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  1. A much more reliable site (viamichelin) indicates the following figures with marginal differences: Le Havre - La Roche sur Yon: 4h34 and 426km Cherbourg - La Roche sur Yon: 4h45 and 403km Le Havre - La Rochelle: 5h38 and 488km Cherbourg - La Rochelle: 5h47 and 476km Higher toll fees apply from Le Havre though. However Cherbourg has a more limited potential in comparison with Le Havre. Besides the nuclear new build in Flamanville, not much is happening up there.
  2. It certainly make sense. Double deck loading ferries with adequate overnight facilities like Barfleur are quite rare on the second hand market. Le Havre has a huge potential in comparison with Cherbourg. Le Havre is pretty much the port of Paris. Etretat would indeed be sufficient for Poole-Cherbourg with her big freight capacity.
  3. With no ferries in Saint-Malo on the sunday, it would have been a long drive to Cherbourg from Western Brittany (maybe 4 hours).
  4. Re: Moby Corse Interesting... Is she going for a refit or will she be chartered out to a ferry company to cover for refits? DFDS or BF?
  5. Re: Dieppe Seaways to Holyhead. Supplier contract confirmed Maybe they could charter Barfleur again... On another note, DFDS seem to be very quick to blame MFL for their difficulties but in my experience they are the worst operator on Dover-Calais with dirty ships, expensive and disgusting food and a poor service... Given the choice P&O and MFL are providing a much better service. Last time, I used Calais Seaways and I was thoroughly disappointed! I don't understand why DFDS does not seem to be able to match the quality of their Dunkirk services.
  6. Re: Scrubbers & GNL Conversions Don't forget that the ships do not belong to BF (except Cap F.) but to various companies with local authorities as share holders. These companies are the ones who will fork out the money for the conversions. The rental fee for the ships should go up then.
  7. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates All MFL ships do not have the necessary extendable ramps fitted to their lower decks. They are equipped with clam doors and when berthed, the lower linkspan fingers are lowered directly on the ship deck. Both Portsmouth and Cherbourg linkspans do not have fingers on the lower linkspans. These ships can't be used on Portsmouth - Cherbourg unless they are fitted with the ramps. This would be too costly for a short term charter.
  8. Re: Scrubbers & GNL Conversions Here's a link showing how MAK convert engines to Dual Fuel. MAK engines are installed on PA, ARM & MSM.
  9. Re: Scrubbers & GNL Conversions Bretagne for sure. Barfleur maybe?
  10. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie Brittany rule the waves!!!
  11. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie Sirena Seaways would be an improvement on Etretat but it might defeat the object of the economie service. PS: The ship's name is "Cotentin" not "Contentin".
  12. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie Sirena Seaways? She wouldn't be the first chartered by BF from DFDS.
  13. Re: Harwich-Esbjerg route to close It is sadnews to see a ferry line disappearing. I have fancied using this service for many years but... The prices are amazingly high. They even beat BF crossing prices to Spain... No wonders they struggle to fill up a ship which seems to be a glorified freighter. For such a hefty price, I think I will opt for sunny Spain!
  14. Re: Larkspur I guess a bit of paint to plug the holes will be welcomed...
  15. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie The breton and norman flags flown are not the departemental flags but the Gwenn Ha Du (black and white) for Brittany and the flag for the defunct Duchy of Normandy.
  16. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie Can't help thinking that they have ruined the livery of Bretagne when they removed the Z stripes.
  17. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande Dieppe Seaways was not owned by DFDS but chartered to them if I remember rightly. I take your point re the baltic and the irish sea but regarding the channel it seems a bit different. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a pact of non-agression between DFDS and BF on the Channel.
  18. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande I think you are right. But are DFDS really interested in running Portsmouth - Le Havre? I struggle to understand how a world class ferry operator like DFDS can thrive using questionable tonnage. On Dover-Calais, the ships are no match to the P&O or MFL fleets. On Ports-Le Havre, ships are no match for Normandie or MSM. You would think that such a large company would have invested in better tonnage if they were in to stay. King Seaways in Portsmouth? This is what you would call showing the muscles.
  19. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande HT, This is a valid comparison since I will travel on BF on the night of the 1st of April (not hypothetical dummy bookings just to see). Therefore I have these options available. Cherbourg-Poole works out cheaper when you travel from Brittany. The overnighter from St-Malo (£150) is only marginally dearer all things considered (extra fuel for 140 miles, tolls 9.90Eur, wear and tear...). I think I will opt for the latter. BF full monty and only 50min drive from Saint-Brieuc.
  20. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande Just did a comparison of quotes for an overnight crossing from cherbourg to Poole vs Le Havre to Ports with inside 2/4 berth cabin for 1 adult and a car and Club Voyage. Ch-Poole is £114.30 and Le Havre-Ports is £100.30. With the extra costs for fuel and tolls when driving from Saint-Brieuc, it is much cheaper to sail out of Cherbourg, on a real BF ship.
  21. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande Ideal to go back home with ET...
  22. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande Maybe they will offer punters to stand naked on the open deck, waiting for the splashes to rinse the foam off...(L)
  23. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged Apparently she is a fuel guzzler, so it was decided to fit new engines asthe old ones have been damaged. As you say it was the occasion to do it. This type of ferry does not fit in their business plan anymore (apparently yes they have a business plan..) SNCM is very close to place orders for new ships with a good mix of freight and pax capacity.
  24. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged Indeed Colin, that what's indicated in mer et marine. I bet some med or asian ferry companies would be happy to put their hands on a rather cheap ferry.
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