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  1. Apparently, a lot of of these ferries have/or will have dual fuel engines which can run on either LNG or diesel or any mixture of both fuels.
  2. I was thinking that some of their ferries they use for the longer crossings could be good for the Saint Malo crossings.
  3. Would any tonnage from Tallink be considered by BF to replace Bretagne?
  4. LNG/LPG trucks are much safer than fuel HGVs and the number of trucks required will be far outnumbered by the flow of trucks going on the ferry anyway.
  5. crechbleiz

    BF Refits 2017

    The refit periods may also coincide with some crew holidays so it may not be possible to bring Bretagne back in service earlier than planned.
  6. Liberation is made of Aluminium which is... non-magnetic. The mooring system described in this article is effectively a big suction cup.
  7. Cousteau pioneered a similar technology on the Alcyon.
  8. The turbotrains have been removed from the Paris-Cherbourg line 20 years ago. The train services to Normandy from Paris are notorious for being frequently late and plagued by cancellations.
  9. You forget to mention that Cherbourg is further away from the main centres of population or popular destinations in France when compared to Caen, Le Havre and Saint-Malo.
  10. I thought Bretagne's engines were V12s made by Duvant-Crepelle who were subsequently acquired by Wartsila.
  11. Indeed, Meyer were not interested. However they might throw a spanner in the works by asking the european comission to look into a potential monopoly situation.
  12. Yesterday's UK bound crossing was fairly busy with 1000+ passengers and all outside cabins were sold out.
  13. I was onboard today and was told that she is going to Cherbourg before heading to Gdansk.
  14. What do you mean by Cherbourg been not too keen with BF? Just for reference, I believe that the port is partly owned by the regional council of Normandie who are also shareholders of companies that own various BF ships e.g. SENACAL etc...
  15. the things that look like cats eyes are lashing points used to secure high sided vehicles when sailing in storm conditions.
  16. The increase in width is also a big problem, it is very obvious when parked on deck 4 or 5 on Bretagne. For example, the current Ford Fiesta is as wide as a VW T2 bus....
  17. She definitely looks like a fatter version of Arm. As Ed says, I hope the cabins will be on the upper decks as it will be an improvement on both MSM and Normandie. Gareth, I've heard from a reliable source here in Brittany that a replacement for PA, with a view to put PA on the St-Malo run, would have been announced earlier this year if the brexit option had not been chosen.
  18. crechbleiz

    Early Boarding ?

    Will be on that last Ros-Ply before the shut down.
  19. These could be used as effective sponsons though... ;-)
  20. My tip is to veer right towards roscoff centre after the border control and turn left at the top. Usually much faster.
  21. Paul was referring to the absence of traffic lights at the road exit of the port. Traffic lights or a round about would help a lot to ease the queuing when exiting the port.
  22. I understand your point but le Havre is no different to Dieppe where the linkspan edge seems even further from the fender line according to google earth. An overhang is not an issue in itself unless it clashes with the superstructure of the berth. I daresay that with a firmer commitment of LD, fender panels could have been modified to alleviate this issue.
  23. I may be wrong but I fail to see why the port ramps can't be lowered on the linkspan as the ship is moored on its port side against the fenders (same as in Dieppe). If the linkspan wasn't wide enough then the starboard ramps would be the issue but as said above by Timmy, the Olau twins and Etretat are much wider ships
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