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  1. Was on last night crossing to Portsmouth on Normandie. A card advertising the pre-order breakfast was issued along with garage door location card.
  2. Was only giving my opinion on the article. First of all, Interserve is being monitored like many other companies supplying services for government contracts. Secondly, mentioning two different matters in the same article i.e. the project delays and the collapse of carillion is not good journalism in my opinion.
  3. I don't think it is fair to amalgate Interserve's name with the current's situation at Carillion. Furthermore, it is also unfair to mention a contractor in particular on this project when the reasons behind the project delays can be numerous (partly listed in the article) and sometimes with shared responsibilities.
  4. You beat me to it Chris! In case a ferry would be stuck to the berth, they can always divert to Brest or even St-malo.
  5. Would a ferry like the GNV La Superba be suitable? She was mentioned as available for charter in another thread last year. This route has the advantage of being outside the SECA and could therefore be operated by a wider range of ships.
  6. Just scrolled through this surreal thread... BF have done their maths, the under occupancy vs the cabin numbers vs the vehicle capacity would only be an issue for a few crossings each year as the maximum pax numbers on overnighters is much lower than the max capacity of each ships. For instance I have been told PA would not normally carry more than 2000 pax on an overnight crossing (against 2400 pax maximum). I am 36 and fit but I suffer from sleeping disorders which include sleep walking. Sleeping in the upper bunk can be nerve wracking... So when larger cabins are available we book one even though it's only me and my 9 year old child. Guilty as charged. I booked on several occasions the odd deluxe or commodore just for myself!
  7. I really like the Club Plus cabins but they are unfortunately very often sold out.
  8. Professor T is indeed very good.
  9. According to the on-board screens she's doing 25knt. That's impressive. She is rolling gently. I've always found PA being a fairly good sea keeper at full (design) speed and remarkably vibration free. I know a few people may object but... My findings are based on regular crossings in all sorts of weather.
  10. Perhaps they were waiting for some pax or lorries. We're off now. Bit of pitching and rolling only.
  11. Just been informed that PA will sail at full speed and Dock early but disembarkation will be as scheduled.
  12. The bar staff confirmed my theory. With such a low tide and swell, the risk of grounding is high especially in St Malo where there's only a narrow channel for ships of this size.
  13. Today's PA departure from St Malo has been brought forward to 19:00 instead of 20:30. I can only assume that the combination of very low tides and swell is the reason for the earlier departure. We're travelling on her tonight. It should be a lively crossing.
  14. I like a good Madiran with my côte de bœuf. One minor problem, it stains the lips...
  15. Not very often available on butcher stalls. I would recommend ordering.
  16. Sorry to contradict you but sirloin is "Faux Filet" in French which by the way is a very good cut for roasting best enjoyed rare or medium rare. Entrecôte is Rib eye steak. I grew up in a foodie family who runs butcher shops and 2 Michelin starred restaurants... A classic French cut would be a "carré de bœuf" which is made of more than 2 ribs of beef. For serious meat lovers. For those who like tender meat but not too beefy in taste I would recommend "Tranche grasse" otherwise known as "Rond de Paris". Very tender, tastier as Fillet but much cheaper.
  17. Out of curiosity, does anybody know why Ex-Duchesse Anne have such a pronounced camber? Was it intentional?
  18. Will they consider expanding services to the bay of Biscay too and offer a Poole-Dubrovnik crossing? Only joking...
  19. I will hazard a guess : Audi Quattro or SUV drivers? Was in Brecon on Sunday am and overtaken on treacherous roads by idiots in SUVs with no winter equipment. One of them lost the control of his car and hit a curb hardly a few miles further. Couldn't stop smiling when I saw his front wheel sheared off the axle. My car is fitted with winter tyres and I installed snow socks but was still struggling even with them.
  20. Off topic but I thought I needed to clarify some oversimplified statements on french affairs. As a french native who knows not enough on British politics, I refrain from commenting on these matters. Nobody is going to be laid off. The reduction is going to be achieved by not replacing staff when they take retirement or not renewing temporary staff. Furthermore, all these measures were clearly outlined in his manifesto and he got elected and has received a comfortable overall majority in parliament. The last rounds of union demonstrations have lost a lot of momemtum. Even the SNCF workers have not been massively on strike since the summer. Work law reforms have been adopted.
  21. Ed, the CHSCT is not the equivalent of the HSE but a committee of made of employees and executives in each company employing more than 50 staff. Its purpose is to discuss health and safety and working conditions within the company. One of the compulsory members is a "Médecin du travail" ie a GP for occupational health. There is no direct equivalent of the HSE in France. This role would be typically fulfilled by the Inspecteur du Travail and/or the prefect.
  22. Can't blame the EU for everything that goes wrong... There's no shortage of milk but of cream. Over the last decades and in most european countries there has been a shift to cattle breeds such as Prim'Holsteins which are producing a lot of (poor quality IMHO) low fat high protein milk. So the amount of cream available for butter making has diminished and the demand for butter has dramatically risen. French breeds such as Normande or Pie Noire Bretonne produce far less milk than a Prim'holstein or a frisian but their milk has much higher fat content hence the butter making tradition in Brittany and Normandy.
  23. It is true for some itinaries. I use this web site https://www.autoroute-eco.fr/
  24. My experience of BDS is only on Portsmouth - Le Havre but I can say that she compares well with the other members of the fleet. I travelled on her a week ago, the sea was fairly agitated and I watched the pilot ship bouncing up and down in the swell while BDS was very stable as we left Le Havre. On the plus points, you should get a double bed in your economie plus cabin. The standard cabins are comfy too with wider berths than on other ships. I would recommend taking a few books to help pass the time as there is very little to do on this ship.
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