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  1. The American and French aircraft carriers don't have to bother with fuel comsumption or bunkering issues thanks to their nuclear reactors... Very costly propulsion though.
  2. crechbleiz

    Armorique spray

    Hi Neil, I noticed it on several occasions. It is more pronounced in humid conditions. The stairs are now quite slippery. My daughter slipped in the stairs a few months ago.
  3. I don't think so. Barfleur departures and arrivals are mostly early morning or evening. I never experienced traffic issues coming into Poole at 7am or leaving at 10pm.
  4. Re the sugar free, products containing natural sweeteners such as the stevia plant are quite popular and therefore frequent. even the breton cola (Breizh Cola) is available with stevia.
  5. For the dairy products, they're not totally honest. I see they mention "priority of sourcing" by never heard of Apellation Morbier, Comte or Tomme de savoie made in Brittany and Normandy?? (Saying as a chauvinistic proud born and bred breton...) Beside this cheeky comment, BF are to be commended for trying to source their products locally. Amongst locally sourced products, I would love BF to add an english sparkling wine and some british cheeses to their offer.
  6. Casino (or Geant) have a good quality range of own branded coffees with Fairtrade and organic (labelled "Bio") labels with prices ranging between 2.50 and 3.50 Euros per pack
  7. I have learnt the hard way that the premium european breakdown and insurance cover provided by my insurance was utterly useless. I had an accident in Holland two years ago on a saturday morning. My daughter was taken to hospital to be checked and I had to organize the recovery of the car on the side of motorway. The answer of the insurance company was "we have opened a claim file but unfortunately our special jurisdiction team is not available on week ends". You can only imagine my wrath! Thankfully, the european assistance provided by Ford (included with servicing) sorted out everything.
  8. I believe BDS is a very addition to the fleet. I have now sampled two visentinis (Etretat and Stena Horizon) and BDS is so much more superior to these boats. I think BF should secure the ownership of BDS.
  9. As a result of a combination of family obligations and work commitments, I will use 4 different ferries from 3 different companies over next week. My trip will start with Barfleur bound for Cherbourg on Saturday morning. Not my first choice but all the overnight crossings to France are fully booked on Friday night. After spending one night in Brittany, I will head back to Cherbourg to catch the Stena Line crossing to Rosslare onboard Stena Horizon on sunday pm. I'm fully stocked with books and DVDs to avoid boredom on this long crossing. I booked a 4 berth outside cabin. After a few days on the emerald island, I will travel back to Brittany onboard the Oscar Wilde to Roscoff on Wednesday. I booked a 2 berth outside. Although this ferry is quite old now, it is a very pleasant ship. Finally, I will travel back to Plymouth with Armorique on the following sunday afternoon. I will report on my trip the following week.
  10. Patience... A new president has just been elected but parliamentary elections are on 11th and 18th June. I suspect the decision will be taken after the elections. The company who will place the order (not BF) is a semi public company and may therefore be influenced by the outcome of the elections...
  11. Quick translate of the article: Berthing was not possible due to a failure of the winch which controls the height of the fender protecting the nose of the linkspan.
  12. The power installed on Arm is truly impressive. A few years ago just after leaving Roscoff, the ship stopped completely for a moment and then accelerated on full throttle. it was really impressive to feel the acceleration of such a big ship. I wonder if they were doing trials as a couple crew in white overalls were watching the fumes coming out the exhaust stacks.
  13. Fully back your post regarding the Club Plus cabins. One problem though, there aren't enough of them and they are booked very quickly. I also find that the crew on Arm is one of the friendliest of the fleet.
  14. So glad I booked my crossing for the 13th april Ply-Ros on PA. I bet remaining spaces are going to be few and far between on the other crossings to France.
  15. Regarding Ros-Cork I am not sure BF can do what they want. It must remembered that ships like PA do not belong to BF but to semi public companies e.g. SABEMEN. I bet the local authorities who invested in the ship would kick up a fuss if the line was closed.
  16. I'm glad you're mentioning it Colin. I agree with this too, I 've travelled on her, and other current members, in all sorts of sea conditions and she is indeed a good sea keeper. I travelled on Arm a couple of weeks ago and I could barely feel being on a boat.
  17. The deluxe cabins on PA are worth considering too as the extra cost is less and you still get your breaksfast included and served in the cabin.
  18. crechbleiz

    BF Refits 2017

    Fully agree with you. The brasserie option on PLA was very good and could be repeated on Arm.
  19. crechbleiz

    BF Refits 2017

    I would still prefer paying a bit more and have a cabin where I can have a proper rest.
  20. crechbleiz

    St Malo in 2017

    Nice one Colin! Regarding the "modernisation work of the terminal", it looked like more strengthening of the existing structure to me. Every time I wait in this terminal, I cannot help noticing that the structure has aged a lot and not well.
  21. Will sail on her next week on Wednesday night crossing to St-Malo. Looking forward to a nice evening onboard with a dinner in les abers
  22. crechbleiz

    Travel advice

    Same for Quimper - St-Malo, no need to drive around Rennes. The quickest route is via Rostrenen, Saint-Brieuc and Dinan. A slightly shorter route is via Lamballe and Plancoet but this need to be carefully timed around the Rance Barrage lock opening times.
  23. crechbleiz

    Travel advice

    You must be a slow driver. I've criss crossed Brittany for many years and still do it for work. Quimper - Roscoff takes less than 2 hours. Quimper - St Malo should take 3 hours and ouistreham 5 hours.
  24. Apparently, a lot of of these ferries have/or will have dual fuel engines which can run on either LNG or diesel or any mixture of both fuels.
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