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  1. The Raptor Class have a Voith Schneider unit at each end along the centre line of the vessel. Both are normally used for propulsion but the aft one in direction of travel is also used for steering like a rudder. I image if there was a problem with one of the units the Master would favour steering with the stronger unit so the vessel would need to turned after departure for one leg of the round trip.
  2. Spirit of France is in the larger Amsterdam dry dock, maybe they can only handle one large ship at a time?
  3. Stena Superfast X is currently on the Rosslare-Cherbourg run so you've got something different albeit temporarily.
  4. She's going to the same yard as the Bruges.
  5. No, they are found on older vessels as a SOLAS stability modification. They divide up the main vehicle deck in to smaller areas to reduce free surface effect if there is water on deck. Pride of Bruges/York and Princess Seaways have a variation of them. King Seaways has internal sponsons instead to comply with the rules.
  6. You mean Bilge Water? Ballast water isn't normally tested and doesn't need to go through an OWS as it's just ballast and shouldn't have gone near anything oily. Hence why the Ballast Water Convention is more interested in invasive species than oil pollution. There have been instances where ballast tanks have become contaminated with fuel oil because the ballast and heated fuel tanks are right next to each other and hot fuel on one side of the bulkhead and cold ballast water on the other doesn't do wonders to said bulkhead over time. But that's a design and inspection issue.
  7. Looks like a rather odd sprinkler head, you can see the red bulb on top. Very much a retrofit job by the looks of it. I'm guess when the bulb breaks the system pressure forces an internal valve open rather then on a normal one where the bulb is the plug. Re the Masters announcement, if she is doing two round trips a day she probably has a Night Master as the Master would be out of hours doing all the ins and outs as well as their admin role.
  8. Timmy

    BF Refit Season 2019-20

    They aren't finished yet. You can see that the weathertight doors to the equipment spaces on deck 9 are still in red primer.
  9. With the combination of strike action and weather it appears the only BF sailings France-UK tomorrow 12th Dec are from Caen. Cherbourg has succumbed to the weather and St Malo and Le Havre are on strike. There was no scheduled sailing from Roscoff.
  10. Received a call from BF informing me that Wed 11th Dec Portsmouth-St Malo is cancelled due to Industrial Action and that Friday 13th Dec Portsmouth-St Malo is in doubt for the same reason.
  11. Timmy

    Breton Flag on Bretagne

    Vessels with a PEC holder onboard fly a white over red for UK ports.
  12. I'm 100% certain she was always going to be a passenger ship developed under the project name of 'Bretagne 2' (think they used the same code for the Pont-Aven as well) and was from the start was based on Cotentin, IIRC they said identical to Deck 5. I even have the original profile view from the order announcement somewhere where she looked a lot uglier.
  13. As the Manche region put up quite a bit of cash for the Cotentin they wanted her running to Cherbourg. When the building of the Cotentin was announced BF said she would operate Portsmouth-Cherbourg instead of from Poole but that changed before she was delivered, maybe it was negotiating tactic with PHC, maybe they realised they couldn't carry the range of hazardous cargo from Portsmouth as they could from Poole, who knows. The initial crossing time was 3 hours 45 minutes but that went back to 4 hours 15 minutes to save €€€. I believe the success of the expanded Spanish services contributed quite significantly to the downturn in Poole-Cherbourg freight traffic. Before the Portsmouth-Spain services Barfleur and Coutances carried many Spain and Portugal bound HGV's who saw the short crossing time as an advantage so they could get back on the road a.s.a.p., now a lot of these take the direct routes and Poole-Cherbourg has gone from up to 4 sailings a day each way down to 1 (Brexit timetable not included). The weekend Cotentin sailing to Santander showed that there was significant demand for freight capacity to Spain, something which hadn't really been catered for by BF or P&O before as the Spanish services were really focused on passenger traffic, yes you could book freight on the sailings but they really wanted to use the vehicle deck space for cars. Once BF saw the potential they went for the freight wholeheartedly with more freight orientated vessels like Cap Finistere which came with the added bonus of more passenger capacity while P&O stuck their head in the sand. Even once Cotentin had started sailing full at weekends to Spain then P&O CEO Helen Deeble was telling staff that there was no freight market to Spain..... 🤦‍♂️
  14. Regarding the lack a clarity on the delivery date BF are essentially doing FSG a favour. As we know FSG are in a pretty dubious financial state and if BF announce that Honfleur will be delivered in December and FSG fail to meet that date it looks really bad for FSG and could have financial repercussions for them beyond penalties paid to BF. By being vague with dates like Summer 2020 FSG will look good if they deliver in say January one month late on what they may have privately promised but publicly it's all still good.
  15. They will have a bridge at each end.
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