The experience onboard BF is far better except for the cabins of course.

    I will be using both Stena ships next week with a Rail & Sail fare for a business trip to Belgium. I am looking forward to good night sleeps onboard.

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  11. 51 minutes ago, hhvferry said:

    By Stena standards the ships are great in my view and the overnight crossing not too bad with timings. Day crossings can drag a bit without a cabin.

    Being purpose built and still in essentially their original configuration helps when compared to the somewhat butchered look and feel of some other Stena ships, especially their predecessors.

    Breakfast in the self service is a bun fight, the purser on the Hollandica told us once that she couldn't bear to be in the place during and after if the crossing was remotely busy.

    The a la carte is generally fine but again that's Stena standards not BF. As said above though the cabins are great.

    I think I will opt for the a la Carte. I prefer quiet surroundings for my meals.

  12. 1 hour ago, jonno said:

    Hollandica runs on European time, Brittanica on U.K. time. Limited passenger space both inside & out as her first 8 decks are for vehicles. Food is the standard stuff with a small bar. self service and an A la Carte all crammed in together over looking the bow.

    They'll allow you to "sleep" for an extra hour or so after arrival in Harwich although I doubt you will as the thrusters vibrate the ship like an earthquake when docking at around 0430.

    Not a fan of either ship or the overnight crossing. I boarded her after a long drive from Kiel, one of the worst travel decisions I've made. Personally I'd do what I've done since, book a room at the Kuiperduin which is good enough for 1 night & 5 mins around the corner then travel back in the morning... or change your mind and head to Hull.

    So if I understand correctly, disembarkation will start an hour after the advertised arrival time?

  13. As usual with work, plan changes all the time. I will now be sailing from Hook of Holland to Harwich next week instead of sailing to Hull. I am booked on the Stena Hollandica overnighter. I would be grateful for any tips. My ticket says that boarding will start at 7pm. What time should I check in?

  14. Thansk for the advice. I will opt for the Rotterdam Hull option with a standard package. It includes a premier outside 2 berth cabin. The cabin prices are higher than with BF by quite a margin. For example, a 2 berth inside is £98.00 with P&O instead of £43.00 with BF.

  15. I am travelling to the Antwerp area via Dover-Dunkirk for work next week. This will be followed by another work related visit near Manchester. I thought I could cut the driving time by using one of P&Os routes to Hull. I have never been on any of these crossings and I would like some tips. Which is the best option? Sailing from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge? What time boarding starts? Is it worth opting for the packages advertised on the website?


  16. I was Armorique crossing to Caen last night with a club plus cabin on deck 9. It was quite bouncy at times with a few items falling off the table (and inside the fridge) but the crossing was much calmer once sheltered by the Cotentin peninsula. 

    Had to go for this crossing because of the lack of alternatives but the very early arrival on the Sunday morning was not a pleasant experience 

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  17. 3 hours ago, Cabin-boy said:

    Exactly. If the July changes follow those for April and May then Arm is in Roscoff mid-afternoon as usual which has no impact on what time PA needs to be clear of the berth. 🤔 Ed. 

    One off call in Roscoff by W. B. Yeats ? 

  18. I booked a Cherbourg Dublin return for mid April. I only booked a 2 berth outside cabin each way. The total cost exceeds 420 euros. I hope it will be as enjoyable as sailing with Oscar Wilde. No signs of Roscoff Rosslare sailings yet in the booking engine. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up with the current timetable all year round. If not they may schedule a few sailings to Roscoff to save time. 

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