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  1. Easiest thing to do would be to stick a couple of Club Class signs on the Fire Doors to the Fwd Lounge and just designate the whole area as Club Lounge or Horizon Lounge. Or have a small area designated Club with a steward doing table service from the Fwd Bar and the rest of the lounge as the Horizon Lounge. Only issue is the Vehicle Deck access but a premium lounge is achievable at minimal cost to the company.
  2. It was for Dover-Calais. There were restrictions in place for the number of unaccompanied trailers per sailing because of the turnaround times so they never carried a huge amount but it did briefly become the only way to ship freight from Dover last month so does have it's uses. North Sea and Liverpool majority of cargo is unaccompanied and they wouldn't dare drop it at Cairnryan either.
  3. P&O had proposed that they would stop taking unaccompanied freight in it's last redundancy announcement. I wonder if there has been a rapid backtracking on that after the Christmas chaos?
  4. Max 4.7m in certain lanes I believe and they have a strengthened area for special heavy cargos. I've certainly seen some interesting stuff come off them while waiting to get off. I wonder how much trade P&O will lose by dropping the Zeebrugge RoRo service, as clearly not everything they take is box shaped for the Elizabeth. P&O North Sea seem to be offering a superior service to BF at the moment for Freight Drivers certainly well above the Galicia. Single cabins have been the norm for quite some time, the food offer has been improved and a packed lunch offered for the onward jour
  5. Pride of Hull/Rotterdam have a Lower Hold (Deck 1), Main Deck high enough for double stack containers(Deck 3), Upper Deck with open area (Deck 5) and then Deck 7 for most passenger vehicles. Pride of Bruges/York have Lower Hold (1), Main Deck (2) and Upper Deck (3) plus Mez Decks on each side of the casing (3a).
  6. The old berth for the Seaway Class in Zeebrugge I think last saw action when it was being used by the Norcape in the 2000's and an adaptor pontoon was positioned in front of it so the lower deck fingers could be lowered on to it and then the Norcape could lower its ramp on to the pontoon. Since then the upper deck has been removed and re-purposed as an additional roadway on the Norsky/Norstream berth. The remaining lower deck is probably unusable, when last I saw it the maintenance walkway on it was quite badly bent, probably from the adaptor pontoon getting stuck under it. Boulogne Hu
  7. From my brochure collection the schedules were:- 1995 Dep Portsmouth 0800, 1445 and 2230 Dep Le Havre 0830, 1630 and 2300 1996 Dep Portsmouth 0800, 1445 and 2230 Dep Le Havre 0830, 1600 and 2300 2003 Dep Portsmouth 0730, 1500 and 2230 Dep Le Havre 0830, 1550 and 2330 2005 Dep Portsmouth 0830, 1530 and 2230 Dep Le Havre 0930, 1630 and 2330
  8. P&O is still very much run as separate companies within a company. While it's all managed from one HQ crewing and fleet management etc are still split Dover, North Sea and Irish Sea with different crew T's & C's which means they are not easily interchangeable. There are also more recently created divisions which mix and match from the historic ones. I suspect we shall see Pride of Bruges and one Dover ship return sooner rather than later more for freight demand than passenger.
  9. Both the Bruges and York are technically fine and could be made ready for service in a week or so. However the British side of P&O is coming to the end of the redundancy process so there is unlikely to be enough British Officers and Ratings to have the York and more than one of the laid up Dover ships return to service soon.
  10. Rotterdam service is pretty much full of freight most sailings leaving only Deck 7 for pax at the moment.
  11. The pictures showing the changes to Le Havre over the years are fascinating, thanks to LHCity and hhvferry for posting them. I never noticed the difference between the jumbo Viking Valiant and Viking Venturer, they have different colour TT's on the upper bow door. Townsend Thoresen often did things like that to distinguish sister ships, the Spirit class all had differences allegedly so they could tell the difference from Channel House. Where was the Normandy Ferries terminal in Le Havre in relation to the rest of the city? I've read it was in quite an inconvenient location in comparison
  12. Interesting note at the end of that article about Stena Nordica:- The third vessel on that route is currently the Stena Baltica aka Cotentin, does that mean the Baltica is being returned to BF or moving to another Stena route?
  13. The Bilbao is coming off Berth 2, the Le Havre is pulling up next to the Bilbao to crab on to the berth once it's clear. I assume she has done that so she doesn't get held up by the Bretagne swinging. Only the Super Vikings used Berth 3 until it was rebuilt for the 'new' Pride of Cherbourg.
  14. Norsky and Elisabeth on Hull-Zeebrugge
  15. The Raptor Class have a Voith Schneider unit at each end along the centre line of the vessel. Both are normally used for propulsion but the aft one in direction of travel is also used for steering like a rudder. I image if there was a problem with one of the units the Master would favour steering with the stronger unit so the vessel would need to turned after departure for one leg of the round trip.
  16. Spirit of France is in the larger Amsterdam dry dock, maybe they can only handle one large ship at a time?
  17. Stena Superfast X is currently on the Rosslare-Cherbourg run so you've got something different albeit temporarily.
  18. She's going to the same yard as the Bruges.
  19. No, they are found on older vessels as a SOLAS stability modification. They divide up the main vehicle deck in to smaller areas to reduce free surface effect if there is water on deck. Pride of Bruges/York and Princess Seaways have a variation of them. King Seaways has internal sponsons instead to comply with the rules.
  20. You mean Bilge Water? Ballast water isn't normally tested and doesn't need to go through an OWS as it's just ballast and shouldn't have gone near anything oily. Hence why the Ballast Water Convention is more interested in invasive species than oil pollution. There have been instances where ballast tanks have become contaminated with fuel oil because the ballast and heated fuel tanks are right next to each other and hot fuel on one side of the bulkhead and cold ballast water on the other doesn't do wonders to said bulkhead over time. But that's a design and inspection issue.
  21. Looks like a rather odd sprinkler head, you can see the red bulb on top. Very much a retrofit job by the looks of it. I'm guess when the bulb breaks the system pressure forces an internal valve open rather then on a normal one where the bulb is the plug. Re the Masters announcement, if she is doing two round trips a day she probably has a Night Master as the Master would be out of hours doing all the ins and outs as well as their admin role.
  22. They aren't finished yet. You can see that the weathertight doors to the equipment spaces on deck 9 are still in red primer.
  23. With the combination of strike action and weather it appears the only BF sailings France-UK tomorrow 12th Dec are from Caen. Cherbourg has succumbed to the weather and St Malo and Le Havre are on strike. There was no scheduled sailing from Roscoff.
  24. Received a call from BF informing me that Wed 11th Dec Portsmouth-St Malo is cancelled due to Industrial Action and that Friday 13th Dec Portsmouth-St Malo is in doubt for the same reason.
  25. Vessels with a PEC holder onboard fly a white over red for UK ports.
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